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  1. The 3.0 has a nice little harmonic issue, I would say rod/stroke ratio is a big factor in it, the 3.0 is a bit pants in that respect. Even a non tensioner 2.5 or 2.8 will do it for a long time. But not a b30
  2. M50tu and b28 are exactly the same casting Depends how much you want to spend. I would do a tu/m52b28 head with a spring and retainer package, plus a better cam design (you should pick up torque too) But if you're not keen to drop that kind of money on a relatively small increase, measure the seat pressures on the existing head, replace the cams if you can, and at least new retainers and collets. Have seen quite a fair few pull through from fatigue. Check for coil bind at max lift too I'm hoping you have oil pump lock mods, a tensioner and new gear and shaft? If not, you will have to keep the revs down
  3. We are making 300 wheel with an m54 thats fairly basic. What work has been done to the head? I'm not a fan of the NV set up for a high rpm n/a motor, heavy springs and heavier valves. Modern spring, retainer and collet package is much better and lighter. Also have found mega seat pressure variations across stock motors, and usually not enough seat pressure anyway (typical beige OEM stuff) We have a RS2000 Escort rally car here, it had the head done by a well reputed outfit. Seat pressure was almost double what it should be, set it up to be around 95Lbs and gained 16whp
  4. Assuming new pistons are stock m54 comp height @ 28.32mm, and a standard thickness head gasket will net you 10.28cr M50nv head should be an average chamber of 33ish-cc I would go with a .050" compressed gasket, this would put you around 11.3cr It's a decreasing gain after that kind of comp though, and can create more issues Have used piston coatings, I'm not entirely convinced it's needed in a road going motor, especially one with low cylinder tenps and lower pressures, have yet to see a measurable or tangible benefit The key to your 300hp goal is, throw the cams in the bin and get something decent. All OEM BMW cams of that era are poo. The average valve lift is poo. Plenty of excellent options to suit your needs. You are already making very nice HP though Edit: block checking, I'd ring Marsh or Hartley for advice there
  5. I should have bought it back. But I don't think it would be comfortable to live in after the missus breaks my legs and nose
  6. Funnily enough, I've found e53 x5s with the sport pack eat batteries from rough roads/rural driving 🤦‍♂️ love to knock a plate loose
  7. You're not wrong about finding the data! I used 17.2kw/h used per 100km +15% for charging. Those were the most realistic seeming average I found for a current leaf. Ad another 15% on top for an early model. And I used 150gm co2e/kWh as the emissions base for supply, national average is a wee bit lower and a little added in for transmission loss. So yeah. Funnily enough EVs are less emmitty
  8. I did up a similar spreadsheet myself, out of curiosity, I'm not in the market for a Leaf, but it's interesting to look at the real costs of cars I'll probably never buy One thing to factor in, charging losses of 15-20%, most calculations I have seen miss this. And it seems that unless I can get 10 years out of a Leaf, I'm better off driving my clunky 406 HDi From an emissions standpoint it's quite hard to work out, lines losses to my house are pretty hard to calc (I work for a transmission equipment outfit, sort of) but from what I can figure out in terms of just energy consumed, a Leaf would be around 40% cleaner than my Pug, in a commuting only situation
  9. I don't believe there is a particularly large amount of thinking going on by the people involved. Well, certainly not aimed at the consumer. But no doubt James Shaw will make a buck somehow, the limp wristed womble.
  10. I use Star Insure. Have never found them great to deal with, no worries about the values I put on the cars either, which is fairly important
  11. Vanos or non vanos?
  12. Quite a few clutch kits come with the wrong bearing, your ZF has a 15mm spigot and requires a 6002-2rs bearing.
  13. Yeah we have seen the same thing. Typically the data is smoothed over to make it look sexier when this happens. Here is an n/a Ford pinto on a hub dyno, same thing.
  14. Seriously? Dude, you live in an apartment complex in Germany and you're making vague threats at people in NZ again? Grow up mate.
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