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  1. Whatchain

    E90 335i slow/weak start up?

    Hi all, been having a problem where the car seems like it's struggling to start up. it doesn't take long to fire up but just seems very weak? once it fires up it drives fine. I took it to supercheap auto and they said the battery is 540/570cca but the charge capacity is low? would that be alternator or starter motor or something else? anyone have any ideas?
  2. Whatchain

    335i wastegate rattle fix

    Out of curiosity has anyone had the wastegate rattle fixed on their car before? That are the options and price you looking at to have it done?
  3. Whatchain

    New member from christchurch

    I think it's called Le Mans Blue? I'm not 100% sure. Is there a facebook group for people in different areas within club? Wouldn't mind chatting with people who knows abit more about these or have done work to them.
  4. Hi all Antony here from Christchurch. Got myself a 2007 335i recently and thought i would join the club and sift through some post. Looking at doing a few things in the future but just going to enjoy it for awhile. Looking at doing downpipe, intercooler and tune in the future as well as intake valve clean? (not sure on method yet). If anyone knows someone who would be able to do tune please let me know. Thanks