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  1. adz

    E36 Ti wing

    Can someone point me in the direction of a wing like on this Ti? Cheers Adam
  2. My plan is to run E36 hubs/spindles most likely 328i parts as thats the parts cars I have. Just welding up the strut tubes to take the spindles at the moment. so will be able to check out the geometry shortly.
  3. Hey, Ive been trying to find the correct M3 LCAs for the 5 lug conversion for my rally build. The idea of buying new M3 LCAs had my eyes watering because I'm 99% sure I'll go through a few arms over the years. Was playing around in the garage last night and thought about adjusting the angle/position of the LCA bushing to fix the caster. Anyway stumbled across this this morning, seems like someone has beaten me to it. https://srs-concept.com/product/e30-bolt-on-5-lug-swap-caster-corrector/ Has anyone come across this before? or better yet used them? Cheers
  4. adz

    Style 53 wheels

    Na I need 15" for rally tyres. All good, think we have found a solution. Cheers
  5. adz

    Style 53 wheels

    Hi, On the look out for a set of style 53s, 15x6.5". Just need a cheap set to see if they are going to work on my rally build. Further south the better. Cheers Adam - 027 240 2025
  6. adz

    E61 Battery Drain

    Hey, Just wondering if anyone has had issues with battery drain with E60/E61. I've had my 2008 E61 530i for a week, and its started to drop the time out over night and come up with the battery drain warning. Ive read a few forums etc, checked the battery, looks original. I'll chuck a multimeter on it tonight to check the battery. I have noticed when I stop and turn the car off, the radio cuts out but then static plays through the speakers. Has anyone come across this? Cheers, Adam
  7. adz

    Group buy, E30 sump guard

    I'd be keen if it was "rally car" safe. M52 swap also.
  8. adz


    Thats what I was thinking, it came on style 135s according to the vin decode.
  9. adz


    Does anyone know if these are standard BMW wheels? I've just in the process of importing this and for some reason the original wheels have been swapped for these, not a fan.
  10. adz

    Diff ratios

    Brilliant, cheers. Think its telling me what I wanted to hear as well.
  11. adz

    Diff ratios

    Hi all, Is there anyway to get what diff ratio a car came with from factory based on the vin number? Cheers
  12. adz

    E30 gravel eater

    Did you just make a plate and bolt that down with some gasket seal?
  13. adz

    E30 gravel eater

    Got some more work done over the weekend, got the engine and gearbox out. Very happy to see the state of the clutch, looks like its new, nice little bonus. Stripped the sump off the engine ready to replace with my E34 M50 sump. What has everyone else done with the oil level sender on their sumps? Mine didn't come with the plug.
  14. adz

    E36 Interior

    Hey team, I have the cream leather interior out of 328i that’s only done 55kms. Looks all pretty mint from what I’ve seen, nice and comfy. Unsure of price so $250?? its still in the car at the moment Im in Southland
  15. adz

    E30 gravel eater

    Started stripping the E36 out, Getty f ready to pull the engine, these things are great to work on. Pretty much got it ready to pull out now, minus engine mounts. Pulled the exhaust off, didn’t realise these things had a full stainless system in them. Will strip out the interior, if anyone is keen for a mint condition cream leather interior, hit me up. Also panels etc