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    Stephen Marks
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    2010 528i Motorsport Tour
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    1985 Baur MK Motorsport
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    1986 635 CSi
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  1. spotted this BMW motorcycle and sidecar, parked up in the neighbourhood.
  2. Elvis Presley had one, bought it in Germany when he was there with the US Armed Forces
  3. skidz

    My NewToy 635CSi

    I cruised past this afternoon, but you were out...
  4. skidz

    My NewToy 635CSi

    Thanks, Jon. How is your project coming along Will we see you out racing this season
  5. skidz

    My NewToy 635CSi

    Ok here are some more photos- managed to get the whole family together Some pics of the Baur too
  6. skidz

    My NewToy 635CSi

    Me too. For some reason they seem to be a love or hate style. I have grown to love them.
  7. skidz

    My NewToy 635CSi

    Yes, Artic blau. It is a much lighter colour than some of the photos show but looks great in the flesh. And yes, I will bring to a club meet soon.
  8. skidz

    My NewToy 635CSi

    Not a garage find as such. I will get some more photos when the whole family is home.
  9. skidz

    My NewToy 635CSi

    An off-market transaction, you might say.
  10. skidz

    My NewToy 635CSi

    Not enough! I am now Two short!
  11. skidz

    My NewToy 635CSi

    Had the opportunity to purchase this, 1986, two previous owners. It is very original and complete and I am very pleased with it.
  12. skidz

    Itb e30

    I use the RHD kit on my M20B30 race engine and it is excellent cheers...Stephen
  13. mate that is so sad. After all that time, energy, not to mention the money. Hope your next project treats you better.
  14. i will have one, give me a call or txt tomorrow Cheers...Stephen 021 744 881
  15. Give me a call on Thursday Richard I will have a look for you cheers. Stephen 021 744 881
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