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  1. Whatchain

    E90 Corner lights failure (335i)

    Hi, it was registered when replaced. I've taken it into 2 auto electricians already and none of them can figure out whats causing it.
  2. Whatchain

    E90 Corner lights failure (335i)

    Hi all Shortly after i brought my 07 335i. I've been getting the warning 'Corner Lights Failure' coming on and off continuously. I've taken it into auto electrician many times before and no one seems to be able to find out what is going on. The headlight bulbs have been changed from AM to genuine but did nothing. I have inspected the wiring and connector where it plugs into the headlight and it looks good (no visible damage). I've also tried using the carly app to delete all the corner lights feature and voltage warning but it's still coming on. One thing I've noticed helped for awhile is when i changed the battery, it went away for about 3 weeks but then came back. Up til about a week ago the light didn't come on for about 5 weeks, but in the last 2 days it's been coming on heaps and very rarely going away while driving. It would go away for a few seconds but comes right back. Any idea what else to try? i have a suspicion it could be the module but it's a bit of a mission to get to. I want to rule out everything else before doing computer module. any help would be much appreciated. Thanks
  3. Whatchain

    slow cranking

    either a good charge of new battery. the charge has fixed the slow crank for awhile but i was told by auto electrician it's doesnt bring it up to the charge level it should be (40 to 50%). in saying that my battery is over 5 years old so well overdue for a new one. expect about $270 for a new AGM battery.
  4. Whatchain

    slow cranking

    My 335i did that exact same thing. I put it on the trickle charger overnight and it seems to have made it waaaaayyyyyy better. these battery needs a good charge once in awhile. Try that before doing anything else. connect charger to the engine bay point rather than battery
  5. Whatchain

    M135i engine issues

    i'm going to take a guess and say probably one of the coil or injector (even spark plug/s) effing out. not too expensive in part but can be a painto get to and replace if DIY.
  6. Hi guys, got a 2007 335i that keeps getting both of these codes 2C9C & 2C9E coming up even after i clear it. Shows up every time after a start it up but never seems to affect performance. Noticed the check engine light came up after getting the stock muffler welded back on. Person that did it was certain there is no exhaust leak coming from it. What can i do to check for problem before going down the o2 sensor replacement route. could it be fuse or vacuum leak or...? any ideas?
  7. Whatchain

    E90 335i slow/weak start up?

    Fixed. I removed the sub and amp in the boot and that seems to have fixed the issue with slow/weak start up , corner light failure and dropping of left side low beam light. My guess is that it was pulling too much power for the car to handle. It starts fine now and also lost about 30kgs of unnecessary weight in the back. 👍
  8. Whatchain

    E90 335i slow/weak start up?

    Hi all, been having a problem where the car seems like it's struggling to start up. it doesn't take long to fire up but just seems very weak? once it fires up it drives fine. I took it to supercheap auto and they said the battery is 540/570cca but the charge capacity is low? would that be alternator or starter motor or something else? anyone have any ideas?
  9. Whatchain

    335i wastegate rattle fix

    Out of curiosity has anyone had the wastegate rattle fixed on their car before? That are the options and price you looking at to have it done?
  10. Whatchain

    New member from christchurch

    I think it's called Le Mans Blue? I'm not 100% sure. Is there a facebook group for people in different areas within club? Wouldn't mind chatting with people who knows abit more about these or have done work to them.
  11. Hi all Antony here from Christchurch. Got myself a 2007 335i recently and thought i would join the club and sift through some post. Looking at doing a few things in the future but just going to enjoy it for awhile. Looking at doing downpipe, intercooler and tune in the future as well as intake valve clean? (not sure on method yet). If anyone knows someone who would be able to do tune please let me know. Thanks