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  1. adz

    328ti Rally

    Finally got the balls to start work on stripping the loom back. Laid it out on the floor and worked my way from the back forward removing wires back to plugs that I don’t need. sh*t of a job when your not overly confident in your electrical abilities haha. I’m going to have to remove the fuse box from the standard location as the roll cage is going forward to meet the strut towers, so will do a switch panel with circuit breakers in the dash. Anyone else that’s done this got any tips?
  2. adz

    E61 trans fault

    CB17541C-6C42-435B-8962-3476AF54E8BC.MOV Hi team. Just got a transmission fault popping up, and the rev counter and speedo drop to zero and then climb back up when your driving. I have it booked in on Wednesday to get sorted, but just thought I’d see if anyone has come across this? cheers in advance. Adam
  3. adz

    328ti Rally

    Small win last night, got the engine and gear box in. So much easier with no front on the car!! now to tackle what I’ve been putting off, wiring. I’ve got the full 328i loom I’m going to drop in, I just want to strip it down to the basics, then remake a fuse panel for in the cockpit so we can see any fuses that have popped from in the car, will look at running circuit breakers.
  4. adz

    E34 sump & pick up

    Sold pending payment.
  5. adz

    E34 sump & pick up

    Yeah I'm happy to send to Auckland at your cost. I've made some assumptions around weight and size, 150x300x600mm & 5kg and its $25 depot to depot. Will confirm those dimensions tonight. Also have a set of Revshift 24v engine mounts that I mocked up my engine with, but never driven with. They are $191 + Shipping from Revshift or $220 from Euroturbo, would let them got for $175.
  6. adz

    E34 sump & pick up

    Hey, I’ve got a sump and pickup that I was going to use with my rally build, but going to the compact I don’t need it anymore. It comes with a modified windage plate as well I’ve also ground down the posts that are in the e34 sump and had the holes from that welded I’d like to get what I paid, but will see what the market says. $150ono. I’m in Invercargill but happy to box up and post at buyers expense.
  7. adz

    328ti Rally

    I've got a 4.27:1 med case, but could be keen to keep a spare ratio.
  8. adz

    328ti Rally

    Yeah will make adapters to bolt them on, once I have it all sorted I'll take some photos. I work with CAD so will draw them up if anyone else goes down that route.
  9. adz

    328ti Rally

    Some of the parts I've sourced that will go into this car.
  10. adz

    328ti Rally

    Hey, So its been a pretty painful couple months for me. Working around the E30 rally build, it all started to get a bit tough, suspension, rust, lack of information on rally builds etc the finish line just kept getting pushed out further and further. So after doing a bit of research into what the rally boys in the UK are doing, I've stored the E30 and got my hands on a 318ti to start a new build which will be alot easier. The E30 will be resurrected one day in one form or another. I picked up the compact from Mad-Max on Saturday and started stripping all the interior out. The engine & gearbox had already been removed which made life a bit easier The good news, is all the parts that I've bought apart from the M3 front guard and boot with spoiler can transfer straight across, and fit alot easier. The same engine gearbox, M52b28 with the ZF box out of the donar car will be dropped in. Need to swap my sump back over. If anyone wants a sump to convert their E30 hit me up, I've also got some 24v Revshift engine mounts I don't need anymore. Partslist: Group 4 Escort Bilstein coilovers R33 GTST 4 pot fronts & 2 pot rears, with standard 328i rear caliper for the hydro handrake. Will use 328 discs M52b28 with ZF gearbox Single mass flywheel & clutch (to source) Alloy Radiator & Oil cooler 188mm LSD with 4:27 gearset with double ear cover Homemade-special shortshifter, based on the CAE shifter (need to finish) Hydro Handrake (to source) Msport front & rear bumbers (to source) Multi point roll cage, seats, belts etc etc The plan is to have the car running minus the cage for a autocross in Feb, could be an uphill battle but I'm hoping I can make it. I'll be running a version of the old Benson & Hedges liveries, converted to Fences & Hedges. Cheers,
  11. adz

    E36 Ti wing

    Can someone point me in the direction of a wing like on this Ti? Cheers Adam
  12. My plan is to run E36 hubs/spindles most likely 328i parts as thats the parts cars I have. Just welding up the strut tubes to take the spindles at the moment. so will be able to check out the geometry shortly.
  13. Hey, Ive been trying to find the correct M3 LCAs for the 5 lug conversion for my rally build. The idea of buying new M3 LCAs had my eyes watering because I'm 99% sure I'll go through a few arms over the years. Was playing around in the garage last night and thought about adjusting the angle/position of the LCA bushing to fix the caster. Anyway stumbled across this this morning, seems like someone has beaten me to it. https://srs-concept.com/product/e30-bolt-on-5-lug-swap-caster-corrector/ Has anyone come across this before? or better yet used them? Cheers
  14. adz

    Style 53 wheels

    Na I need 15" for rally tyres. All good, think we have found a solution. Cheers
  15. adz

    Style 53 wheels

    Hi, On the look out for a set of style 53s, 15x6.5". Just need a cheap set to see if they are going to work on my rally build. Further south the better. Cheers Adam - 027 240 2025