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  1. Azukamii

    First-Time Euro Owner (text heavy)

    Took her to Bavarian Motors in Glenfield yesterday. Subframe is A-OK! Now to start spending some money on her for the oncoming monthly events. I know Euro Car Club have a few every so often, as do Caffeine and Classics. I've also recently joined the BMW Car Club so hopefully she'll be out in full swing shortly!
  2. Azukamii

    First-Time Euro Owner (text heavy)

    @B.M.W Ltd 2015 Mv Agusta F3 800 (180kg | 148HP) 2010 Aprilia RS125 (126kg | unknown HP - modified, yet to get on a dyno - Hoping for low 40's) 1998 Aprilia RS250 (150KG | 75HP) - ex-racebike if you've been to any of the caffeine and classic meets on the shore you will have seen the mv and rs250 hovering around the 125 has been awaiting a few rogue parts from the UK for a few months now @J~~ Thanks! Been given a few names to call so will be getting onto that this week!
  3. Azukamii

    First-Time Euro Owner (text heavy)

    @Jacko i'm on AW11 #3. I don't learn! Though now the m3 is in the picture, some of the toys gotta go and there's NO chance in hell that the Italians will get the boot! @qube He'd probably have told me to buzz off with the offer I made. @B.M.W Ltd The guy I purchased it off was named Jason. He owned it for 5 years. There was an owner of 5.5yrs before him but he blacked out his name on most of the paperwork. I believe his name was Ben. Before that the car cycled through about 10 dealerships. Hope this helps!
  4. April 2017. The era of Gymkhanas had come to a close and it was time to sell the trusty STi. unbeknownst to the flat-4, my eyes set elsewhere. She was sleek, Italian, two wheels, absolutely insane, and I needed one. As 2017 progressed, my love affair took the form of two Italian two-stroke sports bikes, both of which exhilarated me, but as the months started to pass, I began to worry more and more about firing them off a cliff and not coming home. I remembered the thousands of kilometers i spent with my various cars, pushing each one and loving every second of it. I yearned for long twisty mountain runs, I desired the roar of high displacement engines, I missed air-conditioning. So I began the search, my requirements were simple; lightweight, high grip, and cheap to modify. This led me down the route of something akin to a Type R Integra, then my partner one day surprised me with his DC5-R, so it was back to the drawing board. Should I conform and get some filthy skyline? Or perhaps sink all my funds into the 80's mr2 sitting around the back and embrace being forever poor? Then one day, my landlord visited in his E92 M3. AND HE GAVE ME THE KEYS. I knew I could never afford an E92, but just as every car enthusiast should know, I too was very aware of her older, slightly unhinged sister. What I wasn't aware of, was how affordable they really were. A deep blue one popped up. I and the landlord went out and had a look. She was nice, but not worth the asking, then a yellow one popped up. Cheap, but had a very sketchy history. About 4 months later, just as i had given up and started looking for some RFB stickers, SHE popped up. and my goodness, was she something. I didn't hesitate, I contacted her owner and booked an inspection. YES! she passed with flying colours! Ok then, better tell the boss i'm not going to be in on Friday. Why? Because i'm about to make the biggest decision in my millennial life! The plane landed and i stepped out of the shoebox of an airport. There she was. It was like i'd waited a lifetime to see an old friend. My eyes tinted rose. She really was as beautiful as they said. It took the whole of 80 minutes before her owner reluctantly handed me the keys, making me promise that should I ever decide to sell her, to get in touch with him first. If you made it through that essay of a write up, then congratulations! After the 7.5hr drive back to Auckland and consequent de-bugging, she's now settling into her new home. The whole household have made her very welcome! As have the small handful of friends she's already surprised! So without further Adieu, here she is! Imola red Manual 145000ks Fully documented and thorough servicing history, with photographed works including the vanos refresh about 30000ks back. Aside from the K&N filter and Eibach lowering springs, Completely original (even talked him into including the OEM bits!) I absolutely cannot wait to meet everyone and start taking her out. She does need a new set of tyres and brake pads, but really whats that in the grand scheme of things!!