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    2010 528i Motorsport Tour
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  1. Yep please have sent text Cheers...Stephen
  2. Familiar with this car, it is in Concours condition. It is simply superb!
  3. Pramod does amazing stuff, he is an electronics wizard!
  4. skidz

    E24 635csi

    Sold for $18k - seems cheap!
  5. Be interesting to see what this one goes for on Bring a Trailer - they have been bringing good money in the USA recently https://bringatrailer.com/listing/1992-bmw-850i-29/
  6. skidz

    E24 635csi

    These 635s are like buses - Wait for ages and three come at once!
  7. skidz

    E34 535is

    he hasn't responded to my email, let us all know how you get on.
  8. skidz

    E24 635csi

    now has a personalised plate - sorry a Kiwi Plate. E12 based version, looks to be in good order. And Henna Red. Not many photos other than exterior. And Imported, probably from UK -
  9. Quick somebody buy this before I do! Manual, LSD, BBS, M Tech steering wheel, Sports Seats, what is not to like https://www.trademe.co.nz/a/motors/cars/bmw/535i/listing/3323287643?bof=f4cUVXyh
  10. Looks pretty clean for a barn find. At least the rego is on hold.
  11. skidz

    My NewToy 635CSi

    Hmmm, interesting. I guess we will see when the head comes off.
  12. skidz

    My NewToy 635CSi

    And just last Friday a trip to Castle Point with a group of enthusiasts, was a great day with sunshine and some fabulous roads. But sadly, the car has started using water - lots of water, and there is a film of oil in there too. I did not mean this car to become a project, but looks like that is the way it is heading. I thought the stories of M30 engines running to 500km were urban myth, and this just proves it. This engine has only done 486,000km! Even if it is just a head gasket, starting anything on this engine would likely result in a full rebuild being required. Probably not an economic proposition. Still have my de Joux to finish so that will have to take priority at the moment.
  13. skidz

    My NewToy 635CSi

    so, have been using the car a bit. Up to Manfeild, where it met its sister, an E28 in the same Artic Blue Colour
  14. spotted this BMW motorcycle and sidecar, parked up in the neighbourhood.
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