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  1. Anything under $600 would be mates rates.
  2. Interesting. I keep upgrading the map versions but I can't tell a difference between them. Just running Stage 2 untill I get round to chucking a better intercooler on.
  3. Bloody hell. That needs some serious downforce
  4. No one should be upping the boost on their n54/55's without upgrading charge pipe first. The pipes have gone even on stock tunes. Best bet is trademe if you want one without waiting for overseas shipping
  5. Mechanic just quoted me $360 for x2 rear brake pads. That seems absurd right? I see a lot of options online, trade me etc, but im not completely sure of what fits. Where's best place to just buy some OEM rear pads and get them reasonable quick. I will fit myself.
  6. blake12

    2006 M5

    Can't see any e60 being a classic, regardless of v10. They just look terrible.
  7. Now you can go set some laps on the track with kids in the back seat and groceries in the front. Pointless car. Anyone buying this is driving it purely for the brand and look.
  8. You'll find a better specced one with half the km's for that price easy
  9. that front bumper doesn't fit right?
  10. Even flooring it in a straight line in one of those things.... you better know what you are doing. Of course this is BMW forum so we are all top notch race drivers ?
  11. No need for JB4 since MHD if you just looking at 350-400whp You'll need a charge pipe btw, the plastic one explodes when you up the boost - not expensive The dual cone intakes are pointless unless you want the induction sound. Pretty sure there's no gains unless your doing single turbo 500+ hp kinda builds. If anything all it means is your sucking in hot air
  12. blake12

    XHP tune

    Couldn't find anything on here regarding the XHP tune when I searched, was looking for members opinions. So thought I would post mine. I tuned stage 2 on Tuesday, and for me personally, this is possibly the best "mod" I have made to the car. Im on MHD1+, catted dp's etc. - and while the extra power is nice, it's not that usable all the time. The xhp tune however makes every aspect of driving the car better. Drive mode is sooo much smoother now. Gone are the sometimes jolty changes with the car is cold. Every change is smoother and the shift points are better for me. I'll definitely be using less gass. Swapping to manual and the speed in changes is amazing! The car pulls off from a stop so surely now, no more sluggish feeling. No more dropping to 1st by itself as im mid roundabout and making a racket. Throttle blipping on downshifts is glorious. No point in this post other to say, if you've been driving a e90 for a while and are really accustomed to it's nature, you'll notice a massive improvement with this flash.
  13. FYI If I remember correctly MHD recommends you don't run burble on hard for normal street driving. I didn't drop oil for a year, then run the burble for about a week and had smoke out the exhaust and oil needing a topup almost every 100 km's or so. Maybe it was a coincidence but since I reflashed without burble I have had 0 issues again. If you have catless DP's you should get a nice amount of burble on acceleration, without all the fake pops and bangs after you let off.
  14. "Looks very "jap import 320i"-y " ???????
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