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  1. Just added a few that I have handy
  2. 1991? E30 318i Convertible white Auto New Blue Sunroof (manual), slight leak in front left corner (possible mis-align) 206,654km Last few WoFs done by the AA in St Johns Completely Stock apart from the Alarm and Head Unit New Tyres and Alignment. Blue Cloth Interior, recaro sharktooth i believe Dash may have 1 or 2 cracks, but will have to check. Overall pretty decent condition for its age. Been in storage since January 2020
  3. What figures are you thinking?
  4. I have a complete E28 roof with Sunroof. Text 021302485 if your want more info
  5. Mmmm, I could be keen. Will PM you later today
  6. Bump, price drop.
  7. francoisv

    19" Style 351

    FS Style 351off my F10 Staggered 19x8.5 and 19x9 ET33/35 Fits most model BMWs Front tyres are shart, rears are okay but wheels are in good condition over all with some minor curbing. $900 ono Pickup St Johns, Auckland. Or can ship
  8. Yea mate, anytime ///before 7pm haha In regards to your wheels, try see if anyone has some 10mm or 15mm spacers you could borrow, these do not require a cert. If they fit better, you can purchase a set, preferable a reputable set like Torque. Im in the process of getting one of my cars certed for adjustables and spacers, spacers that are 20mm and higher, will require a cert, possibly the 15mm too, but you'd need to check. Having owned several E39s, i have found that the offset of 20 - 10 has been best for fitment and looks, but for your dilemma, spacers may be the fastest and cheapest route. The spacers will move your offset from 35 - 25 / 20 depending on what you get
  9. I've managed to get mine pretty low. You just need to be prepared to remove the SLS if it has any. The NZ market isnt very big for the E39 Touring, but i managed to work it out for mine. Feel free to drop me a text 021 302 485 for a run down? PS i like those wheels
  10. Thanks Ray, ill make contact soon.
  11. Anyone wrecking an E39 Wagon?
  12. So after several months of waiting and collecting parts, I have now managed to install the - New Engine Mounts - New Front and Rear suspension bushes - Rear adjustable suspension mounts - New Rear brake rotors and pads Have also had the diff reconditioned and awaiting the new diff oil. Once done, I can then mount the diff to the swapped out drive shafts and hopefully start it up and take it for a test drive after bleeding the brakes and some misc wiring etc And in other good news, have managed to suss out a painter and an ex certifier to assist with some paper work etc
  13. I have a left rear door and left rear drive shaft. PM me if you're keen Cheers
  14. Diff is a 3:19 medium case. 1 210 411 C
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