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  1. d33p_randhawa

    2005 E90 330i 100,000kms service cost

    Hello olaf i m in thames hamilton or south auckland is my closest option. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Hello i just bought nz new 330i 2005 with 87xxx on clock. I bought it because it has a good service history and offcourse nz new so i chose it over jap imports. So the question is i have another 13xxx before it gets to 100xxx mark. So any suggestions where should i take it for transmission oil change and spark plugs? Is there anything else needs to be done? How much does 100xxx kms service costs and best and cheap place to take it to?
  3. d33p_randhawa

    Selling my 18s BBS Rep

    hi there they are sld but I dont know what to do with the post now. How do i remove it? plz help
  4. d33p_randhawa

    Selling my 18s BBS Rep

    Looking for around $1K. make me a good offer. buying a new wheels. pickup in morrinsville area.
  5. d33p_randhawa

    E36 M-sport 2.8L

    heyy man would you swap your wheels with mine. BBS REP 18s I had same XXR wheels on my ride before really miss them lolz..
  6. d33p_randhawa

    Selling my 18s wheels

    few more photos
  7. d33p_randhawa

    Selling my 18s wheels

    Hello Everybody I want to sell my 18s wheels. They are currently on my BMW E90 2008 and I think they will fit all the 3 series. They are BBS Replica about 4 months old and the tyres are 4 months old and still has between 60-70% tread I would say. 98% new condition 1 or 2 little marks not noticeable you wont find them unless you look for them closely. I may consider to swap them for 17s or light weight 18s with no curbing. Prefer silver or gold or will consider any depends on the condition. I am in Morrinsville area so if you can come over for swap would be nice. Tyres are Neuton 225/40/R18 will accept anything over $950
  8. d33p_randhawa

    BMW 320i 2008 - 18s Wheel

    What kind of wheels do u have? What style Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. d33p_randhawa

    BMW 320i 2008 - 18s Wheel

    These ones are BBS or Bs. Thats what I thought aswell. I might change to 17inchs or replace these with something lighter. Gas is too expensive anyways here in thames so want a cheaper option Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. d33p_randhawa

    BMW 320i 2008 - 18s Wheel

    Hello everybody This is the first time I am posting on this forum have no idea if this is the right place to ask a question. I have a BMW e90 2008. I had stock 16s wheels when I bought it in December last year. Then I upgraded the wheels to 18s and it decreased the mileage by around 50kms and that us obvious because the wider and bigger wheels which is fair enough. Then after few months I got sick of those wheels and then I just swapped those 18inch wheels wit another 18s deep dish set with someone and put the same tyres that I had on my wheels I swapped and since I have put them on it has decreased another the fuel milege another even more. Why is that? could the weight be the factor? What could that be? Ever since I first owned my car whenever I fill up my car I use that switch that set the driven KMS amout to 0 to see how much I got out of the full tank. here the pics of the black wheels I had before and the chrome wheels that are on now Thanks all Aman