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  1. The 2000 Z3's will have both the OBD2 plug under the steering wheel (DME and EGS only) and the 20 pin pac-mac connector under the bonnet. The 20 pin connector has access to all modules. The car is fully OBD2 compliant, so any OBD2 scanner with BMW software will talk to all modules as long as you connect to the 20 pin connector. The Airbag fault code you do not want is the F0 (hex), 240 (Dec), Internal Error. If it is, then read this: https://www.bimmerforums.com/forum/showthread.php?2355545-Airbag-Control-Module-Internal-Error-(F0-240-errors)-Finally-found-a-fix!
  2. The MS42 DME is for the M52TUB engines (double VANOS). So, a little confused why you are selecting that one. The MS41 DME is for the M52 engine (signal VANOS) and what I was expecting you to be connecting to. Generally, if you select the wrong DME, INPA will give an error and at the end of that message, it will tell what DME it found. You then select that DME and your are on line. With the FTDI software, you can check to see what the Cable com port setting is. Don't save to the cable and you'll be good.
  3. ADS/OBD1 does not work via a USB port. You need an old fashioned XP computer with a real serial port and a special cable if you want to use INPA and BMW standard tools. It's all about how the BMW engineers tried to speed up the processing by doing clever stuff with the serial chip commands that the USB serial emulation does not support. Anything 96 or younger car has an OBD2 DME, so your 97 323i should work off a USB port and the right K-DCAN cable and 16 to 20 pin adapter. Your car will however, have lots of OBD1 modules. BMW didn't get around to making the whole car OBD2 until later. It was 03/98 for the Z3 (E36/7). Other models may have different dates. The usual problem with setting up INPA and a new cable is the addressing of the com port. You need to have the same com port in, INPA, Device manager and the cable. The cable comes set at com port 1. But every time you play with the cable setting with the FTDI software, the com port is incremented by 1 when you save to the cable. The switch on the K-DCAN cable is of no consequence with the E36's. It only comes into play with the E46's and later.
  4. BlueBus may be an easier alternative. https://www.bluebus.dev/ I like it on my E46.
  5. "Officer, It's only a Goldfish"
  6. Have you got the multi-meter out yet to track and trace the 12V's. Get your wiring diagrams from here: https://bmwteka.com/wds
  7. Yes Jon I agree with you for times where the home occupier employs or engages someone to do the work.. My issue is when I want to do the work. I have not found anything that says a home occupier is not a PCBU when he wants to do work in and around the home except house maintenance. Any other activity in and around the home seems to be an undertaking and you are a PCBU. Be is cooking, gardening, hobbies, fixing your car etc.
  8. Thank you everyone for your comments, even the funny ones. After lots of time on the internet and reading countless web pages and dry documents, anything can be an undertaking and is cover by HSWA. WorkSafe seem to have a threshold/model to determine if something is an undertaking, but are not telling anyone what it really is. The best I can find is: The difference between a business and an undertaking is: · businesses are usually conducted with a view to making a profit and have a degree of organisation, system and continuity. · undertakings will have elements of organisation, systems, and possible continuity, but are usually not profit-making or commercial in nature. https://www.worksafe.govt.nz/managing-health-and-safety/getting-started/understanding-the-law/primary-duty-of-care/who-or-what-is-a-pcbu That page also says that home occupiers are not PCBU's. But I can't align that statement with the legislation?
  9. I wonder if WorkSafe has a "Safe Sex" code of practice? Getting back to the main point. What is an "undertaking" for the average person doing stuff at home?
  10. Was reading the Health and Safety at work act, as you do on a rainy day, to see what a PCBU (person conducting a business or undertaking) was. The business part is easy, but what is an "Undertaking"? It could be anything? The only definition of undertaking that I could find was from Auckland Uni "Undertaking: An activity that is non-commercial in nature." https://www.auckland.ac.nz/en/health-safety-wellbeing/resources/definitions.html This means that any non-commercial activity is an undertaking. That includes things like, fixing my BMW, gardening, patting the cat and sex with my partner. The homeowner only has exemption if they employ someone else to do the residential work/undertaking. Otherwise it is covered by the Health and Safety at Work act. There is a whole lot of red tape to run business and comply, so does this mean a resident/home owner/flat-mate has to this too? I know I'm reading this stuff literally, but where is the cut off/limitation? What is your understanding?
  11. If you get the parts but the install is not your thing, then give me a call. I have installed several cruise controls stalks in Z3's (E36/7) and a Z4 (E85) stalk into a E46. Being Timaru based, I not too far away from Dunedin.
  12. 3.0L Z3. 231HP in a little car = awesome performance Doesn't take up too much space in the shed Easy to work on/low level of technology which is well known Topless driving, wind in your head, open spaces all round, just watch out for sheep/cattle trucks. No back seat, so no kids along for the drive to annoy you. Your time out car.
  13. Yes it was. Not a bad capital gain for a LHD
  14. Your 2000 Z3 is all OBD2 so is easy to diagnose. Like wise the 116i. Maybe you should look at setting up your own diagnostic kit. There are cheap and expensive options, depending on what you want to do: INPA software (free) on a windows laptop with the cheap special USB cable and an OBD2 to 20 pin lead for the Z3. Reads all modules and lets you code new modules to your car. Software and some instructions are here: https://www.bimmerforums.com/forum/showthread.php?2184573-The-Z3-Diagnostics-Thread-Instructions-Experiences-Discussions-Experimentation Creator C310+ scanner. Low cost, reads all modules. Will not code new modules. Foxwell NT530 with BMW software. Mid price. Reads all modules but will not code new modules.
  15. Welcome to the forum from Timaru. Great looking Z3. Be careful, Z3's are addictive. I will not be long before you'll have a 2.8L or 3.0L Z3 in the drive for yourself. I'm banned from going to look at any Z3's that are for sale, as they have a tendency to follow me home. I'm down to 2 at the moment.
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