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  1. obi_wan

    What'd you do to your BMW today?

    Just a good old fashioned clean! Also whoever designed basketweaves clearly didn’t have cleaning them in mind. Hopefully Santa is bringing some mag wheel cleaner (hoping the photo taken with iPad is acceptable size...)
  2. obi_wan

    New BMW owner in Hamilton

    @M3AN haha it looks a lot better in the photo, there' the begginings of rust in 2 wee spots and it's covered in chips (paint, not potato). Priority though is to just enjoy it and tackle that stuff in a year or 2.
  3. obi_wan

    Quick Questions

    @OP6 we have a winner *round of applause* cheers for the suggestion!
  4. obi_wan

    New BMW owner in Hamilton

    Ahh, no sorry must be a different Scott, although he sounds like a top bloke so far
  5. obi_wan

    Quick Questions

    @OP6 never would have thought of that, thanks for the suggestion, I’ll give it a go before I get the mallet and grinder out haha
  6. obi_wan

    Quick Questions

    Consider them tattooed on the back of my hand
  7. obi_wan

    Quick Questions

    Thanks again, I'll get some on order. I wouldn't call myself a master soldererer but I'll give it a go and report back once I've solidly balls'd it up. Thanks again for your input, glad I joined this forum :-)
  8. obi_wan

    Quick Questions

    Hi @EUROLESS, wow thanks for that, hugely helpful. I had a decent look for a dimmer switch in that area so it sounds like the bulbs are toast. I'll take you up on the odometer gears advice and get those sorted at the same time. Really appreciate you help.
  9. obi_wan

    Quick Questions

    Hi team, new here but searched first so apologies if I missed a previous answer to this question. 1987 E30 325i, is the dash cluster dimable? Mine doesn't seem to light up at all so I'm guessing it's blown bulb(s) but thought I'd run it past the guru's first. Thanks in advance.
  10. obi_wan

    New BMW owner in Hamilton

    Thanks Pete, it's in need of a good cut and polish, a few bits of the kit could line up a bit better but other than that the condition is bloody good for 200kms. No idea how I managed to not buy one before now...
  11. obi_wan

    New BMW owner in Hamilton

    Thanks! Can’t get enough of driving it. And no I didn’t, I’m originally from Auckland, although I’m curious to what made you take that guess?
  12. Hi all, New to the world of BMW's. Have a mate at work who's been hounding me to buy one so finally gave in! Picked her up on the weekend and have absolutely fallen in love! It's an 87 325i in manual. The plan for the time being is to recover from the initial expense then a few of the basics, suspension refresh, exhaust, and eventually a respray.