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    first ever BMW , 2011 X1
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    Its white , haha , im not joking thats about all I know

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  1. Glenzone

    New Member

    Cheers Tim, yes I'm quite liking the ride. My girls love it so that's the win. Mate I'm looking at the event side of things and it looks pretty slim? I wouldn't mind a drive to welly, haha
  2. Glenzone

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    Thanks Kulgan and Treone, I haven't taken possession of it yet, picking it up this weekend. I have only been for a sneaky drive around the block, its been getting fitted out and ready for certification , which happened yesterday. I'm off to register it today. yay. cant wait. cheers guys Glen
  3. Glenzone

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    I know Mark, but no relation, we have daughters that are friends, which was funny at the time. I don't know Max Cheers and thanks for the welcome Glen
  4. Glenzone

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    Hi guys , new user, my first ever BMW. Very happy to be here, may need some help, haha Cheers Glen from Tauranga