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  1. It's not that Hamilton is that good imo, its just the Auckland is that bad. The ring system works ok and is improving but are some major choke points that are ages away from even being addressed\been neglected eg K-Drive\Hospital area Problem is increasing number of people, cars and urban sprawl etc never keeps up with roading infrastructure hole we have dug ourselves into.
  2. Id rather buy a 2nd hand laptop then install ISTA. You could also add INPA,DIS,NCS etc depending on your requirements. Should be easily less than $200 and far more capable than all those cheap scanners.
  3. Refund process can vary in length depending on the situation, but Paypal and Ebay are buyer bias in general. Ive never had a issue in the couple ive done in over a few hundred transactions.
  4. Eagle

    Quick rant thread.

    I wouldn't expect them to be any better or worse than all your typical manufacturer dealerships when it comes to washing. The average persons paint correction standards combined with the volume they likely do isn't a good combo
  5. I would given its an average condition Jap import. Better to get a decent condition NZ new example so you get proper plate trim, RF keys, EU2 emissions etc.
  6. Yeah they don't take much force given they are thin alloy outer but at the min you certainly need a spacer of some sort to install
  7. Temp gauge isn't very precise, it basically displays 3 options - cold, wide operating temp range and overheated. You need to access the hidden obc menu while driving to get the real coolant temp reading (easy to see if the thermostat isn't operating correctly also which is a common fault) Adding to the above you really to set the correct level when fully cold, check no air in system or leaks once hot, then re-check the level again when fully cold. Hard to do when you don't own the car unless the owner has a clue, so pretty much have to get it checked by someone else.
  8. To me it seems reasonable package at $700 but depends on what the buyer is wanting it for. I think the cpu\mobo\ram should sell without too much trouble at a little lower price. The rest doesn't have much value to me unless you want another machine to use as is. Someone playing modern higher end games that wants squeeze some more out of it, is going to have to drop ~1k on a new gfx card and a few hundy on a better PSU to handle it. Not so appealing from that stand point given you may as well spend a bit more and get a newer cpu. I bought my 2nd hand 4790k and Asus Ranger VII for $500 in '14.
  9. Yeah they are far from nice engines to work on, but being in a smaller 1 series body certainly makes things harder than the 5 or 7 series.
  10. As above, ATE use 7mm on all calipers regardless of brand. Most hex socket rails will incl a 7mm. You can a 3\8" hex socket rail for cheap which you give you all the common sizes - https://mytools.co.nz/products/toptul-38-drive-inhex-bit-socket-rail-set
  11. Eagle

    Beat Downs

    Well over 40kph is debatable, didn't look that much to me given the bikes were basically topped out when it passed. I guess i just didn't find it that impressive along with the rest of the video as its mostly just modified vs stock with limited info.
  12. Eagle

    Beat Downs

    I don't think so given the bikes are basically at the rev limits and the aerodynamics at those speeds aren't in their favor. Bet the Porsche would be getting the beat down in most other situations.
  13. Don't think ive ever read such cringe and false statements in a BMW ad. Hard to tell whether its just marketing spiel or he's just your typical clueless N42\N46 owner driving around a time bomb.
  14. It appears the $1100 is the total incl labour with the bearing and axle\hub from Brent. At those prices i hope they are using a quality branded bearing as generic Chinese etc ones don't last very long .
  15. 3 sets on my old E39 and never felt that to be the case.
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