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  1. So, back in September we had a small issue with the engine in my E30 race car. Luckily I was able to shut it down before any drastic damage was done; the cause was found to be the auxiliary shaft bearing which had failed. Trouble was, I could not get a replacement bearing anywhere in the world. It is quite a specific item, I finally found one (actually super sleuth Eliongator found it for me) at ECS Tuning in the States. So for the last few months, and the whole summer race season, the car has sat with a massive hole where the engine should be: So anyway, the new bearing arrived just after Xmas and since then I have been waiting patiently for the engine builder to complete the engine build. The finally, the Easterr Bunny arrived with a gift: M20B30 goodness. M54B30 crank, custom pistons, Ireland Engineering cam, rockers, valves springs, etc This pic was taken a few days later, as when I went to lift the engine off the trailer, I found that that was the day the engine lifter decided to well, not lift the engine. Luckily I was able to get the engine off the hire trailer and return the trailer! Anyway, It is now time to start putting everything back together. Uprated clutch and pressure plate from MP Autoparts: Ready to drop in the hole!
  2. Get ready for a new, non M3 high: https://bringatrailer.com/listing/1984-bmw-alpina-b6-2-8l/ Already $100k USD with six days to go!
  3. Great photos, thanks for sharing. It was a great event despite the rain. Cheers...Stephen
  4. Talk to Pramod "Promo" he is an absolute wizz with this electrical stuff. Failing that, there is a guy in Porirua who the dealers take their electrical issues to on the side, Graham at Porirua Motors. Cheers...Stephen
  5. Your 320i should have a 731 head, so you are all systems go. Especially if you have a late 320i with Motronic 1.3, then it is just a simple job to fit 325 chip, or an aftermarket one. All the electrics work as is. Good to see some peeps still breathing life into their M20's
  6. That is just glorious music!
  7. skidz

    E24 635 CSi

    Richard, thanks for the comments, could you send me some of the photos you took for the Dixi article please
  8. skidz

    E24 635 CSi

    Sadly the time has come to move this car on to a new owner. 1986 New Zealand new 488,500km low ownership - three or four Arctic Blue Recent top end overhaul 18x8 MAK mags excellent original condition throughout, still has toolkit, first aid kit, torch etc Perfect dash and interior Appears mainly original paint .Looking for offers somewhere north of $20k 021 744 881
  9. skidz

    My NewToy 635CSi

    The interior of the Baur is standard E30 facelift fabric in good condition. I purchased the car disassembled in 2005 and spent a few years just collecting parts. Back on the road since 2010. It is a genuine MK Motorsport, was reputed to be their show car at Munich Motor Show in 1985. It has all their bits except their very special 2.7 engine which has gone AWOL. It is currently running a standard 325 engine. But it has motorsport gearbox, good suspension (I replaced the MK springs with H&R) MK sway bars, MK Strut braces, personalised Nardi steering wheel, extra gauges, MK headers and rocker cover, and of course the MK Motorsport bodykit and the Fittipaldi wheels. Of all my cars, (i have seven) this one is still my favourite! I do not intend to ever sell it. Sadly I may soon have to sell the blue 635, to fund the restoration of the next one.
  10. skidz

    E24 635 CSi parts

    ok will be in touch
  11. skidz

    My NewToy 635CSi

    So, it has been a while since I posted on this thread. Took the head off, found gasket had blown between 5 & 6. Head components were worn beyond reasonably re using. Looked at various options (including buying a parts car - but that is another story...)and decided to keep this car original and to rebuild the cylinder head. Big thanks to Jon at Begley Motor Works who has completed the rebuild - new valves, guides, rockers, camshaft, seals etc - virtually anything that moved was replaced. Bottom end seems to be all good, as Jared suggested. Car is now back and running sweetly, and hopefully I will take it to the BMW Nationals in a week or so. Meanwhile, I have purchased the parts car, only to find it is too good to wreck, so another unexpected restoration project about to begin.
  12. Hi guys, am looking for facelift E24 parts - Front Bumper - chrome trim only (but will take whatever) Rear Bumper complete both front guards bonnet nose cone let me know what is out there. Cheers...Stephen 021 744 881
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