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  1. Maunde

    Typical OEM parts to replace on an M52B25

    This is true haha
  2. Maunde

    Typical OEM parts to replace on an M52B25

    To be honest I am up for any bmw l6, whichever is cheapest/most reliable
  3. Maunde

    Typical OEM parts to replace on an M52B25

    To be honest I am unsure as to what l6 I'd like, any is fine, there just seemed to be more available haha. The plan is to put it into an MGB GT
  4. Maunde

    Typical OEM parts to replace on an M52B25

    Thanks a lot guys! The plan when buying the engine would be the following: -Replacing coolant parts (alloy parts where once were plastic) -Replacing gaskets and seals -Replacing pumps -Replacing all filters etc Since I'll be swapping the engine into a non BMW, I figured it'd be best to do all these things at once.
  5. Hello everyone, As I mentioned in the general discussions, I am looking to purchase an M52 or similar in the near(ish) future. Before I swap the engine into the car, I would like to know which upgrades are most recommended. I am not going for power, I am going for reliability. I am currently aware of the two following reliability upgrades: - Replacing thermostat housing with aluminium. - Replacing waterpump pulley with aluminium Are there any other big things to replace that will improve the reliability? At this stage I would not be interested in replacing cam, crank or pistons. Thanks again for the help, Maunde
  6. Maunde

    Approximate cost of rebuilding M52B25

    Hey guys, thanks for the heads up! I will check those out. Are there any particular parts which would be different from the US BMWs? Cheers
  7. Hello all, I am new to the forum as well as the mighty BMW engines. I am interested in purchasing an M52 or similar in the future, and would like to know typical costs that one could expect for a rebuild. Not a full rebuild, but including the following: All seals and gaskets Pumps (water and oil) Other consumables. Has anyone done a similar rebuild and would know the costs? Appreciate the help greatly! Maunde