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  1. How goood does that feel! Well done mate.
  2. Come for a ride @Ghost Chip
  3. Hi all, I'm after some sport seat parts, specifically the base for a LH seat (I've got 2x RH). Thanks!
  4. This is my point, thanks @Olaf. Currently insured for $14k, which last year felt absurd.
  5. Yea my insurance company is agreed value but the value part is the bit I'm struggling with.
  6. Did anyone see what the 24v E30s sold for over the past 6 or so months? I lost track of them. Can anyone recommend a good valuer for insurance purposes? I have no clue as to what mine is worth. TM prices are all over the show and I dunno what's actually selling.
  7. How's the new exhaust sounding? I can't quite recall your P/S setup but mine is all Z3/E36 OE and works fine.
  8. Curious if anyone else has received spam like this.
  9. Yip. Surely they'd be good buggers and throw in a set of caps. However i recently bought a set of 15" caps and was told the amount left in stock internationally was very little..
  10. Apparently they can be bought new still from BMW Auckland. $3k and 10 weeks lead time.
  11. We were in a similar position and went with a jap import E91 LCI N52 325i. Had the CIC converted to English (by the dealer), fixed up the usual oil leaks, 18" BBS LMs and fitted a electrically operated westfalia towbar. Has been a good runner ever since, going on 4 years and 40,000kms later. The LCI looks like a totally different car than the pre facelift. Only complaints would be the msport suspension being super crash even without run-flats (no spare tyre) and the cabin seems quite claustrophobic.
  12. E91 325i LCI, but @Matt has kindly sorted me
  13. Hi all, Unsure of I'm being abit cheeky but I was wondering if someone here had access to the BMW TIS? I just need information on the wiring of my westfalia electric retractable towbar. I did have the schematic on a 3rd party website but looks as though BMW has gone through and demanded they be shut down. The subscription prices are up there for the hobbyist, thought I'd try my luck here.
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