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  1. Steve K-B

    Compact tarmac rally car

    I had some e28 arms but from memory they were quite short in comparison to the e30 arms? Did you swap out the subframe too?
  2. Steve K-B

    Compact tarmac rally car

    The diff case is out of an E28 M5. Aparently there are two types, tall nose and the one I have. It bolts right up to the E30 subframe. I had to channel the rail above the diff to make it fit but that was easy. Ive welded lugs into that same rail where the rear diff mount bolts too, you can see it in the photo. Fairly easy really And thanks Josh!
  3. Steve K-B

    Compact tarmac rally car

    Hey, Yeah I agree with you and yup I made spare arms. The design was done by Kayne Barrie, I can't take the credit and theres some pretty trick ideas in there that you can't see! No modification to the arms needed apart from that welded plate. Uses larger off the shelf wheel bearings, E28 inner drive flange and for the compact a stronger custom hardened Hub. This is a really good solution for e30s/compacts breaking axles. I haven't seen anyone anywhere able to put a larger stronger shaft through the standard E30 arm and most parts are available off the shelf...So easy! "Sway away" make the axles and lots of off road guys use them in the states, every things on the shelf ready to go. The CV's are from GKN, but there essentially a "Porsche 108mm" cv. These are super common and you can pick them up at most performance websites selling driveline products. I went with CV as its there same as my old man runs in his GTR. His spares now become our spares haha, according to GKN the cut down CVs apparently have 30% better cooling. More surface area I suppose. If you want a strong E30 rear end give Kayne a bell.
  4. Steve K-B

    Compact tarmac rally car

    Diff, axle upgrade this year. Large case diff with 4.44 300M axles GKN motorsport cv's Larger wheel bearing to suit custom drive flange and E28 inner drive flanges. Hopefully its unbreakable!
  5. Steve K-B

    E46 fuel level sender

    Awesome! Thank you,. Will send you a PM
  6. Steve K-B

    E46 fuel level sender

    Hey, im after the fuel level sender attached to the fuel pump on an e46. there's one on both sides, I'm after the rhs one. let me know if you have a dud fuel pump assemble lying around as that would be perfect. thanks, steve
  7. Steve K-B

    WTB: E34 rear hub nuts

    Heya, am looking for the big hub nut that bolts the wheel bearing together. Think its a 36mm hex with unknown thread size at this stage. i think all E34's had the same nut. Thanks! Steve
  8. Steve K-B

    E28, E23, E24 rear inner drive flange

    diameter should be 108mm or so. here are my photos: I'm also after a few retaining nuts that bolt the assembly together too
  9. Steve K-B

    E28, E23, E24 rear inner drive flange

    What are the differences? Ill confirm when I get to the garage but they look like this:
  10. Steve K-B

    E28, E23, E24 rear inner drive flange

    I can get a pic of the inner flange tomorrow. Cheers
  11. Hey, Am trying to find two rear inner drive flanges from the above car/s. Its part #5 in the link. Looks quite different than the one pictured but you'll get the idea. http://www.realoem.com/bmw/enUS/showparts?id=DC89-JAP-08-1986-E28-BMW-M535i&diagId=33_0175 Thanks!
  12. Steve K-B

    Large case diff. E28 M5 , E24 635?

    Thanks but I was after a large case that I ended up finding in auckalnd. Win! Thanks all
  13. Steve K-B

    Large case diff. E28 M5 , E24 635?

    Still looking... Come ooooon Bimmersport!
  14. Hi all, I'm trying to find the following diff in LSD. I think there out of the E23, E24 and E28? Am finding it hard to find info on the net. Its a large case/8 bolt/210mm. I THINK its part number is 33111210410 but on realoem.com this shows a 6 bolt. Not sure if realoem has the wrong drawing or not. Any info on where to get one would be greatly appreciated! Steve
  15. Steve K-B

    E28 rear hubs

    Hi, Im looking for the rear hub and inner flange off an E28. I need it to see if i can use them for my E36 compact so would take any condition at this stage. Parts 1 and 5 in the link below. http://www.realoem.com/bmw/enUS/showparts?id=4062-EUR-09_1982_E28_BMW_520i&diagId=33_0170#33411129859 Thanks, Steve