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  1. You have an interesting control systems problem. To stop the alarm/light/limp-mode coming in at idle/low rev's, you need to be able to either: - Arm the alarm based on a certain rev level, say 25 PSI when over 2,000 rpm - Vary the alarm with a model, say 5 PSI below normal oil pressure. Needs an oil pressure gage so you can do the modelling. For flicking the DME into limp mode, all you need to do is find a sensor signal that when lost, put the DME into limp mode, then put a relay contact into the signal that is driven from your oil pressure monitor. I'm not up to date with the N54's, but on the later automatic E46's, the loss of the MAF signal put the EGS into limp mode. The DME runs on Alpha-N's for air control, which don't harm the engine in any way
  2. Arrhh, so it's the Alpina drivers that are giving the rest of us BMW owners the bad rap on poor parking skills.
  3. Even Ferrari has a shooting brake in it's stable. A bit more "Clown Shoe-ish" (Z3 coupe) than the Z4 shape.
  4. Read this thread. It will get you started: https://www.e46fanatics.com/threads/fuel-trims-lean-codes-misfires-and-how-to-diagnose-p0101-p0174-and-more.1284608/ Getting a cheap OBD2 scanner so you can do your own engine tests does not cost a lot. Get OBD Fusion on your smart device and buying the cheap OBD2 adapter (WIFI for Apple or Bluetooth for android) gets you set up. See this thread: https://www.e46fanatics.com/threads/obd-fusion.1240733/#post-18380161
  5. NZ00Z3

    Z3 seat electrics

    There is an adapter cable for putting facelift Z3 seats into a pre-facelift Z3. Part number 61106916218 See: https://www.ecstuning.com/b-genuine-bmw-parts/adapter-tubing/61106916218/
  6. I have recently got a couple of dash cam's for the cars after nearly getting cleanup up by a young driver on a back country road. Remember that the dash cam is recording, so its a two way street. The footage can be used for your insurance purposes after an incident and the police can use it to look at your driving infractions. GPS - Shows speed and location. Very good evidence if you are within the speed limit. - Shows the Police how much spirited driving you do and if you were speeding. Camera Angle of View - Get as wide as you can. 110 degrees is not really wide enough. You want to be able to see and prove that other car did not stop at the stop sign on the side street. Memory card size - Loop recording is a must have - A 4GB card gives about 20 minutes of recording time. G- Shock Recording - This is where the shock of the accident tells the dash cam to save and protect the most recent footage. It's a must have if you run a small memory card. Otherwise the camera keeps recording after the accident and records over the accident footage. You will likely to forget to pull the power lead on the camera after the accident. Super-Cap battery - Provides power for the camera to save the most recent footage when the power is turned off. So if your positive battery lead pyrotechnic goes off during the accident and cut the power, the Camera can still save the accident footage. Mounting - Good old rubber suctions cap mounts are sort of OK. They will fall off on hot days and be a pain to get to stick if the inside of the windscreen is dirty. - Sticky pad mounts are better. Just make sure you know what type they are for replacement, when you have your windscreen replaced. Power Supply - Needs to be hot in start and run. Not hot all the time. BMW cigarette lighter sockets are typically hot all the time and using an adapter in the socket puts too many wires around the gear lever. - A Separate USB power supply wired into a hot in start and run supply works well. I have this one in my Z3's and E46 from Aliexpress. It is mounted under the center console with the wire coming out from under the side of the console. The three 2A USB supplies allows for a GPS, Dash-cam and charging a phone all at the same time with the wires away from the gear lever. Plus no holes drilled or other cosmetic changes made. - Power supply wires can be run up the inside of the A pillar etc. to hide them or left exposed.
  7. BMW Standard Tools on the E46Fanatics forum works well. It is INPA plus the other software tools needed for module changes etc. https://www.e46fanatics.com/threads/how-to-install-bmw-standard-tools.1274003/ I also have a Foxwell NT530 scanner with BMW software. It's not too bad for a hand held scanner. Works in both OBD2 and BMW modes. Plus it has a data logger. I use it in OBD2 mode for general engine issues like rich/lean running problems, as the OBD2 fuel trim information is easier to understand.
  8. I saw your tour twice. I was in the Glen Tanner Cafe when your tour came down out of Mt Cook. Noticed your nice E30 Baur with the top rolled back. Then latter that same day or the next day (can't remember) in Tekapo, as you headed towards Fairly. You must have had some beautiful days for travel. With the Autumn colours out (why I was in the McKenzie Country) the country side must have been great to see.
  9. Welcome to the forum That's a nice looking car. If you are interested in going out for drives with other BMW owners, keep a eye on the Christchurch section of the Meetings forum: https://bimmersport.co.nz/forum/27-christchurch/ The Christchurch club has a pub night chat every month. Hey, the next one is tomorrow 5th May. Plus there is a monthly car run. Regards Murray
  10. Welcome Chad Snape look is looking great in the back seat with his yellow bandanna. The E34 is looking good too. Regards Murray
  11. Image is broken. What year is your car?
  12. This thread came up recently in a Z3 forum. It may be of interest. https://www.bimmerforums.com/forum/showthread.php?2446662-Second-of-two-problems-DISA-valve-vacuum-leak
  13. There is a "Vince Bar" group buy going on over at E46Fanatics. Don't know if it applies to your car? https://www.e46fanatics.com/threads/vincebar-group-buy.1288206/
  14. Yes you are correct, the M44 DME has always been OBD2, but the rest of the car's computers are normally ADS prior to 03/98.
  15. I could be wrong, but I recall reading somewhere that the change over date for all E36's to full OBD2 was 03/98 build date. I now that is correct for the Z3 E36/7. You still have to use the 20 pin connector under the bonnet but INPA with the USB lead and OBD2 to 20 pin connector adapter cable is all you need. If you are looking for a scanner that talks OBD1/ADS, check out the Foxwell NT530 with BMW software. I got one of these so I can work on the older Z3's with build dates prior to 03/98. It's not bad as a scanner and even has a data logger.
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