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  1. Yes I do, located in Hawkes Bay aswell!
  2. Feel free to contact me on here, @Richard Longley on FaceBook or Richardlongley001@gmail.com. We can further discuss a deal if you were keen! A Getrag 220 is fine behind most engines, I know of a couple guys running them behind S52 racecars.
  3. I also have an two M42's in parts that I would let go for next to nothing if you needed parts!
  4. I have a complete manual conversion that would be perfect for it! Send me a message if you're interested
  5. Hey there, I have a Complete Getrag 220 Conversion Kit recently removed from a 1992 318IS 180,000Kms. All in good working order, I would recommend machining the flywheel and pressure plate. Will take $950 inc. Shipping Firm. Cheers
  6. In my opinion it's not worth the hassle, money and time involved. But I'd be a hypocrite saying that because I want to put an M47 crank in an M42 with some high-compression pistons, itb's and long duration cams and drop it all in a 318Ti Rally Car... Lol. Good luck with your endeavour though, keep me posted on how it goes!
  7. Yeah mate, it's a very tidy engine. Sadly I need to reclaim some space in my shed, so hopefully someone buys it soon enough!
  8. **BMW E39 M62B35 V8 Engine & Trans** $1200ono cash offers only please. Located: Napier, prefer pickup Displacement: 3,498 cc (213 cu in) Power: 173 kW (235 PS) @ 5700 Torque: 320 N·m (236 lb·ft) @ 3300 Redline: 6200RPM Brought for an E36 V8 conversion although plans have changed, excellent condition engine, low kms, tonnes of potential. Aluminium Head/Block so very lightweight. - 127,000Kms (Quote previous owner, could check DME?) - Comes with all ancillaries - Injectors - Fuel Rail - Coilpack - Headers - Automatic Transmission - DME and Gearbox Control Unit This is a complete engine ready to go in your car, all running gear included. Priced to sell, if you are seriously interested feel free to contact me here or via TradeMe @ http://www.trademe.co.nz/Browse/Listing.aspx?id=1128553095 Sorry for the potato quality pictures
  9. E36 Getrag 220 Manual Conversion $550ono Located - Napier, Hawke's Bay Willing to ship at your expense Included: Getrag 220 Gearbox (230,000Kms) Pedal Assembly Short Shifter Shifter linkages Shifter Boot Driveshaft Clutch Master/Slave Cylinders Crossmember No clutch/flywheel or hydraulic lines sorry, although I'd recommend a lightened flywheel anyway. Sadly these aren't the pics of another conversion I owned, this one comes with the exact same gear though Please note: As this is a very cheap package, I won't do holds for anyone. I am headed from Napier to Tauranga next Wednesday/Thursday and am happy to drop off to anywhere in between
  10. I understand that, my 318is I purchased for only $1000 but it's very high kms It really is in need of a new engine so I might aswell go for a 6 cyl while I'm there! So I doubt I could sell it for a 328i, I understand the 4 cyl are very good engines mine has lasted 350,000Kms apparently LOL. I believe in built not bought though!
  11. I want to stroke it to a 2.8L because I don't think it's been done many times before, it's also 'apparently' very simple to do and I've purchased a dereg E36 323i Sedan very cheap!!! I've looked at many ways to go about it but I was lucky to find the 323i so cheap because now I have everything to convert it Thank everyone for helping!
  12. Found a very useful link for anyone else looking at doing this conversion: http://www.bimmerforums.com/forum/showthread.php?1163337-Ultimate-4-Cylinder-to-6-Cylinder-Swap-Thread
  13. I'm pretty sure it's a Getrag 220 and I have a shortened shifter linkage already made for the conversion my only real concern is the Auto DME... Also how do you find out what EWS modules you have and from my limited knowledge they are located left and right of the steering column? Thanks for the help, I'm just a young guy who doesn't know a whole lot but is very willing to learn!
  14. Hey everyone I'm fairly new and would like to provide you all with some entertainment with my new project. I have a E36 318IS Manual Coupe that I am going to convert to a M52B25 Stroked 2.8L, or I may keep it stock. Slightly unsure atm. The M52B25 is coming from my E36 323i Auto Sedan which I picked up quite cheap, before I endeavour further on the matter and post pictures of progress from start to finish I have a couple questions. 1. Will the Getrag box on the M42B18 handle the M52B25 power 2. Will the clutch /flywheel combo work the same (temporarily) 3. From researching 4cyl to 6cyl swaps it seems you need to swap the 6 cyl sway bar and radiator, can anyone confirm this 4. Because I will be using a factory manual car will I also need a Manual M52 DME. Thanks for your time I will post pictures and progress when I get around to it!
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