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  1. I've had lots to do with Z3's. Had a 1.9 M44 auto a while back. Was very nicely balanced for a twisty road car. Short on performance. Had to get the engine above 3,500 rpm before anything happened. Always check the plastic Y connector on the back of the block. If it looks like it is leaking (dried antifreeze) walk away from it. The connector has been the death of many M44 engines as it's unseen and when it breaks it overheats the engine. I now have a 2.L straight 6 with a manual transmission as a daily driver. Its OK at 150 HP and a lot of fun with the manual transmission. Heavier in the front than the M44B19, so a bit slower around the corners in the twisties. My other Z3 is a M54B30 3.0L auto transmission car. 231 HP in a light body makes it one beast of a car when you put your foot down. It comes down to what you want the car for. If you are into a bit of performance driving, then the 1.9 with a supercharger is the best balance. Other wise buy the biggest 6 cylinder Z3 that you can find/afford. The 2.2 is good. The 2.8 or 3.0L are better. Then if you have the money and can find one, the 3.2 Z3M is an exciting car. Finding a manual transmission Z3 in the larger engine sizes is difficult. Always take the boot carpet out on any Z3 you are looking to buy. It the spot welds holding the cross car subframe are pulling or have broken (rust circles around them), then run away for the car. This happens more with the higher horse power manual cars than the auto cars, but always look.
  2. BMW Z8 in James Bond, The World is not enough, 1999. Poor car (really just a model) gets cut in half.
  3. I still have a couple of years to wait until my target BMW becomes old enough for the 20 year rule, so, will likely miss out on that avenue. It will however be a special interest car as there currently isn't any of them in New Zealand at the moment. Just waiting for the exchange rates to become favorable.
  4. Arh, spring compressors. I tried them once. Now I take the struts to Goodyear, they have a hydraulic tool in a cage that does both struts in less than 15 minutes. Costs me $50 and I get to keep my fingers and face just the way I like them.
  5. Yes it was a great Christchurch BMW club run down to Ashburton on Saturday.
  6. Fit front wheels to back and back wheels to front and see if it changes. If it does then its something to do with the wheels.
  7. NZ00Z3

    BMW vin checker

    Yes it works. It does not give the full spec for "individual" model BMW's. But its free and good otherwise.
  8. I buy a lot of my BMW parts from MillAnd in Dunedin. You can get BMW, OE or aftermarket parts and the prices and delivery are OK. I like supporting the local guys
  9. NZ00Z3

    Z4 E85 Driveshaft

    The clunk is common on Z3's and has been pin pointed to be the crush tube on the pinion. Properly the same issue on the Z4 diff. Here is a link on the Z3 diff. https://zroadster.org/threads/refreshed-rear-suspension-update.41075/#post-622137
  10. That sounds expensive. Is a secondhand transmission cheaper?
  11. Just installed Bluebus in my Jap import E46 with CD prep wiring. Plugged in easily. Head unit found it OK. Had issues paring with it and getting sound until I updated the osi on my iPad and iPhone, then it worked great. Very pleased with the device.
  12. Arh, more modifications to get through compliance.
  13. Its the M52TUB28 engine. Has camber plates in place of the strut mounts. Don't know what the silver square items on the front of both strut towers are. Over priced for what it is with the 2.8 L engine and auto box.
  14. I have been using the Foxwell NT530 scanner with BMW software for a while now. Its OK, does most things that INPA does and reads all modules in the car. It talks both OBD2 and ADS. ADS is needed for the older BMW's like the E30 and E36. It also allows you to load two manufacturer's software at the same time, so you can load the Merceded software and be able to read all modules in your car. https://www.foxwelltool.com/wholesale/nt520-pro-scanner-with-bmw-software-installed.html
  15. Was under the bonnet of the 2.0 L Mora Z3 today and noticed that the center caps on top of the struts was pocking above the steelwork. Had a look at the 3.0 L Z3 and it is really different. I replaced the strut mounts on the 2.0 L Mora Z3 in May 2016 with Meyle parts. The car has now done 32,800 km on the strut mounts. They look to me to be failing. What do you think? The photos with the black steelwork are the 2.0 L Mora Z3 and the red steel work is the 3.0 L Z3 for comparison. The 3.0 L Z3 has only done 64,300 km in its 20 year life, so should look brand new.
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