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  1. Got a E30 euro plate holder. $100 Located Auckland text if you're interested 0212332342
  2. I've got a set of BC golds; front adjustable struts (this type needs to be cut and welded onto 51mm factory struts), 51mm factory struts , BC Gold rear adjustable springs, and Bilstein rear shocks. Pretty much new, except for the bilsteins rears. Located Auckland $950.00 or I'm keen on trades too (Anything cool) Cheers Joe 0212332342
  3. Thank you. By the way, I always drive past you guys going to the BP, love that ti with the personalised plates.
  4. Hi All, I'm selling all my toys, and this would be the hardest. I've had this E30 since i was 20, that was 4 years ago, and I just don't have the energy for it anymore. She just sits in the garage. She was my first for everything; from installing my first aftermarket stereo, panel beating, and even engine swapping. (All under the watch-full eyes of professionals of course. I was enthusiastic, but not a fool) But on to the sale. Here are the bad stuff i know about the car: - The Odometer has crapped out. - The fuel gauge is temper-mental - The gear box crunches going into second (Worn Syncro) - The thrust bearing is on its way out. Note: See "Stuff it will come with" list below. Here is the good stuff: - Med case diff with an e36 LSD centre - AVS 5 Star Alarm - 325i M20 intakes - 320i Cylinder Head- 525e, 2.7 Litre Bottom end Note: The engine was assembled a little more than a year ago (10,000km~15,000kms ago), with new rings, bearings, gaskets, and bolts. - D Windows (This might be part of the "bad stuff list" depending on who you are)- Zender? Rear valance - Tech Side Skirts - Tech Steering Wheel - Dash Mat - Full Leather Interior- Full Alloy radiator - Electric fan hooked up to a thermoSwitch- AC Delete (half) / Manual Fan Delete - The Paint is very good nick, its just a black base, with a touch of blue pearl added to the clear. Stuff it will come with: - A Replacement 260 Getrag manual gearbox (not installed) - Brand new Sachs Heavy duty clutch kit (not installed) - Whole load of random spare parts Okay, enough horsing around, here is the price: $6,500.00 Firm. (That's cheaper than my trade me price, because hey, I like you) Sorry about the long read.
  5. Not sure if anyone is interested. Old as topic, got that megasquirt to work with a 2jz, and then attached a bluetooth sender for a tablet cluster. Also not sure if you can view videos on this site. 13303041_842985582509421_1841816980_n.mp4
  6. Have you had a chance to dyno?
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