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  1. Hey guys, Quick question regarding my rally build. I've been looking at options of adding gauges to monitor the engine in more detail than the standard water temp & oil pressure gauge. Haltech have a OBDII dash, https://www.haltech.com/haltech-ic-7-display-dash-a-new-way-of-seeing-things/ I quite like this display and if it will work with my car it seems the best option all round. Question is from what I read online there is varying information about OBDII cars. I got a NZ new 328i that I took the engine, gearbox, loom etc out of to put into my compact. The car isn't at home and with the lockdown I cant go have a quick look. The question is, do NZ E36 328i's have OBDII? and if so has anyone used a OBDII dash with it? Cheers Adam.
  2. adz

    E30 gravel eater

    Hey, Change of plans here, ended up going for a e36 compact & chucked all my gear into that. Just a much easier route & "should" get me flicking gravel sooner.
  3. adz

    328ti Rally

    Yeah been in that shed a number of times, thats where my old E30 ended up & my seats came from. Yeah they are a true coilover for the rear. Will end up making new tops for the rear towers, as the strut mounting position needs to push outboard 18mm to clear the coilover from the body. Will also reinforce the trailing arm points. Palmside sell escort rear towers, that I might end up buying to make the process easier & the tower stronger. Don't rush down, as its a far way away from being ready.
  4. adz

    328ti Rally

    Epic, that's what I was hoping would be the case. Cheers for the info.
  5. adz

    328ti Rally

    As I mentioned above somewhere, I'm going to be running r33 skyline 4 pot front & 2 pot rear brakes. Looking at options for rotors, I can reuse the r33 front rotors with some modification, or stick with the 328i rotors, which are slimmer. But for the rears, I want to retain the handbrake, I will be running a hydro setup as well, but for getting on the trailer, parking etc I want to keep the original handbrake. Looking into it, it looks like z4 3.0 rear rotors are a similar size to the r33's ones, and it also looks like the original hand braking shoes etc will work with them, might need a little work, but should be close enough. Anyone else looked into this option?
  6. I remember watching a video a while ago where they removed the roof skin on an E36, was a simple case of drilling out spot welds and prying apart. Has anyone done this or can confirm if this is the case? Cheers
  7. adz

    328ti Rally

    A big part of the next step arrived. My OMP HTE-R 400 seat arriving down. Luckily my arse fits. Went for this seat, as it has the head restraint, but it is also narrow across the top of the seat, making it possible to pass helmets between the two seats at stage ends etc. Now putting $$ away to get the cage steel down, and start tearing into that.
  8. adz

    328ti Rally

    Finally managed to get out and do some skids in the 328Ti in the weekend. Was the last round of the Eastern Southland Car Clubs Autocross championship. Went there just hoping to get the car running and have a laugh, but managed to win my class. Was a heap of fun, had issues with the car swapping ends a couple of times but once I managed a clean run I was able to shave a heap of time off. Grip was pretty much non existent until the track ripped up a bit. I do have a miss above 5,500rpm which could be a vacuum leak maybe. And the 4:44 diff is no good, so will get the 4:27 into it asap. Next stop roll cage.
  9. adz

    328ti Rally

    Managed to get this out for a quick run up the road in the weekend. Really impressed with the engine in the compact, seems pretty quick, it still has the 4:45 diff in it, so its quick through the gears. Given i've never driven a 328 before it was nice to see why people like them. Will do the M50 manifold etc as well, but in standard trim in a stripped out compact shell, it moves. Now to weld the diff and throw together a quick muffler at the back, its a tad deafening without anything.
  10. adz

    328ti Rally

    Been working through the todo list on this, knocking a few more items off each night all going well. Also fitted a spoiler off an Altezza, a cheap option and doesn't look too bad to me, and motorsport from and rear bars Just need to bleed the brakes and clutch, finish off the throttle pedal I'm making, tidy up the exhaust and weld the diff, then it'll be ready for the Autocross i'm entering on the 9th of March. After that, I'll strip the car down, get the roll cage built, change the suspension over for my rally setup, LSD, paint & stickers etc. Will also do a M50 intake change around that time.
  11. adz

    328ti Rally

    So bit of an update, managed to get the loom back in the car and fire it up for the first time, once I found an earth I had missed. I've removed the heater core to swap out for a small motorsport one, but in the mean time I want to run the car. I've read heaps of conflicting information about what to do with the heater hoses. Some say block them off out of the head, others say route them into each other. Anyone done this? VID_20190123_212532.mp4
  12. adz

    328ti Rally

    Finally got the balls to start work on stripping the loom back. Laid it out on the floor and worked my way from the back forward removing wires back to plugs that I don’t need. sh*t of a job when your not overly confident in your electrical abilities haha. I’m going to have to remove the fuse box from the standard location as the roll cage is going forward to meet the strut towers, so will do a switch panel with circuit breakers in the dash. Anyone else that’s done this got any tips?
  13. adz

    E61 trans fault

    CB17541C-6C42-435B-8962-3476AF54E8BC.MOV Hi team. Just got a transmission fault popping up, and the rev counter and speedo drop to zero and then climb back up when your driving. I have it booked in on Wednesday to get sorted, but just thought I’d see if anyone has come across this? cheers in advance. Adam
  14. adz

    328ti Rally

    Small win last night, got the engine and gear box in. So much easier with no front on the car!! now to tackle what I’ve been putting off, wiring. I’ve got the full 328i loom I’m going to drop in, I just want to strip it down to the basics, then remake a fuse panel for in the cockpit so we can see any fuses that have popped from in the car, will look at running circuit breakers.
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