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  1. Does it crank and not fire? Starter won't engage...etc I've done an M30 swap, had plenty of issues I eventually overcame. I'm east too so could check it out? Free Thursday/Friday if keen
  2. As above, any condition as I’ve got new lens on the way! cheers
  3. I'm doing the same thing in my PFL - bought a FL tank so I could move to a single in tank pump, but sure it could be done without going to that degree? I've read that FL tanks use a siphon system internally rather that the cross pipe which somehow is an improvement? That and the pipe diameter Troy mentioned are the main reasons I bought the whole tank (plus to avoid starvation issues and that I found one cheap) Wont be looking at it til Xmas when I have time off work though, so if you finish before then let us know how you get on!
  4. As above: end cap for the ol chrome bumpers, drivers side specifically please. Bonus $$s if from an mtech bumper as I believe they’re slightly different, the internet leads me to believe non-m can be made to work though. cheers
  5. Selling the strut tower plates?
  6. I drove past yours the a week or 2 ago and wondered who's this was...Makes sense now! Did you sell the black coupe?
  7. Lucan

    M30B35 Knock?

    Will look into this, been kept busy at work so haven’t had a chance to investigate further.
  8. Lucan

    M30B35 Knock?

    1. Will do my best to check crank float with everything assembled, clutch in/out while someone measures vibration damper clearance the best way? Reading forums are leading me to believe its potentially the clutch fork, may need to check what TO bearing I've got installed. 2. Need to warm car up without the trans on to verify - which is easier than pulling whole engine to check the thrust bearing at least, which was my initial worrying thought. 3. Confirm TO bearing height, I have a spare E21 323 bearing for my M20 fly onto M52 conversion somewhere I'll compare with, otherwise will need to figure out how to space out everything out further ?
  9. Lucan

    M30B35 Knock?

    s14 flywheel, m20 clutch, g240 tranny Was suggested it could be vibration damper - I did use the same part on both engines.
  10. Lucan

    M30B35 Knock?

    Posted this on the BM Facebook page but looking for good advice too... m30b35 - second engine now. (Took last out for exact same reason) - have a rebuilt m30 spare now *sigh runs perfect cold, ones warmed up a tick/knock appears. At crank speed. Can’t identify the source despite checking over and again up on the hoist? Sounds like the lower front cover area though! Now, finger pressure on clutch pedal, noise goes away progressively til clutch pedals in 10mm or so. Bare in mind same issue with last engine. clutch noise traveling through crank? clutch pushing crank forward enough for expanded x (unknown part) to miss whatever’s touching? 8F4ED9B1-48C2-4088-99C3-C435D037EFC4.MOV
  11. Hey team, on the hunt for a manual M20 g240 driveshaft (320i, maybe 323i) Possibly a 4cyl g240 since I could have it cut down but would need to be justifiably cheaper as a result! pm or drop a reply and I’ll check back regularly cheers Lucan
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