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  1. Awesome that your still loving it. ? And I'm still missing it..lol
  2. Still have this. Still for sale. K's are slowly going up as my partner is dailying it.
  3. I'll take some over the weekend. It's black and falling down. Will need new material.
  4. Took it in yesterday and got a new WOF for it and 3 months Reg. Clean wof sheet with no warnings. :-)
  5. Bump. Have this listed else where for 2k Tell me you saw it here and grab a bargain.
  6. I dont have the car parked at my house but from memory no, I dont think the steering wheel is multi function. Headliner is black but will need replacing as it's sagged. Badly..lol
  7. Yes, it's in Wanganui.
  8. SOLD. Time constraints and other projects mean I haven't had a lot of time for this so it needs to go. As with a car of this age it has good and bad points. 225k on the clock. Engine starts and runs sweet. I replaced the engine mounts and the center hanging bearing but should have read a bit more before doing that. I didn't pre-load the hanging bearing so it knocks a bit under power changing from 1st to 2nd. Usual interior issues. Roof lining is sagging and material is coming off door cards but seats and carpets are good. Doesn't have fog lights Chipping to paint on the rf guard and a few small dings around the car(I'll add photos when I can) New reg and wof on it. $1800 ono If I list it on Trademe it will be for a bit more than that.
  9. kulgan

    E39 M5 - USA style!

    Thats awesome. Love the colour. Dinan M5. Thats a combo I'd like to drive.
  10. I do miss the V12 and sea of blue. Nice to be able to pop in here for a visit every now and then..lol
  11. bwa ha ha ha. Center hanging bearing...? Knocking noise in transmission tunnel solved.
  12. Cheers for the prompt. I couldn't see it either but largely ignored it. Deleted.
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