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  1. Brake fluid is the weak point. Fresh high temp fluid before every track day is what i subscribe to. I found OEM pads ie Jurid etc usually handled half a dozen lap sessions well enough on my 80-90's era BM's with good fluid. Pagid RS421 are what i used to run on E34 for street and occasional track day. Expensive but no complaints.
  2. I think your giving the pieces of sh*t too much credit for their intelligence. The damage stated above is nothing if you fix yourself besides labor. Rain getting is a problem though if its going to sit outside for who knows how long. Hopefully you can save it as they are certainly the cheapest and most reliable BMW you can buy at this point.
  3. Well spec'd and appears to be in good cosmetic condition but way overpriced imo. No mention of service history so mechanically its likely on mostly original parts, fluids and probably has areas that need attention.
  4. Used all common models ( B4-B8 ) with various lowering springs, mostly in older models. I did have B8's re-valved to match to H&R springs on my old E30 which improved damping over certain surfaces. I didn't think think they were too bad but many factors to consider. In saying that i prefer Koni's especially if you using std springs. Down side is rebound adjustment in rear on E39 isnt that easy to do (if adjustment required after install) Shox.com is where ive got my Koni in the past for a decent price.
  5. I used MS1 struts on my ACS Msport 2 springs no problem. I don't really get why you'd spend all that money on new MS2 shocks and springs? You can probably get Bilsteins or Koni's with springs for less cost and better performance.
  6. "There were some guides and sleeves missing that would have made this mistake nearly impossible" Least its a typical N series motor then
  7. Came across some old KW V1 for E39, not sure if any use to you. They use factory mounts etc which i must of thrown away and require new front inserts (Koni and KYB do them maybe others)
  8. Speculators and those who missed out on ownership when they were cheap.
  9. Eagle

    E31 850i

    The M70 came out in '87 to take on the 5.6L V8 S class offerings at the time. May of worked for few years but given the tech it hasn't aged very well. The Mercedes V12 is in a different league, makes sense given the objective was the blow BMW's flagship away. I agree with Mike, it should of had S70 but perhaps the RRP may of been too much.
  10. Missed out on a facelift SL500 many years ago for just over 11k. Last one i saw wanted 40k but very tidy. No desire to own another E30 seems to be common with those ive talked to that owned and sold before the market went crazy.
  11. Ive still got a manual rear sunshade with the parcel tray for template if you want for free. Missing one of the hooks though it looks like they are still ebay etc.
  12. Yeah swapping a bit of pain but suppose it gives you some idea. Doing both set of rear arms is a good idea when you get new parts judging from your other thread. You need to remove the upper control arm anyway to remove the strut (easiest way imo)
  13. I would be replacing the struts with Bilsteins etc at the same time if you are going to strip everything down. Seems like a lot of work to do just to keep on using the originals which are most pretty worn at this point. New mounts come that shim installed im fairly sure. The rear rubber shims and mounts hold up very well anyway. Ive never seen one that has any real wear compared to new, though i replace the mounts for piece of mind its all the front strut parts the usually fall to bits
  14. Probably are from my pov knowing what a refreshed E39 feels like. The strut mount rubber can compress over time along with the strut dampening weakening which can lower you.
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