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  1. Thanks for the advice. I think the RE003 might be getting phased out. I can't find either of the those brands in the 205/55 unfortunately.
  2. A couple of snaps from Euro & Brit Classic Car Show this weekend. Was a cool day, definitely going back next year. The neighbouring Mercedes Club got sulky over us taking up too much room, made for some nostalgic rivalry. The 15" basketweaves are all refinished now too. I'm so stoked and can't wait to fit some tyres. Any recommendations from anyone on good 205/55r15? Seems to be an odd size with a limited amount of makes. Might go with Falken Ze914 as the reviews and price are pretty good. Also after some form of wheel sealer/wax make cleaning the cross weave design alot easier.
  3. E34 touring would be so good. But again, getting expensive.
  4. What's it like condition wise? What would you rate the interior and the exterior out of 10 (10 being factory mint)? LSD? The e30 market is so hard to judge right now. There's ridiculous prices on TM/FB but who knows what they actually sell for.
  5. Cammsport

    E46 330ci Manual

    Yea I panicked when NZE36 and 46 were gone. Had to pull the trigger
  6. Cammsport

    E46 330ci Manual

    Yea I panicked when NZE36 and 46 were gone. Had to pull the trigger
  7. Cammsport

    E46 330ci Manual

    I very much copied you last night. Cheers for the inspiration!
  8. I think it's an emergency sunroof operation adapter
  9. Very timely! Package arrived yesterday from David of Parts-friend.com Very quick delivery (delayed slightly by FedEx) and all parts are oe/oem. All well packaged with nil damage, even the radiator and E30 bonnet foam are in good knick. Ill be using Parts Friend from now on. Replied to emails within 24 hours.
  10. 30% off Autoglym @ supercheap too
  11. In 10 years, do you think we'll look back at these as cheap?
  12. $9k for a 318i sedan, replica wheels and cracked bumpers. It does have a clean pov spec interior though. But $9k!!
  13. I rate the Autoglym stuff. Makes the tyres black/clean vs oily/wet. Does require more regular applications.
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