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  1. Cavity wax works very well and the internal areas are pretty well sealed. Usual case of buying first gen or earlier generation products, later versions are almost always improved upon. Vincebar and CMP were the only hidden options that were available when i was looking.
  2. Even dumber response in the Q&A. Q: Car lost control? Or did the driver lose control A: Both Is this guy trying to defend someone feelings or something.
  3. The average car reads around 5km over actual GPS speed in my experience, most of BMW ive owned have as well iirc except my old E30 which read 10-11kph too high. Current cars are both +\- 1km though. Probably some correction value programmed into the instrument cluster.
  4. New genuine upper spring perches for lowering. P\N - 31336764093 $20
  5. Eagle

    E46 bits

    Eibach Pro-kit springs for 330ci sedan and coupe. Near new condition. Can include Febi E90 strut tops for extra if you want additional ~10mm lowering - $300 Meyle HD front control bushings. Near new, removed to fit Z4M bushings - $20
  6. Ah yes Schmiedmann customer 'service', they are great until you have an issue.
  7. Engine bay looked filthy. Wonder if that why no pics no advert?
  8. Sounds like a clutch\flywheel issue to me. Never had any issues like you describe with OE spec parts. Im running OE E36 M3 clutch\flywheel on my E46, its heavier and lower engagement point than stock but its just as smooth and easier to modulate with no CDV or self adjusting pressure plate. What is the setup you are running?
  9. They are a good brand, used a few of their products over the years. These diffs are crap anyway so frequency is more important given it meets the spec. Kane Barrie recommended 30 or 40k intervals iirc after he installed new bearings for a customer.
  10. Sold my 3 clutch 3.73 LSD for $800 back in the day. Wouldn't surprise me if its twice that price for an open diff. Seen people trying to sell small case auto ratio LSD's for $1500.
  11. Any solvent will work to varying degrees if you give it time to dissolve. I tend to use kerosene or mineral spirts as they are cheap and dont evaporate quickly.
  12. +1 for black. Did the same thing to my monoball rtabs because i hate the pink too, looks factory.
  13. Eagle

    E46 330i Touring

    You could try urethane sealant to re-bond them eg Sikaflex, 3M products etc. Not that cheap either but maybe cheaper than the bushings?.
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