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  1. but it has working aircon (rare) 12-20k + GST LOL. What kind of moron comes up with these prices.
  2. True but i suppose it depends on how much the 'ish mean to you. 10-15k i would expect i could get nearly everything at least average condition.
  3. Yes i used the wrong term in that regard but they are both products of the 80's. Yes ive owned a 525iA and 535iA M30. Suspension basically the same up front with a modified subframe\diff carrier using the same trailing arms. E28's less rigid, aerodynamic but lighter chassis with shorter wheelbase which is where the older feel likely comes from. End of the day its just my opinion no one is going to think or feel the same, im there's people out there who think E12 vs E28, E21 vs E30, E36 vs E46 aren't similar and predecessor is always the more raw\pure version. My general view on cars is unless a complete re-design happens eg E34>E39 they don't tend to be a rapid departure from one generation to the next. Ive always said the M60 is better than the M30 in all except when i comes to working on it, one of the best engines ive come across in that regard.
  4. All cars mentioned in this thread would likely need money spent of them to varying degrees.
  5. E39 530i manual - nicely sized good all rounder with decent power. Imo a better choice than the V8 having owned both in manual\msport form. E87 130i manual or auto- Good daily and\or fun car E36 328i, E46 330i, E90 330i manual - final 3 N\A sixes E34 540i - Most reliable BMW V8 ever made E34 535i - M30B35 workhorse
  6. The suspension design, steering, engines, interior design\layouts are 80's tech which the E28 also used, hence the comment. To me E39's feel like the older 'modern'. E34 535is have generally been a 3-10k car for as long as i can remember(~10 years) and still appear to go for that. Sure there's been the odd 20k+ examples but as above.
  7. Just about anything provides better value with current E30 pricing. One could argue a E34 535is is better value for money than the E28. Like E36 vs E46 they are very similar in most regards.
  8. Eagle

    E46 330i Touring

    Id say the only time you'd really see smoke is the the CCV completely fails. I figured the old ones were just clogged up or diaphragms were getting old\worn and maybe had slight leaks. Yeah rings are a very known weak point. If everything on the outside of engine is working you just live with it. If you drive at Autobahn speeds with a lot of engine braking you will certainly use more.
  9. Had one at work last month very similar spec to this one. Was a 2k repair bill for ABS module and a few other bits so naturally got written off.
  10. All back together. New Lemforder tie rods, boots, OE swaybar bushings, boot struts and cam sensors for good measure. Aligned to BMW spec for now but just about everything is back to being the job properly. Steering rack will probably be changed in future also as it has some wear on center.
  11. Eagle

    E46 330i Touring

    Yeah i saw that and it seemed a bit off. Ive installed the cold weather one in the past when doing the water pipes under intake.
  12. Eagle

    E46 330i Touring

    Was it the genuine\OE replacement?, don't trust the diaphrams in the aftermarket ones. The few ive done on M52 and M54's reduced the oil consumption after replacement.
  13. Eagle

    E46 330i Touring

    That a fair bit. Have you done the CCV?
  14. Doesn't mention that in the auction. Ive cured minor ones in the past with better gear oils but guess it depends on what its actually like. Either was id hold out for a decent FL 325i as im sure you'd save time and money in the long run.
  15. Driven around on various semi's in my old E30 and they will certainly will wear quickly, i don't think i got more than 10,000 with 3 or 4 track days. Yeah grip is next level but very little warning when it goes. They don't age well for road use and usually get slick when tread gets low. Overkill for the street imo
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