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  1. Hey mate, the link did work for me. I can't recall what was in it though to be honest. I didn't end up getting it to go correctly. Sold the car awhile ago.
  2. Bump, before I buy an Escudo or something ugly/practical 😅
  3. You know you want to recover from the Xmas splurge. Sell me your E46 touring 😘
  4. @Allanw, you're right, the starter fluid should make it fire if the compression is good. Which makes me think the compression is not good (which it's not, in the original post). But the leakdown test and timing is good. Next to no leaks. Which is where I'm lost. Engine was supposedly running before it was pulled. As trustworthy as the next person on Trademe I guess. Have had the injectors unplugged (when I was building fuel and oil pressure) and crank sounded uniform. Yip, the white smoke is uncombusted fuel coming from the turbo outlet. It can be seen in the engine bay as the dpf isn't plumbed in. Had the valves all apart and they're in perfect condition and dead straight. Have had timing checked by two others. Where I'm at now is... Drain the fuel tank and put fresh diesel in. Swap out the hydraulic lifters, incase they're not letting the valves get proper lift or duration. Thanks again @Allanwfor brainstorming with me.
  5. I know I posted a pfl, silver, non-msport wagon. But its a good picture 😅
  6. Hi all, I'm on the look for an E46 Touring to do the daily duties. I'll list off my dream list but I'm very flexible. -Facelift and/or Msport -A lighter colour (preferably not silver) -M54 -Less than 200,000kms. A good service history would change my mind. -Roof rails -Leather would be great Get in touch if you want to move yours on. It'll be moving to a loving home, that doesn't neglect BMWs. Budget varies wildly on specs and condition.
  7. Very nice E30! But please follow the rules. "At a minimum your for sale thread requires: * A clear photo of the item being sold * A price, (''offers'' isn't good enough) however $2000 or near offer is fine * A location of where the item is being sold from EG Wellington All threads that dont adhere to these rules WILL be removed without warning or explanation."
  8. Thanks for your reply @Allanw Have tried "start ya barstard" and it doesn't sound like it fires any different. I've bled them at all 4 injectors until a nice steady stream of diesel comes out. This is also the highest point of the hpf system, so I haven't cracked and bled the system anywhere else (not saying I shouldn't either though I guess). Have also carried out the ISTA bleed procedure via the lpfp.
  9. Engines in. I have fuel (the smoke in the picture is unburnt diesel from the turbo outlet). I have glow. I have crank but i do not have start. Anyone want a rolling body E87 😅 20231127_133943.mp4
  10. Thanks for your replies. I have lapped the valves and changed the stem seals. They were originally super gummed up. I wonder how many engines EGR + CCV have prematurely killed?
  11. Had put about 1Tbsp of oil into each cylinder and it didn't make a difference. This would only make a difference if it was rings. Starter bolted up, jumper leads to another car. A friendly bloke from the UK forums gave me a call yesterday. He said as long as the leakdown is OK and I'm certain the timing is good, to just put the motor in and give it a go. He had done dozens of N47 timing chain repairs and had never done a compression test out of the vehicle before. Fingers crossed.
  12. A cost effective but labour intensive option would be to print them. Wouldn't have that OEM feel though.
  13. Have confirmed TDC with a long screwdriver. The 3 lines line up between the cam gears. I am tempted to just put the motor back in and try start it. However if there's a no start condition again, I'll cry 😅. A wee spray of "start ya barstard" near the intake didn't cause a fire either which would indicate it genuinely has low compression.
  14. And do you fill them back up with oil?
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