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  1. 750Mark

    99 E38 750i SOLD

    Nice purchase Breaker! I never get sick of the smooth ride of my 750! Far better made car than my V8 A6! Enjoy!!! Cheers Mark
  2. 750Mark

    99 E38 750i SOLD

    Still struggling to diagnose the issue - managed to swap out the monitor and no luck - then sourced replacement unit for the boot and still no joy! Stereo and all audio controls work just fine? Simply no glow from the monitor? Puzzled? Hell yeah!!!
  3. 750Mark

    99 E38 750i SOLD

    ‘97 750i (SWB) - all original (208,000 km) except for tail lights (post 97) - in great running order (fresh repaint) except for on board monitor! I’m guessing that the 4:3 screen has permanently died! Any suggestions on where to find a replacement? Cheers Mark
  4. 750Mark

    99 E38 750i SOLD

    Just found your posts on the 750i restoration project. Great work! - just starting a tidy up of my own 1997 750i (SWB) - in the paint shop now! Did you sell your 750?