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  1. Car now SOLD thank you. I got my naughty bottom spanked by admin so I am now selling one E30 coupe - the sale of other sweet E30 parts is neither expressed nor implied in this ad. This vehicle is as per pictures. A parking ding in driver door and the paint is not perfect - clear coat peel on boot - but it is decent. I rust proofed some paint chips on roof. rego is on hold . As usual Seats are a little rough up front. I have removed and por15 some minor rust below boot rubber behind boot lock - a common spot . New water pump and coolant and the m20 is a gem. I have a good rear bumper and front air ducts but just not installed as I straightened slightly bent valance(don’t worry admin they are included in the price ?) ... which is $3500 without the pictures wheels but I’ll throw some on there for sale (pictured)
  2. Im on the look out for one of these hoses. I’ve been told they are available ex Germany with quite a wait but thought I’d throw it out there on here. I’d even settle for a second hand one. It goes from over flow to the side of the block
  3. I’ve actually just looked again and the rubber mount is actually just off the side of where I thought. What did you do? Did you mount the part I asked for above on a little home fabricated overhanging bracket?
  4. As above- I am putting a new e36 radiator in my e30 and I reckon another one of these will work to make it fit. Fyi , once I get this girl up and running I’ll be selling her FL 318i manual coupe
  5. 4.5kg or 5kg. Real common fire extinguisher size. Got it for $10 at salvage yard
  6. Agreed. It’s nice to be back in it. The Mazda was fine but the doors don’t close the same and can’t beat that sweet beemer 6! Also, beemers appeal to my enthusiast diy nature. I had to pay someone to scan my airbag system on the Mazda but I’ve got my own airbag scan tool for the beemer off Ali express for small change - couldn’t find one for Mazda
  7. The market has spoken .... mine is not even worth 7k. It was the manual thing that makes it, otherwise it’s a white sedan. I loooove driving it so it stays if it’s only a 6k car
  8. Okay, I refuse to drop my price any more and I’m cured of the preciousness I felt towards this car so i sold the recently purchased Mazda a this one ain’t for sale Any more. She’s the daily hack again. I don’t know where all those Beemerphiles who said I’d easily get 7.5 - 8k for it were when I actually listed it ?
  9. This is the welder with the tank behind. Photo taken when I was making trolley for it - an excellent first project for new welder! Positive is it takes 25kg wire - negative is it’s not covered like spools on other machines. Never been a prob though and 15kg waaaay cheaper
  10. Sorry I only just saw this reply. I scored my co2 extinguisher from a salvage place. They need to be tanks without welded bases I believe. I took it to a place SAI GLOBAL on Hayton road in chch and they tested it, painted it grey, put a valve on it and filled it for about 150$. Test lasts 4 years and refilling is$40.
  11. I purchased a near new Boc magmate welder a year or so ago and taught myself. It’s an inverter type and I find it amazing. I got and old large co2 fire extinguisher and got it converted and I fill it for $40 so great for home use. I don’t know any better but I believe co2 welds hotter so not as good on thin steel but all I’ve done is thin steel and it’s no problem. My welder is my favourite toy . You’ll not regret a good welder. I can’t speak for tig
  12. Bumping it . I’ve got it on trade me now. Happy to talk offers
  13. Brand new battery less than a year ago (okay that’s not brand new but ....)
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