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  1. My Camry Hybrid is supposedly 82c also. And is original PA66 components and no leaks of any sort (except happiness) at almost 510km. Should probably think about giving that a water pump...
  2. The diesels run lower coolant temps from that era. And yes that's why they leak less, heat cycling at critical temp levels for gaskets and components. PA66 "plastic" does not survive in glycol with 100 degrees C, it begins to absorb coolant and begin a brittle glass fracture failure mode. Which is why Jap cars for example have significant lower failure rates with PA66 components compared to same era cars that are designed for better emissions. There's an interesting paper on it somewhere And everything M62/M54 onwards run very high standard temps, to reduce emissions. M62tu for example runs a ~108c thermostat, most M57 are 88-91c
  3. Too hot = NOx, so typical kept relatively cool (cool = non euro car running temp) Has been the case since E39/E46 era for BMW, and it's just an emissions related thing.
  4. This is the key. Last 2 M57s were at 270km and 455km without any leaks or cooling system issues
  5. Nothing I've come across on the manual swaps that would do that, only thing close is a missing ABS/Speed signal, and that lowers the limiter to 5ish from memory. The cam/crank sensor issues will, 99% of cam sensors you can buy locally are for the M52 and can potentially cause the same symptoms as broken wiring in the original sensor (sporadic RPM limits) A proper scan with live data will show it. Or using an oscilloscope Other common thing is a very specific MAF failure, yet again a scan with a knowledgeable diagnostic chap will show that.
  6. Most likely not related to manual swap. Has it been scanned? There are so many potential issues. How did you check Cam/crank sensor? And have you changed the cam sensor at all? (Tgere are 3 different types)
  7. Accidentally got another after being less masochistic for yonks. Cleaned it, made the wife clean it. Will probably clean it some more. And then count all the fun issues that come with E61 life. Does fit the car seat better than the TT did...
  8. Missing VSS/ABS signal does that, doesn't it? Does the same to earlier DMEs
  9. They seem to be hitting the age where timing chains are becoming and issue, just like the N20 and N47.
  10. Imagine how unremarkable that would be to drive. All the maintenance of a 530 without the benefits of being a nice car
  11. If you're putting 200km on something over 4 years, probably don't buy something with an early N20, N47 or B47 😶
  12. The earlier 3rd gen Mazda 6 diesel is not a good option. DPF blocks easily as the re-gen programming is crap, leads to oil dilution and engine explosions. A petrol one would last a lot longer. Avoid a Subaru Levorg, terrible things. Edit: the answer is Lexus CT200h.
  13. M52 up to 98 ran 1 sensor, on the intake cam. Have the car scanned again, there are 3 different types of cam position sensor that will fit and no consistency between suppliers, and they are not interchangeable
  14. I have 2 NOCO 2x4 chargers at work, they're awesome. I got them here in NZ from some outfit in Wellington Have 3 or 4 various CTEK, also awesome Have some off brand garbage, supercheap and such, absolute poo
  15. There is something appealing about EV swaps on "normal" classic cars. I would love to have a turn in a basic EV conversion, I bet you would have just as much fun driving to the beach to get an icecream
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