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  1. Yeah how weird.. clicked on link and went to that, copy and paste and off ya go to a camera haha. Not after petrol Weird eh...
  2. Yeah, they seem to have come back a fair amount, and I think possibly even further with the developments of COVID... I'm screaming 'sh*t' to myself. How can you load up a 3.5T rating with such a crappy tongue weight? Ahh yes, good old Autosure That's really piss poor for something meant to tow 3.5T..... I'm towing the float for the ponies and on race weekends the racebikes! haha A Canon?? haha Well, that's what's loading when I copy and paste link.
  3. Oooh that's nice.. I didn't even see it because I had capped my search at 100kms. This is currently top of the list: https://www.trademe.co.nz/Browse/Listing.aspx?id=2609205018
  4. Are you able to grab a picture if at all possible? I'm talking dirtbike rack vs bike rack... You wouldn't happen to know downforce weight either by any chance of it?
  5. Yeahp agree there. I'm trying to find something between 35-45k and they are all pretty up there. But the diesels do tend to go and go and go.
  6. The Audi is 15,000kms or 12 months, whichever comes first. I thought BMW was similar but maybe not... I know in the UK on the diesel cars they are 2 years or 30,000kms. Makes me wonder why NZ is different, are we that abusive to our rides? haha
  7. Currently have the V8 Touareg as the secondary car... Diesel for towing is cheaper and so much nicer torque wise when towing moving ponies in the back. I've got my heart set on the diesel at this stage.. but you're dead right about cost difference, pretty crazy.
  8. Used to be $64.10 back in the day... (last year... haha) Not too bad considering on a casual driving day you might get 800+ out of the tank.
  9. Yup, and the 7seaters are the ones that come with self leveling... Am looking for one with factory as also want the beefed up cooling on gearbox. I've just realised however that factory towbar may not be able to take the bike rack. Grr. Needs to be tongue type vs the Westfalia style they offer.
  10. Ahh yes, the whoppers that are tyres... Can't forget out those, and generally run flat too. Ugh. Thought brakes were primarily done around 40,000kms ish.. But I guess heavier vehicle quicker wear?
  11. Thanks for that.. Just worried more electrics = more problems. Especially when looking at the higher KM/Import segment.
  12. I'd hope you'd be servicing every year regardless of warranty ?? Yeah, not worried about RUC. This is a secondary car, I have my trusty Audi as the daily for now
  13. Hey Team, I've been out and about looking for a heavy duty tow hack/paddock basher of the sort. Have found a couple of E70s I really like the look of, facelift, new iDrive etc, and then also F15s...F15s in the price range are generally high KM and I'm not clued up on them at all. I know they changed over from the M57 to the N57 in around 2010. Is there much of a muchness in terms of change? Anything to watch out for? Have 'driven' BMW diesels but never owned one... Are they good, long lasting motors and vehicles? I've seen a few around that 200km mark so hoping this is true to tale. Will be generally towing up to 2.2T max if anything, but the ability to have 3.5T is good on the off chance I need to move my house, and also the downforce weight abilities as occasionally I'll throw a Dirtbike on the back with just the rack - circa 110-120kgs of weight. Is it weird that I'm scared to touch a diesel BMW knowing I know nothing over my old high maintenance S54s ?
  14. Indeed I am still! But weather + crazy work hours has seen a bit of a reduction during these darker/colder months. Have managed 1,500kms since Jan (that's got to count for something right?!) I'm good friends with the guy who owns my ex so I'm always eyeing it up for a potential buy-back once I hit mid-life crisis age ?
  15. Looking super clean. Love it. Nice to see something other than the VSXX's doing the rounds in shoe selection. Beautiful example. Now don't get rid of it! You'll just regret it ?
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