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  1. Hi, Any suggestions on the cheapest place to get a set of six new injectors? I see FCP have them for $1,300, but I'm not sure if there are any other supplier options out there. Thanks
  2. Not yet. What do you recommend?
  3. Maybe one full turn in lots of little turns
  4. Fifth one from the front/second one from back.
  5. Changing the spark plugs on my E90 335i. 5 of the 6 of them came out no problem. The sixth one has a lot of resistance. I can turn it but it is taking a lot of force. I might be about quarter of the way out but I’m hesitant to keep going given how hard it is to turn. Any advice? Surely you can’t strip the treads taking it out (unless it has been installed wrong previously?)?
  6. Yes, they are factory 17" Msport wheels.
  7. Hi all, Looking for some guidance to help me diagnose some vibration I am getting from my E90 335i. Never noticed anything previously, then got a new set of tires all round, replacing the runflats with S001s. Now get a vibration/shake through the steering wheel at speeds from 90kph+. Also sometimes get some vibration under braking, I don't recall noticing this before, could be related or a coincidence. I assumed it was a balancing issue so took it to the tire place across the road for them to check, they rebalanced but said it was pretty good (I'm assuming the place that fitted the tires in the first place also did a balance). Made a small improvement but there is still noticeable vibration there. My question is do I take it to a specialist wheel alignment/balancing place for another look (do they have better equipment than your local Firestone etc), or do I start looking at other things suspension etc..?
  8. I'll be changing all four tyres so looking for a matching set preferably. RE003s not available in 255, only 245.
  9. Yeah they are the style 194s. How do the Hankooks rate vs the Dunlop 050+, vs something like RE003s?
  10. They are factory wheels. 8.5" on the rear as far as I'm aware. Thanks
  11. I have this size on the rear of my E90 335i. This seems to be a reasonably uncommon size, restricting what tyres I can get as a matching set. What have other people done here? Guy at the tyre shop said it was common to go to a 245/40/17, is this a reasonable option?
  12. After the glass for the drivers side wing mirror. Car is a E90 335i, not sure if the glass is the same for any other models. Found mine on the road all smashed, will be folding my mirrors in from now on!
  13. Still for sale?
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