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  1. there are a couple ideas swimming about! Still in the decision process though Is it still in Auckland?
  2. Thanks @MISS BM! Are you still riding? perhaps just not looking at the right times but seems you've tapered off! Thankfully (or not? ) the sole reason I'd rid myself of the M3 is still a few years away! Hopefully by then I'll have a live-in-warehouse for all of the things!
  3. ~~WARNING PHOTO DUMP~~ Little delayed, but spent the weekend honing the dark arts of photography with various people! First set was taken with @CSET Second set with the coolest mini in existence! (as featured in earlier posts ) FIRST SET: SECOND SET: AAAALLLLRRRIIIGGGHHHTTTYYY! That's enough photo dumps for a few weeks
  4. Azukamii

    M TOY M3

    Can hardly take all the credit, you took the second photo! am real happy you liked the first one though took me longer than i'm proud to admit LOL must do again!
  5. @qube well spotted! they were on the OE wheels, I thought they looked cool so put them on the new wheels. The std centre caps live in a drawer now Fun fact: they weigh 2g more than the standard ones, but street rep makes up for the extra baby fat!
  6. @m325i stock shocks but on Eibach springs
  7. Day 355: One month later, they're finally on the car! They look even better than I originally thought. Stellar! Massive thank you to the guys at wheelfixit, and OCD for making these wheels look a million bucks! I'm kinda thinking about getting some Ti bolts thrown on to finish the look. Still deciding though as the opinion on them seem rather mixed. the OE wheels will be retired for now. Might make a good set of track wheels in the future!
  8. Late to the party, but +1 on legacies! BP/BL turbo or 3.0 are both pretty great. though the 3L does tend to suck fuel. They run forever, and do have a bit of punch to em though! BP (wagon) is certainly the more practical and better option. One regret I had was buying the sedan. was a great car, but my god, the number of times I'd have to borrow a wagon/ ute because it wouldn't fit in the leggy D:< pricing seems pretty modest too!
  9. ohh exciting! what's next on the list? and yes please, would love to meetup/ discuss these quirky rust-nugs!
  10. have posted in the forums, so far no success! That's a very thorough write up! my rails have also caved in a little to rust. I know the coolant lines burst in the car and the previous owner just sat it outside instead of trying to resolve the issue, wonder if that perhaps contributed the the rot? do you still have your adub? be interested to take a look/ have a chat!
  11. I believe it is! 87 SC model. I think the facelifts started around 86? I contacted Toyota last week about various spares, unfortunately this particular part has been discontinued! might be a couple in the UK, have been told Alex at Moonlight Racing would be a good option as he sources stuff from jp. Thank you, i'll give him a bell later on!!
  12. Hi all, A few weeks back I went and picked up my 4th AW11 MR-2. Of the various bits and bobs currently being tracked down, the one that has me totally stumped is a good condition front bumper support bar. The original bar has a far amount of rot throughout, i'm not sure if it could be restored, or if fabricating a new one would be the best (and cheaper) option. I'm wondering if anyone on here may know someone/ be able to do it themselves? Figure the cost difference of getting a new one made up would be negligible vs bringing in one from overseas. I'm located in Auckland and would prefer keeping local simply due to how much freight may cost, but am open to any options! Do not have a time frame in mind as car needs to get the rot removed. Couple photos of the OE bar attached. Also if anyone has recommendations on rust repair in Auckland that'd be grand! (though i MIGHT have found a guy, so pending) Wasn't sure if this would be better placed in "Engineering/ Fabrication" but then its not a BMW, so didn't think it'd be appropriate!
  13. Day 343: With the tyres removed, and the faces repainted, we're on the final stretch for getting these sexy circle-bois on the M3! Dropped off to Christian at OCD to get them ceramic coated, then I believe another few weeks to let it cure and they'll be ready for the rubber to be put on and slapped onto the car! The guys at Wheel Fix It really did nail the paint code, the cost for them to be repainted was just shy of $600. They advised the wheels to sit for a couple weeks to let the paint settle, before going about the next steps. Oooooohhhh we're on the final stretch now!
  14. @qube oh hell, that takes subtle to another level!
  15. Yep! collected them off him yesterday! Just got the tyres off, definitely gonna keep the grey. Thank you for confirming! admittedly the only car ive seen these on was Christians M3.
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