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  1. flatsix

    WTB: BMW 3.2 Z4 M Coupe

    Thanks for the replies, pretty much fixated on the M coupe at this stage. Murray, thanks for the lead, sounded like a nice car too, but unfortunately found a new home, but if you see any others please let me know, as cars can slip past if you don't have your eye on the ball. Dual car sprints this weekend so back in the batty we go, no new car for me sadly!
  2. flatsix

    WTB: BMW 3.2 Z4 M Coupe

    WTB: BMW 3.2 Z4 M Coupe, or detail of one that may be for sale, not seen any for sale in NZ so I'm guessing around $50K, a few in the UK but thought I would see if I can flush anything out here. Not keen on 'vertables, or small engines thanks, I'm sure they are great wagons, but not for me. Cheers