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  1. Success, turned out to be a loose hose from the booster, reattached securely and all is well 😎
  2. wouldn't you know it took car to friendly mechanic today to check brakes and on the way there brake pedal was hard and when they did a couple of tests drives brakes performed normally ??? so i guess need to monitor situation 😎
  3. Had scan done ...see attached....and battery check showed as weak so it looks like a new battery is required .
  4. No fault codes appearing..if it is the booster would it be wise to replace it ?
  5. Yep when the car is parked with engine off the brake pedal feels the same as when driving?
  6. At the moment when you first drive the car the brakes seem very hard to use like you really need to stand on the brake pedal to stop the car? Sometimes after a bit of driving 'normal service' resumes. Any ideas on what could be the issue? does need new pads in the next 5000kms.
  7. Having discovered the joys and challenges of owning a Bimmer have been looking at Bimmergeeks Protool, Carly and other similar apps. Would anyone be able to recommend one of these apps? There seems to be numerous ones available on the Playstore.
  8. no after market alarm or audio...will get a scan done and a battery check
  9. Thanks - to the uneducated how do I do register the battery thing?
  10. No, previous owner installed new battery about 12 months ago when old one failed.
  11. I believe the battery is less than 12 months old
  12. Strange ...the fault now disappeared...when started the car this morning fault was there...drove 2kms..turned off ignition ...3 mins later started car fault gone ?? Think will need to monitor situation. 😉
  13. On the dash the got the warning triangle up and on the I drive message says increased battery discharge?? car had been sitting for a week - would that may a difference?
  14. Brianr70

    new purchase

    Do you have any plans for it other that just drive? Probably as $$$ permit look at getting the bonnet, front spoiler touched up for stone chips, also a groom is on the list then just enjoy the drive
  15. Brianr70

    new purchase

    Took the plunge and brought NZ Inferno's 130i, looking forward to the journey with this motor vehicle 😎
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