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  1. Unfortunately not. The plan is to replace the leaky injector and the throttle body that keeps throwing codes (I don't think this will fix it) and if it still won't start, it's getting trailered to an independent euro place in Queenstown. I don't have the space/time/patience to continue fault finding to the point of pulling cam covers to check timing etc. I'll have to suck it up and accept the bill! Support local right... 😅
  2. Does anyone have N47 cam locking tools to check timing?
  3. Target pressure is being struck. Voltage spiking at injectors when turning over.
  4. Yea private sale. And I don't *think* she put me wrong. My friend collected it and had no issue for the couple of days he had it. No chain noise. Quiet as a diesel can be. I'd be interested to hear what a N47 sounds like with the injectors unplugged. I feel like it's cranking fine considering there's nil help from combustion. I'll prep for valve cover off 🤦 Like I said earlier, I don't feel like it's anything catastrophic because it drove 450kms with stops in between, no worries. No laziness to it at all and ran fine. I'm sure it's a sensor/DDE/electrical fault. Whether that's induced by the negative temperatures or pure bad luck, who knows.
  5. Give me some of your motivation Sam 😅 I reckon put the badges on. Doesn't look too much at all!
  6. Service plan for the throttle actuator fault code, assuming it wasn't battery disconnect related.
  7. New Exide Extreme. 750 CCA, 80ah. 14 degrees outside. Ive checked the injectors are getting a signal. Back to the drawing board 😓 20220616_133431.mp4 I got the fault codes below after connecting the battery and firing up ISTA. Weirdly, the 4 bottom codes look to have come up 2kms before it's final rest. The car is currently at 169,178kms and hasn't driven since the start of this saga. I cleared them, disconnected ISTA, ignition off, attempted start of the car, connected ISTA, no fault codes showing now. But still, no start. I'm getting the exclamation mark and CEL when I press the ignition, but no fault codes on ISTA or the OBC (after I cleared them the first time). That throttle body fault is bugging me. I ran through the ISTA diagnostics for it though and it all checked out OK. So maybe it's a battery disconnect/connect thing that upsets it? Unsure where to go from here. Compression check and timing? Biggish jobs with having to remove the injectors and the valve cover (after removing all the stuff on top).
  8. I think a new battery is in order either way. Its almost 10 years old, undersized and negative temperatures. I'll get a new Varta F18 from Battery Town tomorrow. Not a bad innings considering the average lifespan is 5 years according to forums. Doesn't seem to have IBS either. If this honestly fixes it, you'll hear the sigh of relief from your place.
  9. Might have to hold off for the day. That shed would be handy 😅
  10. I'm buying everyone beers if its the battery. Going to get a new battery tomorrow and give it a crack. Wouldn't be the first time I've looked past something so easy.
  11. I'll take a better video of the cranking tomorrow for about 10 seconds. I'll do it from the cabin so you can hear it like-for-like for the daily N47 drivers. Bad compression from a stretched chain is very plausible on these engines. Just to reiterate, I don't think it is the glow plugs. I'll look into the cam timing and compression checks. Thanks for the replies by the way.
  12. Yip tested. Got about 9v. 6ohms across the glow plug itself
  13. No glow plug codes since I removed and tested that 1 and then reset codes.
  14. I could do but the chain must be there for the cams to be turning.
  15. Next thing on the list, has the chain snapped? I took out the camshaft position sensor to look at the cam gear. Found the issue.. So I thought. By the looks of that, I thought the chain had come off the teeth. Turned it over just to double check. 20220611_123602.mp4 I've been so desperate to find something wrong, I wasn't thinking. Back to the fault finding then. Tested the hall effect cam gear sensor by back probing the socket. All looks to be good. 20220611_132046.mp4 Having a rest now. No room in the garage and the snowns coming in. More google/forums/YT it is then.
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