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  1. Crossbow

    WTB shift carrier for e34 535i

    How much?
  2. Crossbow

    WTB shift carrier for e34 535i

    That's a crossmember. I would like a shift carrier similar to the one pictured approx 330mm centre to centre
  3. Crossbow

    WTB shift carrier for e34 535i

    After a shift carrier to suit a manual m30 g260 e34 application. Don't need a linkage but will buy both if needs bee. Let me know if you got anything
  4. Crossbow

    SOLD M43 single mass flywheel

    Yes that it did.
  5. Crossbow

    M50b25nv +Rhd engineering fly +m20 g260

    Ummmmm $200?
  6. Looking at doing a transplant so advertising my current setup. Still in car so can be heard running etc. Engine is a M50b25nv with 210000 odd Ks on the clock from an e34. Service history is incomplete and it has a tick, suspect crashed lifter/leaky oil pickup tube gasket. New thermostat ND water pump. Includes alternator and ac compressor (ac hasn't worked since I've owned). Apart from the tick it performs fine. Flywheel is a lightweight single mass RHD engineering m50/m52/m40 which accepts a 228mm clutch from m20 applications. Works as expected. No clutch included. Gearbox is a g260 to suit m20 application, large output flange. I have it hooked up with custom crossmember in my e34, could be of use to e30 guys or if you want to run the tilt will work in m50 applications (not sure about certability). Bellhousing has small crack where mainfright dropped it (they said it wasn't them...) have been running it for 5000kms without issue. Has holes for motronic sensors. Has a rumble at idle suspect input shaft bearing. Looking for 1k for the whole setup Otherwise 550 for the engine. 400 for the g260. 250 for the flywheel. Pics show the crack (excuse my fingernails) Also have an sls setup from my wagon, (dual vane pump, actuator valve, soft lines, bombs and struts) one strut was leaking from pressure relief valve if anyone is keen
  7. Crossbow

    M50B30 stroker kit

    Iv'e got a long block minus valve cover and sump in Hamilton. Bought to stroke my m50nv but probably going a different direction if you are interested? obviously shipping would come into it but this can be organised.
  8. Crossbow

    WTB: M20 flywheel + starter, M20 clutch

    There's a guy on fb selling a m20 fly and clutch with a g245 for $400 could ask if he'd separate https://www.facebook.com/groups/bmwnz/permalink/1532014173535060/?sale_post_id=1532014173535060 otherwise sd euro was selling one on tm a week ago, not sure if it's still available.
  9. Crossbow

    SOLD M43 single mass flywheel

    I have a single mass from a 1996 m43 316i bought as part of a conversion package but decided to go a different route. Has pressure plate and clutch on it, but the person I bought it off spilt engine assembly lube on it. Haven't had it apart but you'll definitely need a new clutch. All bolts there. Will fit m50 and m5x if you want a cheap single mass conversion but the clutch size is only 215mm clutch size so take that with a grain of salt. Its on Trademe here: https://www.trademe.co.nz/Browse/Listing.aspx?id=1521281950 Price $100
  10. Crossbow

    Manual trans and flywheel G220/g240/g260

    Saw all of those, was aiming for someone on here who might be hiding one in their garage. The first one, seems ideal apart from the fact that its in New Plymouth and having all the conversion parts which I don't really need. The second one would be sweet but it has no flywheel. Third is a good price, but sounds like its on the way out and although I prefer affordable, I would rather not spend a few hundred buck to spend another 500 in the close future. The other stuff is all 1k plus price range and also contains all the conversion parts I don't need. I know I am being picky considering I want something soon but I guess I am in two minds about buying stuff which will likely have to be replaced.
  11. Crossbow

    Manual trans and flywheel G220/g240/g260

    Yeah I realise that the zf will work but typically they are pricey and I'd rather not change diff ratio so overdrive from a getrag would be great. Basically after something sooner rather than later as my auto is crap/want a manual and I just want to drive my bm. I realise that the 260 will be tilted, bit I can work with that as at least it has 2 mounting tabs the g245 I was looking at only had one and I think you answered my previous thread about it, only advantage to buying that was it came with a factory lightweight m20 which doesn't require machining.. As far as single vs dual, at this stage I'm not fussed, as long as the DM is in working condition. I'll upgrade to lightweight sm further down the track.
  12. After a manual transmission and flywheel. Dont need any other conversion parts. To suit m5x application. So g260 would have to be m20 pattern. The closer to Hamilton the better.
  13. Mate has the RHD engineering flywheel on his m30. Its mint. Price is good too.
  14. Crossbow

    Getrag 245 value?

    Potentially getting a g245 from an m20 engined e28. It has no ports for motronic etc. Pretty sure its a standard five speed not the dog leg. Was thinking of putting it in my e34 but it has a single mounting ear and because of the m50 will tilt it and make it difficult/weird angle for a crossmember. Just wondering what it would be worth if i got it and couldnt make it work and had to resell it? Anyone looking for one? Thanks in advance