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  1. I dont see anyone buying it for 40k either but at least there is some merit to the pricing, not your typical buy\hold\sell or heavily aesthetics bias owners like most of these overpriced listings. Unless he's failed to mention it im surprised he didnt do the subframe\trailing arm bushings and adjusters, go to be the most under rated E30 mod ever.
  2. Indeed. By my rough calculations you are looking around $700 incl shipping for front struts, rear shocks with bump stops\boots and mounts. Not too bad if you can do the work yourself. If you start adding suspension arms, links, bushings etc then it usually ramps up cost to varying degrees depending on the vehicle.
  3. If they are the original units then they are certainly worn. Front gets worked harder than the rear and usually degrades faster.
  4. "We have owned this BMW 325i for about 3 years now" "I promised myself that we would never sell it but our loss and someone's gain" Is the loss attempting to make 300% profit on it
  5. Sachs are €51 each and Bilstein are €37 each excl shipping from Spareto. You really need to replace the fronts at the same time if they havent been done before otherwise its going to feel real sloppy.
  6. Looks much better than the original version. What did it cost?
  7. Which shocks are you referring to?
  8. Looks aside the E46 being more simple and generally cheaper to keep on the road is why id choose it (assuming both are in similar condition). 2004 will have the 'best' subframe floor version too. I know the in UK they have rust issues but the odds of that here are surely slim.
  9. It appears Sachs dont make an specific aftermarket msport version as far as i can tell. Aftermarket Sachs do some weird chopping and changing sometimes, once size fits all types deals included (maybe why E90 are coming up since they share a similar rear design) I can only see 2 types of Sachs - 'Standard' and 'Sport suspension' versions. Sachs 310 987 appears to be the sport version Bilstein B4 are typically made with standard and sport versions also. 19-144238 appears to be the B4 sport version. B6's and B8's are their upgraded units over Sachs, B4's etc really generally used for lowered cars. I dont know about the E8X cars but older models sport vs m-suspension was usually a little lower, firmer with bigger sway bars. The sport shocks will work fine regardless, I doubt you would notice any difference putting the sport versions on coming from worn shocks. If you are really fussy you can go genuine BMW Sachs at some crazy price no doubt.
  10. Used the similar spec silver on grey car as a donor for my E39 manual conversion, that wasn't appealing for me but id rock this colour combo. I'd buy it if someone wants to drive it up
  11. What the labor cost to install a transmission in one of these? Suppose gambling with a used unit is 1\2 the price of a rebuild?
  12. No doubt other little bits and pieces but yeah. In saying that i dont have a clue about E30 prices these days and everything seems expensive to me.
  13. Had a cert too. I'd say it's a 10-12k in this market. If it had a chuck of work done maybe you could ask 15k, but it's likely on tired suspension etc.
  14. Seems like something that would be cheaper on ebay especially shipping costs.
  15. Funnily enough that what my initial thought was but i had to poke fun at the N42 instead. I wouldnt run 98 either but if its anything like my compact then you need 95 min to get performance, may not even be relevant with Auckland traffic though.
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