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  1. I'm unsure if I've asked on this forum before, but can you use these sorts of apps to "code-in" a retrofitted OE Bluetooth module to an E9x?
  2. I'd be quite keen if I could guarantee no damage has been done.
  3. I've tried to stretch the budget in an attempt to future proof it. Hence wanting inverter technology (apparently makes life easier for amateurs?) and tig. Did you go with Cigweld through supercheap?
  4. Yip that was the oldschool thread I was referring to. Super informative.
  5. Thanks @aja540i. I'll keep an eye on TM. I see BOC has a promotion on now but I don't think too much has been knocked off the price. Good point about the duty cycle.
  6. Here to poach some opinions/experiences on welding/welders. I'm in the market for something I can use as a hobbyist. Nothing too industrial is needed, I plan on welding our gate and maybe down the track a small trailer and a push cart for the wee man. I've done a wee bit of research and also found a good thread on the oldschool forum. I reckon what I need/want is a mig with tig capabilities for rainy day fancy stuff. 180 amp with inverter technology if the budget allows but isn't crucial. Duty cycle won't be too much of a hindrance. Not keen on gasless or flux cored. 15amp or 10 but must be single phase. Does anyone know of any specials coming up? Any recommendations? Want to flick your one off? Budget is $800 for the right beast and prefer not to buy at full price. I'm a sucker for sales.
  7. Winner winner. Told the guy all of the E36's faults. Took it anyway. Somebody sell me an E39 touring.
  8. Weird one. Autosure usually cap repair costs at like $6k.
  9. Yip for one of the keys. It would usually catch if I kept trying. Now that I've drilled it, it wont work at all ?. Only the valet key works. Wonder if BMW still has access to spares if I give them the vin.
  10. Damn, it's obviously been a long day and I'm not thinking. I think we had two different faults. I see yours is EWSI as there's no antenna ring. I drilled it anyway with no success.
  11. OK cool so this actually works. Might do that right now and hopefully the key that sometimes spins/sometimes starts will lock in
  12. Another interesting auction to watch. https://www.trademe.co.nz/2768408589 $1Res, guy is expecting $10k+. 320i pre-lci E91 with repair work done. I would be very surprised if it went for more than $7k.
  13. Yip that's right. Main key just keeps turning. Other key engages but won't start. Yea I've tried that hoping the good chip key would be able to get close enough. No cigar.
  14. Murphy's law. Have a couple people coming to view the E36 tomorrow and the keys are playing up on me. One key just spins in the tumbler. After googling the forums people were saying the lock pin breaks off and to secure with a grub screw. Tried another key, it "engages" and clicks into "ON" but no crank. The valet key works fine. Anyone have any experience with this? My guess is the chip in the key that won't crank is shot and the key that spins is worn? I do have an EWS deleted DME I could try but won't to sort the problem properly. Car is a 1995 E36 328i EWSII.
  15. I know. Very slow to respond too which makes it hard to get any information. He said he has "strong interest" but as we all know, interest doesn't mean alot. Surely if you had someone willing to put down a deposit, that shows they'll actually buy the car? I see there's a tired looking E38 in Welly.. Maybe that can fill my project bug. Or Brent's E36 touring if it gets cheaper ?
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