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  1. Right. I think id rather take the exhaust and turbo off, less chance of damaging anything or running into issues, unless you are replacing other stuff while you are there. I can give you hand if you want.
  2. What route of removal were you thinking of taking?
  3. I saw yours attached in photos Yeah it was there as he showed me a photo, It obviously fell off, they aren't exactly secured well to handle shipping. To his credit he is going to try and find me one. Yeah im using Bosch EV1 plugs for my reverse light adapters then running a pair of wires direct to plug in a sleeve. Plugs into existing SSG reverse harness plug which is already wired correctly so everything should work as before.
  4. Couple of months ago a thought i try the 'super sport' mode on the SSG, which is said to be like M3 S3\S4 shifting speeds. Shifted good\hard and managed few shifts before loosing all drive after a shift to 3rd gear. Luckily i was only 1km from home so easy towed. Thought maybe the SAC pressure plate or clutch cylinder had failed somehow as it appeared to still be trying to disengagement the clutch. Upon gearbox removal i found the splined clutch disc center had play and was spinning freely turning into a wheel bearing. Pressure plate appeared fine and id say the gearbox itself is ok but hard to tell with SMG given you can't feel anything. Decided an actual manual conversion is the best way forward. 20220508_115358.mp4 Ended up going via @Vass contact. Cost about the same as his if i didnt mess up the currency conversion. It didnt incl the rear section driveshaft, diff, flywheel\clutch, so not the best deal but not the worst. Fast forward about 6 weeks it turns up but like @Vass experienced with crate damaged, gearbox nearly falling out and missing clutch module and wiring (probably fell out bottom on crate). Disappointing given its easy stuff to package correctly with some effort. Probably wouldn't recommend him to anyone unless you cant find a conversion for 4k (he doesnt ship rear sections of driveshaft now either). He is trustworthy and has good communication but probably better than pay a bit more here unless you can get cheap shipping. The 5 speed SMG even easier than an auto to convert and can be converted back very easy if need be. I dont plan to ever sell the car with what ive spent on it so its probably not really an issue. No wiring will be cut and will have adaptors for clutch module\brake switch side and reverse lights. Some coding just to get rid of the gear cog indicator. Got most of the new bits ready to do the conversion so should have it done in a few weeks once some final parts show up and i order i new module. While i was waiting i put in a new ATE brake booster and rubber hose\pump (small leaks from both) and replaced the master cylinder whilst it was out with a FTE one. Finally found new O2 sensors from Spareto and installed them.
  5. At your k's and age If the engine hasnt been opened then i wouldnt be shocked.
  6. E46 M3's have far high production numbers than M5 too, so id expect the M5 to outpace the M3 value as time goes on.
  7. Eagle

    Quick rant thread.

    They eventually replied to my email request today after 6 days. They are cancelling the other items and supposedly shipping the rest today. Will see how long that takes them.
  8. Eagle

    Quick rant thread.

    Most of the order wasn't in stock and has been received within 2 weeks. No excuse for zero communication in this situation.
  9. Eagle

    Quick rant thread.

    Schmiedmann. I vaguely recall a forum member mentioned ordering items that weren't in stock from these guys. Coming up on 3 weeks and still a couple of parts that haven't arrived in their depot to be shipping. No contact from them what so ever after multiply emails sent within a week. Never had an issue like this in all my years of ordering parts from various sources. First time my life im trying a charge back tomorrow before its too late. **** these guys.
  10. Closest thing to that would be a c hook spanner eg https://mytools.co.nz/products/c-hook-wrenches-19-51mm?_pos=6&_sid=c25d51748&_ss=r
  11. Eagle

    E55 AMG

    Nice. Ive come very close to buying one of few times. The fuel cost didn't put me off but the many big $ sudden failure items did though.
  12. Group the runs Taupo and Hampton track days require you to have full wannabe race driver kit for a track day.
  13. Very unlikely to not have any issues (unless someone has spent lots and lots of money on it in). Id say oil leaks and vacuum leaks are most common issue, but its a 20 year old car so lots of parts may not have failed outright but are very tried if they haven't been replaced at some point - Cooling system(thermostats have usually soft failed and you can use OBD to check operating temp), pcv system (vacuum leaks and added oil consumption), intake boots\hoses cracking, worn engine\gearbox mounts, suspension bushings, struts\shocks\mounts\bump stops(very common), DISA valve (vacuum leak or rattling), vanos seals, drivebelt pulleys, brake rotors etc etc. Basically everything at this point in time but depends on what sort of mechanical standard\reliability you are wanting from the car. You'd want to check all the fluid and filter conditions at the bare min to give you an idea if its been somewhat looked after. These transmissions also have torque convertor faults so ideally it would have had a transmission fluid and filter change at some point. If not you'd want to do one asap if buying it. You can check the subframe if you really want to. You can get your head under the L\R, clean up and check the crease without jacking the car up iirc. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HaTYBaMpUtE
  14. Yeah that what happened to my first BMW E34. Some drunk cuzzy in a ute rear ended it with bull bars, riding up on the towbar bending the rear boot floor and panel. Write off given the car was only worth about 5k at the time.
  15. Certainly the PS high pressure line to some extent. I don't think ive seen one that doesn't sweat oil at least a little bit. IIRC they are very expensive being RHD specific.
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