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  1. Cheers for that guys, I have found the correct info on RealOEM, they seem to have 2 headings identical regarding cooling sub-systems. That's very interesting regarding the common removal of these fan assemblies, it's just I've never come across any car with a north/south/RWD motor that not had a fan. I guess I can just leave it off at least till I find another shroud anyway. Thanks again guys.
  2. Evening everybody, I have a question for the E38 owning community on this site. I bought some PDC parts from a 98 740i in Christchurch and ended up with some other parts as well for nothing. These included the radiator, radiator cowling and a heap of trim that definitely not from an E38. Anyway, my cowling is pretty wreaked so thought I'd investigate what's involved with removal so to my utter surprise found out I had no cooling fan! How long this has been the case I hate to think. So after a quick phone call I shoot up to my friendly man at Hinds and we haggle a price for a complete fan and coupling. I come home tonight and firstly, the 740i cowling I have is different from the 728i and so the fan won't fit without rubbing. Secondly I check RealOEM to make sure I've been given the correct fan and find that RealOEM doesn't list any part number for a fan on a 99 728i. So my question finally is; does the 6 cylinder E38 have a fan??? there's actually no way the fan could come off by itself, even destroying itself would leave some part of the viscous coupling behind and probably damage the radiator. Anyone shed any light on this mystery??
  3. That's great news😊, I must check these instructions with what's printed in my 5 series manual. I would have thought they would all be the same setup!! Yeah I've owned the E39 for a couple of years and they've never worked either so pretty happy to finally have some success. Now I need to fault-find the PDC system, that system was working, the scanner says there's no faults but I just get a continuous 4 second tone and the led blinks constantly on the pushbutton. Oh well, another day another BMW electrical fault ☹️.
  4. Just reading through this topic, I know a bit old now but I'm going through the process of installing one in my 96 E39, I've purchased a reversing camera from the WISH website that replaces one of the number plate lights. This still has a light built-in, just an LED one instead of the original bulb. What's making my job more difficult is I'm upgrading to the widescreen display from the standard, which means having to install the video module and loom to the front and a heap of other stuff. Has anyone else attempted this conversion before? I'm not interested in getting the navsat running, I have a phone if I get lost :-). Would love to hear your thoughts.
  5. Hi Brian, I've also done this fix, I bought another display and ribbon from a guy in Christchurch through TradeMe, he also repairs them for a fee. I'm pretty good with electronics so did the job myself, also like Matt above I'm reasonably happy with the results. Definitely not perfect but miles better, it's not that easy, I had several goes until I was satisfied. Have a go and good luck.
  6. Evening All, Well I printed out another article on IR key teaching last week and while having some time spare today decided to have another crack. O.M.G this time it actually worked. Truly I've tried to reprogram that car a dozen times. Never had an issue with the E39 but finally the E38 is up and running. I've attached the instructions, it's a screen grab so in JPG format. Hope this helps anyone else. I still like the idea of upgrading to the RF remote, might have to visit my favorite BMW wreaker in Hinds, if anyone in the Canterbury region hasn't been there it's a real eye opener. Will have to track down some photo's of my fleet :-).
  7. Good afternoon Murray, I saw your membership with your 2 Z3's, I've often wondered about purchasing one myself, well after disposing of at least one of my fleet firstly! I have read that article on upgrading to the RF remotes, one problem I struct here in Timaru was getting some new keys cut. I purchased 2 new fobs off Ebay to replace a couple of worn out cases and the local keysmith wouldn't cut them unless he supplied the blanks at $30.00 ea and $60.00 ea for the cutting!!! In the end I dremmelled the old keys out and epoxied them into the new fobs. I have purchased a scanner for reading and resetting fault codes for all 3 bemmers, wasn't sure there was anything to check regarding the remote locking though. Maybe I'll have another look. Regards Nick
  8. Hi all, I've owned my 3 BMW's for a number of years and carried out quite a lot of changes especially to the 540i but only came across this website tonight!!!! I'm a member of some US based forums but so happy to find a Godzone one. One thing I'd really like to sort out on my E38 is the remote locking, even though it's a late 99 model I've got the dreaded 2 button infrared unit. Same as my E39 so already been through the re-teaching procedure but still no go. Remote is fine, pumps out the signal ok but no response from the car. Anybody know how to diagnose these things? Regards Nick
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