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Found 1 result

  1. with my 545i nudging its way towards 160k kms, I'm going to have the trans serviced, or at least, the filter and pan, mechatronics sleeve, and fluid replaced. I have the pan and bolts and sleeve, and new fill plug ready to go. I've been looking into fluids. Seems the ZF 6 Speed is sensitive to fluid... The Spec for 6HP26 is: ZF Spec TE-ML 11B Shell M-1375.4 Armed with this knowledge, and wanting to avoid "DexIII" assumption, I've looked at lots of info, written off Redline D6-ATF as it doesn't actually meet the specs, merely states it's a "popular crossover". BMW dealer kindly offered to retail me their Shell fluid at $80/litre. After that Redline prices in NZ looked almost reasonable at $40/litre! Options: There's a Febi oil 34608 which is relatively inexpensive, meets the M-1375.4 and is listed by Febi as being the right thing for 6HP26. Very little additional info, don't even know if it's mineral blend or full synth. A shade under USD10 per litre. BMW's own 83222220445 meets Shell M-1375.4 (USD37/litre) ZF Lifeguard 6 meets ZF Spec TE-ML 11B and Shell M-1375.4, it's price is getting up there (USD25/litre) Pentosin ATF1 is Full Synthetic, meets ZF Spec TE-ML 11B and Shell M-1375.4, and is reasonably priced in USA at about USD15/litre. I'm reading there's no NZ distributor, is this correct? I've also looked at the Penrite site - they have no equivalent, as do Castrol NZ (warning only to use Shell M-1375.4). Total's NZ distributor site listed FLUIDMATIC MV LV, but precious little else, didn't appear to be a stocked item. Fuchs product finder listed ATF4134, though it only appears to have Mercedes certification. Service Refill capacity stated as 9.7 litres. ruled out. Wildcard: Ford Motorcraft Mercon SP. Yep, it's for the Ford ZF 6HP26 (called Ford 6R80)... In the US it's inexpensive, meets the right specs. Dunno if it's full synthetic. Wonder if I should call a Ford Dealer parts department (though one recalls why one does not own a Ford!). Hyundai also runs this trans. Hmm. Proposed service approach: Drain fluid (just draining sounds like it's 4.5 litres). Refill to spec (I understand it's a three-stage thing, with correct trans temps reached, and adaptations reset). Drive for 500kms. Then drain and replace the pan with the new ZF part, sleeve, bolts, refill to spec with fresh fluid. I think 12 litres should be plenty for this adventure. Which Fluid? I think I'll go with Pentosin ATF1 as it meets both ZF's own TE-ML 11B, and Shell's M-1375.4 specs, is fully synthetic, and is reasonably priced. Question 1: Anyone in NZ sell Pentosin ATF1? I don't object to a reasonable margin for freight, tax, and holding stock... if only someone is selling it here. Question 2: Should I talk with a Ford dealer about Motorcraft Mercon S? Question 3: Anything I've missed? I also plan on replacing the diff fluid, and perhaps soon the Engine & Trans mounts, and the Guibo. It's a 14 year old car, needs a bit of upkeep. Your thoughts appreciated.
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