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  1. KelvinD

    540i Timing chain guides

    Thanks, ill be in touch. Just to be clear do you have just the timing tools? ie. Cam locks, vanos, cam sensor, locking pin etc. do you also have crank pulley holder and vanos seal press?
  2. KelvinD

    540i Timing chain guides

    Yea could be keen mate, ill be in touch later when im sourcing all my parts.
  3. KelvinD

    540i Timing chain guides

    Looking at it my guess is they are original, doesnt look like anyones been in there before. Only had the car a month before they went, changed oil and filter the first week of owning it then 3 weeks later the chatter started. Just my luck haha. Its only the second BMW ive owned, the first being a 96 528i that had a blown head gasket but thats a whole different kettle of fish.
  4. KelvinD

    540i Timing chain guides

  5. KelvinD

    2 Button IR key

    Not sure, it was like mine in the pic below which is IR. Would be nice to upgrade to RF as IR has crap range and you literally have to point at the clown nose to get it to work as you probably know.
  6. KelvinD

    540i Timing chain guides

    Well i got to dig into the M62 this afternoon thanks to getting off work earlier than normal. Going well so far but im at the point now where ill have to order my tools and parts but at least ive had a little look at what ill be replacing. what did surprise me is how clean the valves are, not a spec on them. Also noticed the valleypan was leaking so good thing ill be replacing that while im at it. Its no wonder the guides gave up, they are so brittle and almost worn paper thin by the chain, that and the pitting im surprised they didnt go sooner.
  7. KelvinD

    540i Timing chain guides

    I thought about making all that but buying/hiring seems a much less fussing around way to go. If watching every video i can find and reading every forum also in the past month and making an exhaustive list of parts and tools and torque specs hasnt prepared me... i dont know what will. I've learnt a lot from videos and forums of what not to do and what to watch out for so a big thanks to those guys sharing their experinces allbeit bad ones but it helps us put a good plan of attack in place.
  8. KelvinD

    2 Button IR key

    Good luck, id like to find one too so i can have a spare one, theres one on trademe with all internals but thats $60. Im sure there would be some sort aftermaket fob, just the button type with ir somewhere out there
  9. KelvinD

    540i Timing chain guides

    I think ive settled on a good 3/4 breaker bar with a 6 point socket and holding tool, ill need the 3/4 for pressing the vanos when i do the seals too so it will serve 2 purposes.
  10. KelvinD

    540i Timing chain guides

    Yes i planned on doing this while im in there as it did used to smoke a little tiny bit on cold starts
  11. KelvinD

    540i Timing chain guides

    Thanks mate I will take you up on the vanos press tool and crank holding tool. I will be in touch some time soon, i plan to do this around xmas once all my parts and tools arrive.
  12. KelvinD

    540i Timing chain guides

    Hi guys, I'm about to start tearing into the engine to replace my guide rails, will do vanos seals, valley pan and a few other bits while im in there. I am wondering if anyone has done this job before and has the cam lock blocks and timing tools i could possibly borrow/rent? Buying them for a 1 off job seems a bit of a waste. Also want to hear any tips or tricks to get that stubborn crank bolt off, i understand it can be a right p.i.t.a.