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  1. Hey, does anyone know if its possible to retrofit a m5 seat into a base e60? Ive got a base lci model 530i with the seats without heating or lumbar adjustments. Im planning to fit m5 seats and just wanted to know what to look out for. Afaik, getting the active bolsters to work is impossible but as long as it doesnt throw funny codes i can live with it. Same goes for heating. Just looking to have the bolsters work. Edit: by bolsters, i mean bolsters power adjustment
  2. hey guys, not sure if this is the correct subtopic i thought about asking here if anyone could help me out. i replaced my battery just recently and managed to register it with my work scanner but i couldnt code it to the correct capacity. im wondering if anyone is willing to help me out? i don't feel like paying bmw 150 bucks to do it haha.. the code i have on my car is set to 80ah currently and i installed a 95ah battery. i'm worried that the undercharge would hurt the electricals overtime .. cheers!
  3. hey guys, it just happened to me today. first time ever since i bought the car few months ago. i started the car warm in a parking lot, was playing with my phone while it idles then suddenly the rpm jolts and drops, then the car just dies and the check engine light stayed on. took me by surprise for a bit but then it started up fine and drove normally. no faults or lights, it just drove smooth and fine. any idea what happened? been reading around the internet and some people say it needs a software update, some pointing to fuel type. i've always been running gull's force 10 if that helps. i had my mate check the info on my vehicle, and the programming level is still factory since the date of manufacture.
  4. tonton

    The Wheels Thread

    waiting for the said person to reply haha
  5. tonton

    The Wheels Thread

    hey mate, do you have any style 135s for sale? preferably in black
  6. tonton

    slow cranking

    ahhh i see. Will try that out! Theres also a possibility that my battery is already old. I've checked my earth straps and they look to be in fairly okay condition.
  7. tonton

    slow cranking

    i've already scanned my car with a scanner, no error codes or anything. probably going to try directly earthing the engine with a jumper and see if it solves the slow crank issue. if not, then it's probably the starter going bad soon
  8. will do. churrs for the replies guys
  9. tonton

    slow cranking

    do you guys do earthing strap replacements?
  10. near new lynn, but will travel for the right workshop
  11. tonton

    slow cranking

    hey guys, my e60 does exactly what is shown in this video the author of the video points it to corroded grounding cables for the engine, but some say its the starter. can anyone point me in the right direction? thanks!
  12. hey guys, i know this question has probably been asked but my searching around only brought up threads of about 4~6 years old so things might've changed since then. so im going to ask it again. does anyone know any good reliable shops around auckland that's affordable? im not looking to cheap out, but i do know most shops charge an exorbitant rate for the simplest of repairs..
  13. should've gotten the mechanical insurance haha
  14. thanks for the warm welcome guys! getting the babe to do preventive maintenance next week. its gonna be a blast
  15. hey guys, just reporting in! bought my car really cheap and it comes with a slightly leaky rocker cover gasket. will have the car jacked up in some time to check in the oil pan is leaky or not. i know this is too early, but can any kind members here help me diy it? i'll buy you coffee and food! XD i can certainly do it myself but i don't have the tools to do it nor the space in the garage :c anywayy, reporting in!
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