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  1. Azukamii

    Micks Garage 20% off TODAY - Waitangi Day

    I like to think I've grown up and become more civilized, when in reality the M3 was just a really great placeholder till I can afford the elusive "budget" dream car. Key word there being WAS. Can't see myself without that red German now!! I'll fire you a PM assuming the deal is still on i'll most likely place an order tonight
  2. Azukamii

    Micks Garage 20% off TODAY - Waitangi Day

    @sobanoodle I'll probably be placing an order for rotors/ pads for mine. (just doing a bit of DD on the parts first!) happy to add your order to it if you like? Also, when did you get the BMW? I thought you'd still be team Subi! (im-a-bus on clubsub)
  3. Azukamii

    One girl, one Braverian

    Oh I didn't know that! Will keep the cassette unit for times I want to be hip and retro! Now to dig up my "Lion King Returns" soundtrack... I think the cable ties are cut relatively straight, but yes, I will keep that in mind when next behind there. Admittedly a few trim clips were damaged in the process, so will order some of those along with a rubber grommet just to tidy up the little hole I made!
  4. Azukamii

    One girl, one Braverian

    Day 214: To celebrate the successful de-cheesening, and make most of Waitangi Day, I decided to finally address the lack of aux input for the BMW Business stereo. I had discovered a few days prior that the head unit was off an 02 spec M3, which meant that despite having the correct port at the back for aux, along with the correct firmware, it simply wasn't compatible. After a very successful visit to @HELLBM, it was finally time to leave the 1990s behind and ditch the cassette tapes! I don't like messy installs, and a major gripe i have with aftermarket units is the aux cable can quite often become a tangled mess around the shifter stick. So i decided to wire the connection beneath the steering column and into the little compartment at the right of the steering wheel. This also would double as an anti-check phone device, because I'll admit to being guilty of checking ol' google maps from time to time. Initial tear-down to figure out where I want the cabling to go: Aux cable plugged into the back of the stereo: One can never have too many cable ties! Aux cable fed through, trim re-assembled and of course, the obligatory "phone plugged in and ready to entertain!" photo I've left enough length to be able to comfortably pull out the phone and change music, but not long enough to text/ check bimmersport forums Of course, the massive negative would be the lack of usability for the passenger, but given this is a car that's seldom taken out, and when it is, is usually just me, i don't think it's going to be that much of an issue. Only modification I had to do was drill a small hole at the back of the tray to fit the aux cable through.
  5. Quick Update from cheese post. The seat still reeks, so I gave in and purchased a replacement seat from Ray at Hell BM. after vigorous cleaning and conditioning, the leather is starting to look great! I've also removed the leather off the cheese seat and will save it for a day when i'm ready to get it cleaned/ reupholstered. For now, this will more than suffice. Cabin has a very VERY slight whiff after shampooing sections of carpet that failed the sniff test, along with the rubber mat getting a wipedown of vinegar before applying a decent coat of baking soda both above and below the rubber matting (sitting for about a week) That's all split into a million pieces so that's probably going to be the next purchase for the car. Also have an additional can of deodorizer to set off in the cabin - will wait till Friday to get that sorted. If anyone is going to leadfoot and feels particularly brave, feel free to subject the Mch33se to a sniff test!
  6. Azukamii

    Leadfoot Festival - 2019

    I'll be rocking up for both days in the m3... be cool to organise a little meet up of some sort with those who are also attending, maybe even do the coro-loop afterwards?
  7. Thank you all for the feedback! I'll give some shops a call around about a replacement foam base along with cleaning the leather and go from there. Regardless, that steri-gene stuff sounds like it could be handy! (sniff tested the car last night and there is a very slight whiff lingering around) I'll trial some vinegar first, if that fails might grab a bottle! I guess i can't get it 100% perfect, but over time, hopefully what's left of the smell will go away! So far, the baking soda "hack" still hasn't made much of a difference to the leather/ foam. will wash it all off tonight and just set the seat outside to dry!
  8. a couple of you already know I did a stupid while moving house last week and left a bag of frozen goods in the back of the old beema. This little surprise knocked me to the floor when i opened up the garage-queen a week later, preparing for a Saturday afternoon blat. the affected area (thankfully) only appears to be the LH rear passenger seat, where the curdling mess has seeped below the seats and into the bottom of the foam/ under the rubber mats on this side. The glorious Christian ( @CSET ) agreed to take a look and although his cleaning has made a MASSIVE difference, there still is a lot of smell coming from the seat unit. if it's unable to be rescued, i will resort to buying a new unit, but I'm much too stubborn to admit defeat just yet! if anyone has any advice on ways to rid of the foul stench emanating from the Germans insides, please do speak out! I fear the longer I leave this issue un-resolved, the more likely CYF's will come knocking on my door. THINGS DONE SO FAR: removed rear seat washed, cleaned and dried the curdling mess pooling beneath the rubber mat where the seats lie. soaked, ringed, and further soaked the foam in a hot bath filled with washing powder for a good half day half-removed the leather cover (the smelly section) to soak the foam, and later somehow clean (have wiped with heavily diluted washing powder and hot water, with no success) coated the affected surfaces (including back of affected leather) in baking soda and let sit for 24hrs I should note that the leather cover itself has not touched any contaminated water, i did wipe it down with a damp cloth however, dye had started to seep out so I quickly wiped it down and left it be. Photos attached for viewing dis-pleasure
  9. Azukamii

    One girl, one Braverian

    I should've checked this earlier! Picked up the M3 last night. $940 later the cracking is all glued up! Peter mentioned that the car had never had the repair done before. When i initially took it in and had a word with him, i did try to push getting plates welded or at the very least, that crack welded up. he insisted it wasn't worth welding and that the epoxy will do the job. I guess if it still fails I can always revisit it later down the line! for now, i'm just happy I finally have my car back. Just in time for my last weekend in nz too! Apologies about calling it foam, when i was doing the DD people seemed to refer to it as foam, rather than the epoxy, so i didn't realise it was the same thing till i actually spoke to the team at BMW!!
  10. Azukamii

    One girl, one Braverian

    @M3AN I've heard of people epoxying the plates as well as injecting the foam, id be going down the route of welding if i decided on that. Really the info for foam is pretty limited. Peter at BMW Auckland central swears by the stuff, so all depends on what kind of quotes I get back from other parties!
  11. Azukamii

    One girl, one Braverian

    Day 136: Finally decided it was time to get to that pesky subframe. Took it to Auckland City BMW and a lovely man named Peter Burke had a looksee. found something the previous shop missed Now to decide. structural foam, or plates
  12. Azukamii

    WTB / WTT OEM E46 M3 18" Wheels

    Hey there, what style 19's do you have? I have a set of 18's painted in gloss black. The tyres will need replacing on them (fronts are fine, rear has camber wear), there's also some minor scuffs on two of the lips (as pictured). Car is currently locked up so these are the only photos i have at the moment. More than happy to get some more (or bring car to you) over the weekend.
  13. Azukamii

    One girl, one Braverian

    Day 26: Tried light painting for the first time a couple nights back. I'm sure theres a lot wrong with these photos, but for now I'm quite pleased with them! Didn't bother blanking out the mini's plates as the owner quite likes people knowing his car Perhaps next bimmersport meet I'll have a play with other cars!
  14. Azukamii

    First-Time Euro Owner (text heavy)

    Oh man why didn't I know of this car before... You think he'd consider swapping for my one? Everyone knows red goes faster! Or I suppose I could just bolt in some PVC piping and rattlecan it black. same/diff In all seriousness, that is some comprehensive bracing. It's a shame he's having to sell it.
  15. Azukamii

    First-Time Euro Owner (text heavy)

    Definitely food for thought. Had a quick look online at that bar installation, does seem like a tonne of messing about for sure. perhaps my best bet would be to get in touch with BMW and see what they say first before calling around the other shops recommended. Seems a bit of a shame that 12+ years on, there's still no guaranteed solution. id be very interested to see updates on when you fill the rest of your frame, @Karter16 heck, if it's a job you can tolerate, would you mind teaching/ assisting on how to do the same to mine?