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  1. As above, M44 exhaust for M42 swap M40 lower sump, will consider cracked or damaged with pics
  2. What if I keep the pedal and just change the pedal box..? LTNZVVTA is getting a bit out of control, luckily my WoF guy is a reasonable human being so a cert can just be filed in my 5-year plan or sooner if it becomes an issue
  3. Other way around it seems, cert isn’t required so long as it’s an unmodified factory gearbox crossmember and driveshaft. So borderline for using an E36 box with the spacer. Seems silly that it’s the extra valves/cam that tips it over the edge but that commodore example makes it pretty clear. Im sure it won’t be a problem until it is, then I’ll worry about it 😂
  4. You go for it mate, I haven’t decided what I’m doing for coils yet. But if I do CoP then I’ll do something like the welded bosses @aja540i has done, that looks classy. I’d be keen to see it with the coils on and to know whether you had to modify the #1, or is that an E36 problem? Also yes, if you can believe it I got the E30 318iS loom and computer basically for free with my manual conversion (which was definitely not free) out of the states. They only got the M42 there I believe so it’s equivalent to what a M40 loom would be worth here. Do you really need a cert for what is effectively a factory repower? It’s not like an E30 never came with M42 motors from factory. And standard I doubt it’d hit the threshold for power increases.. Thanks for the info mate, I should have re-read your build/guide before replying because it’s all there. Feels like keeping the DISA is the right way to go and just figure out a nice way to adapt the C101. Was there a reason for using the E36 starter, alternator and power steering? Are they different mounting from M40 stuff or just newer?
  5. Thanks for the info, I do remember reading your build a while ago. Doesnt the late E36 have some sort of built in immobiliser or fancyness with the keys? Also interesting that the ECU is involved in the disa system, with the age of it I was assuming it was just some vacuum controlled flappy arrangement.. Do you know any more detail on how it’s sensed/controlled? Also also where did you get your exh manifold? eBay? Surely if exhaust is out there then intake stuff should be too
  6. Awesome, I’ll see what’s easier to find out either M44 or E30is ITB is so tempting! Should probably get the swap done first though.. Any pics/build thread?
  7. Not sure this belongs in “performance” as it seems like ditching the M40 is general maintenance at this point; Looking for some first hand experience putting a M42 into and ex-M40 equipped E30, hopefully someone can help with the following.. 1. Does donor car make any difference since I’m using an E30 318is loom and ECU? Things like sensor locations, updated engine revisions, better spec’d models? 2. Is it possible to use the E36 intake manifold (ie, does it physically fit. Not bothered about which is better out of E30/E36 for performance) 3. Options for exhaust manifolds? Obviously E30 318is but that’s $$, I’ve read M44 potentially works with our RHD models? My goal is a cheap & cheerful repower for a daily driver, not looking for performance so please please keep the “pUt A SiX iN it” and turbo comments to a minimum 😂
  8. It was cheaper than the other option (buy a manual 318 in NZ for 6-7k), all up including buying the car I’m at about half that! Plus it’s coming with a 318is harness and computer so win win. E30 stuff seems to be reasonably priced over there and I found a container with some free space coming from the next state over. I guess if you don’t mind waiting a month you can save some money
  9. Thanks for the reply, I did try all the local suspects but ended up ordering from the states. M42 E30s aplenty over there!
  10. Bump, nothing at all out there? Any advice on places/ people I could follow up with would also be appreciated
  11. Hi, Im after everything required for an m40 manual swap: Pedal box Clutch master, slave and line Flywheel Gearbox and manual crossmember and prop shaft Would prefer to buy as a bulk lot, but any pieces considered
  12. Updated trademe link, still for sale. $150 for members if sold outside of tm
  13. Style 95 pair only, no tyres $200 Pick up Flatbush, Auckland. Can arrange to meet part way Contact Leighton 021 0265 3334 Also on trademe http://www.trademe.co.nz/Browse/Listing.aspx?id=1117948989
  14. leightonf

    E30 Seats

    Hi all, After a pair of front seats for E30 sedan (do not need to be the tippy forward coupe type) Bottoms must be in good condition, no tears or bad stains. Not too bothered about the condition of the back or headrests as I can mix and match off the current seats. The cloth pattern is the common grey herringbone type Let me know what you've got, Leighton 02102653334
  15. Thanks for the reply, I have power at the fuse now, and the mirrors are working. But still no blower Following the sequence from that (amazingly helpful) article, it goes K7-Fuse 20-Switch-Resistor-Motor. So since I have no 4th speed and I know the blower works it must be wiring between the fuse and the resistor pack somewhere, or the switch itself. I guess I'll try jumping the switch at the connector in the HVAC panel, then if that doesn't work maybe replacing the resistor pack and/or blower just as a matter of course. Edit: Scratch the question below, the fan should work even if the switches/lights don't [is anyone good enough at wiring diagrams to tell me the significance of no A/C or recirc light in relation to how far the power is geeting?] Will report back to add to the saga that is E30 heaters..
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