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  1. I drove my 02 into a tow bar. Enough said, but wondering if anybody has:- An 02 Bonnet, left front guard or nose cone? Thanks
  2. Head gasket went on my 2002 today Anybody have any suggestions about who might do a good job at a decent price?
  3. Nzmackem

    E30 Steel Wheel Trim

    Hey. I tried texting.I'll try again.
  4. Nzmackem

    E30 Steel Wheel Trim

    hey, just wonder if you sold those wheel trims?
  5. Nzmackem

    E30 Steel Wheel Trim

    I'm looking for the chrome circular trim that fits on the outside of my E30 14inch steel wheels. The part number for the wheels is 1125686, dunno the part number for the trim :-(