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  1. Azukamii

    One girl, one Braverian

    I should've checked this earlier! Picked up the M3 last night. $940 later the cracking is all glued up! Peter mentioned that the car had never had the repair done before. When i initially took it in and had a word with him, i did try to push getting plates welded or at the very least, that crack welded up. he insisted it wasn't worth welding and that the epoxy will do the job. I guess if it still fails I can always revisit it later down the line! for now, i'm just happy I finally have my car back. Just in time for my last weekend in nz too! Apologies about calling it foam, when i was doing the DD people seemed to refer to it as foam, rather than the epoxy, so i didn't realise it was the same thing till i actually spoke to the team at BMW!!
  2. Azukamii

    One girl, one Braverian

    @M3AN I've heard of people epoxying the plates as well as injecting the foam, id be going down the route of welding if i decided on that. Really the info for foam is pretty limited. Peter at BMW Auckland central swears by the stuff, so all depends on what kind of quotes I get back from other parties!
  3. Azukamii

    One girl, one Braverian

    Day 136: Finally decided it was time to get to that pesky subframe. Took it to Auckland City BMW and a lovely man named Peter Burke had a looksee. found something the previous shop missed Now to decide. structural foam, or plates
  4. Azukamii

    WTB / WTT OEM E46 M3 18" Wheels

    Hey there, what style 19's do you have? I have a set of 18's painted in gloss black. The tyres will need replacing on them (fronts are fine, rear has camber wear), there's also some minor scuffs on two of the lips (as pictured). Car is currently locked up so these are the only photos i have at the moment. More than happy to get some more (or bring car to you) over the weekend.
  5. Azukamii

    One girl, one Braverian

    Day 26: Tried light painting for the first time a couple nights back. I'm sure theres a lot wrong with these photos, but for now I'm quite pleased with them! Didn't bother blanking out the mini's plates as the owner quite likes people knowing his car Perhaps next bimmersport meet I'll have a play with other cars!
  6. Azukamii

    First-Time Euro Owner (text heavy)

    Oh man why didn't I know of this car before... You think he'd consider swapping for my one? Everyone knows red goes faster! Or I suppose I could just bolt in some PVC piping and rattlecan it black. same/diff In all seriousness, that is some comprehensive bracing. It's a shame he's having to sell it.
  7. Azukamii

    First-Time Euro Owner (text heavy)

    Definitely food for thought. Had a quick look online at that bar installation, does seem like a tonne of messing about for sure. perhaps my best bet would be to get in touch with BMW and see what they say first before calling around the other shops recommended. Seems a bit of a shame that 12+ years on, there's still no guaranteed solution. id be very interested to see updates on when you fill the rest of your frame, @Karter16 heck, if it's a job you can tolerate, would you mind teaching/ assisting on how to do the same to mine?
  8. Azukamii

    One girl, one Braverian

    @Matth5 Curious as to why you opted for the 335i in the end. Mind you, they look awesome Mod plans I'm not sure yet. at the mo i already have an expensive list of to-do's: Replacing the stereo with a tablet setup Getting the subframe sorted Replace tyres Replace brake pads and front rotors get new FSU and install Given how well kept she is, I kinda feel wrong to mess with her too much, but later down the line perhaps a new set of wheels, a nicer exhaust and a tune up would certainly be considered Car will only be used for club events - be it track days, spirited runs or just parkups (like Caffeine and Classics in Takapuna this sunday; which i'll be going to!)
  9. Azukamii

    First-Time Euro Owner (text heavy)

    @Karter16 thanks! Certainly looking forward to it! @Matth5 Definitely looking at the subframe. Had been told by a couple of M3 owners that the reinforcement plates didn't always work. Alternative is getting structural foam pumped in. No clue who to go through to get that done. Work like that is WAY over my skill-set.
  10. Azukamii

    One girl, one Braverian

    @Contrails 800 of course We've got Termignoni headers and a QD muffler on the italian! It's a struggle to stay PG when you hear it on song!!
  11. Azukamii

    One girl, one Braverian

    If you've always wanted to know what happens when a now reformed, ex serial JDM tinkerer is locked in the same room as an E46 M3, then you've come to the right place! This thread will outline pretty much any remotely interesting things that surface throughout the ownership of this German brute. SO. Without further adieu: The first 2.5 weeks of ownership! Day 2: Back in auckland after a near 8hr drive. Stole keys to a private carpark with camera in hand: http://bimmersport.co.nz/topic/60252-first-time-euro-owner-text-heavy/ Day 14: Bullied the SO into taking his MV Agusta out for a little "photoshoot" to hone my skills: Please forgive quality, I compressed them into JPG so its MUCH grainier than the raw files Day 16: A passer-by heard what could only be described as "gale force winds" in the garage. On closer inspection its source was the mighty Germans air conditioning system. Replacement Final Stage Unit possible? YouTube and forum posts have confirmed this will indeed be a VERY ENJOYABLE TASK. Photos will follow... once I've located a replacement unit. VID_42110526_211411_140.mp4
  12. Azukamii

    e46 Fan Blower

    Sorry for digging up an old thread, but where would one find a replacement for this unit? just buy this part online from a certain shop or are they available locally? Mine just went kaput last night LOL
  13. Azukamii

    First-Time Euro Owner (text heavy)

    Took her to Bavarian Motors in Glenfield yesterday. Subframe is A-OK! Now to start spending some money on her for the oncoming monthly events. I know Euro Car Club have a few every so often, as do Caffeine and Classics. I've also recently joined the BMW Car Club so hopefully she'll be out in full swing shortly!
  14. Azukamii

    First-Time Euro Owner (text heavy)

    @B.M.W Ltd 2015 Mv Agusta F3 800 (180kg | 148HP) 2010 Aprilia RS125 (126kg | unknown HP - modified, yet to get on a dyno - Hoping for low 40's) 1998 Aprilia RS250 (150KG | 75HP) - ex-racebike if you've been to any of the caffeine and classic meets on the shore you will have seen the mv and rs250 hovering around the 125 has been awaiting a few rogue parts from the UK for a few months now @J~~ Thanks! Been given a few names to call so will be getting onto that this week!
  15. Azukamii

    First-Time Euro Owner (text heavy)

    @Jacko i'm on AW11 #3. I don't learn! Though now the m3 is in the picture, some of the toys gotta go and there's NO chance in hell that the Italians will get the boot! @qube He'd probably have told me to buzz off with the offer I made. @B.M.W Ltd The guy I purchased it off was named Jason. He owned it for 5 years. There was an owner of 5.5yrs before him but he blacked out his name on most of the paperwork. I believe his name was Ben. Before that the car cycled through about 10 dealerships. Hope this helps!