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  1. Recently got mine from FCP
  2. Unsure what you mean by the lug nuts pulling the rotor away. Was the squeak there before? Is there any contact between the tyre and the strut? Are both sides squeaking? Does it make the sound continuously or just "chirp" as the wheel rotates past a certain point?
  3. I dislike the urban driving in our E91 msport. Crashy, rough and worse than my E30 with high spring rate adjustables. I wince at the sight of uneven surfaces. I assume that's the same as your E87 msport?
  4. Bring back the days of the rear facing 3rd row in station wagons I reckon. Probably struggle with safety ratings now if imagine.
  5. Thanks! Sounds like what I'm after.
  6. I'll have to make sure to get it up to temp before returning home, kindy drop offs etc would be the worry. An F15 is much more modern looking and no doubt is better equipped but there's roughly a $15k-$20k difference between similar optioned E70s vs F15. Could be worth waiting until they come down a bit further? But then there's always going to be the NEXT model I guess? What options do you guys have that are a step up from the average POV spec? The 360 & overhead cams will give us great piece of mind. I see there was one listed with ventilated seats, would be nice but probably not necessary Hahaha. I'm a sucker for high specd cars, especially if we were to keep for 10 years or so.
  7. Hi all, we've recently been looking at 7 seaters to replace our E91 to give us some more flexibility. Ideally we'd like the facelift and Motorsport for the aesthetics (hopefully the suspension isn't as crashy as our Msport E91). Eyeing up the 30d and 40d, no real preference yet. Won't be towing really and will mostly be driven around Auckland with the odd trip out to the Coromandel/Taupo. Gutted the 7 seater option doesn't have spare wheel capacity as I'm not the biggest fan of RFs. What options were available and commonly seen in NZ? Were the NZ new allocations better equipped? Thanks for any advice and opinions!
  8. Off topic, but I dont think the vendor listing photos on the boat ramp is a good idea 😅
  9. Looking good! Leather turned out great.
  10. I think your vibrations will be from the lack of rubber dampener, that I assume was removed to clear the manifold? When turning under acceleration, does the shaft contact the exhaust manifold? Your best bet is the Barina shaft mod and swap. It involves fitting the upper e30 mount to the Barina shaft. The shaft is collapsible which absorbs alot of the vibration. I think I have a more in depth how-to on my build? If not, there's a few on the interwebs. It's a fiddly job (needle rollers on the UJ bearings) and a dremel with a small cut off wheel makes life easier. There was one already done on TradeMe recently. Also, my certifier wanted a heat shroud made to protect the bearings, more specifically the grease, from the heat given off from the exhaust manifold. He said wrapping the exhaust manifold would do. You might get away with it however.
  11. However a car of that calibre @E28E30@E28E30 I'd put on TradeMe on a longer auction, with an advertisement on the e30/bmw Facebook pages. Looks amazing!
  12. Yea I sold my E36 through Facebook. Trademe would be better if it had some form of messaging app and the fees weren't so expensive. Good to see they're getting some competition.
  13. A very original and clean, manual FL 316i coupe just sold for $13,500. And two PFL 318i manual coupes just sold for $15,000 each to the same buyer. Extraordinary times indeed.
  14. Cracks would result in a slow leak and would very rarely be a catastrophic failure, am I right?
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