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  1. Olaf

    Atlantisblau e30 318i

    @Mikan It doesn't have power increase to require hoops; is that down to change in driveshaft (from the auto-to-manual swap)? It is a rare e30 - it's tidy and not full of rust, and one assumes it's a tidy well-executed M42 swap.... it's not a half-finished, butchered car with the remains of "let's do some lows". I think you may be under-estimating how it differentiates from many on the market. Just look at the tat that Ghostchip has been looking at for more money. Tidy e30s are quickly becoming the rarity. If this gets the right owner now, to continue your mission trajectory and lavish good maintenance that continues to improve it, it'll be worth more than double in ten years IMHO. EDIT: or to put it another way, if @adro's is your benchmark, even at 50% (with a cert), you're well above the money you're currently thinking of.
  2. Olaf

    Atlantisblau e30 318i

    It certainly will need a cert. And it should fly through. And with a cert, you should be netting well above what you're currently thinking.
  3. The Hankooks I bought for my e60 were bought under the 'most tyres these days are pretty good'. The test results and reviews suggested they were the equal of the RE003s I ran on it beforehand. The tests and reviews were wrong, and I continue to be underwhelmed. Perhaps the Laufenns (I've heard good things), or better Hankooks would have been better. There's no replacement for experiencing the damned things. Perhaps more than anything else, YMMV. 😀
  4. IMHO yours must be $25k and up, it's very well-sorted (whereas most of the other M5x conversions been up for sale recently are 'half finished'.). If yours is certed, and as tidy (as it surely is), why wouldn't you be looking for more than 325i manual pricing? You'd barely be able to build it for $20K.
  5. RE-003s (as a great baseline tyre) are made somewhere in South East Asia. They're in fact very good on NZ roads, and inspire confidence in the wet.
  6. But lord help them if they ask $17k5 to sell it eh? 😁
  7. Bho and Vijay were excellent. They're long gone now, and I can't recommend the current mob - I stopped using them a few years ago.
  8. I took a look on carjam and it has a new plate now. I'm picking he sold it, and it's still going.... unless someone hit a damp road on their cheng-shin tyres and lost it. Having had the love, I hope it's still going.
  9. so @4DoorE30 what happened to this? You still got it, or sold it?
  10. Olaf

    Quick Questions

    Yep, go and see the parts team at Continental Cars BMW Wellington. It's reasonably priced. Pick up some deionised water from REPCO/BNT/Supercheap, and you're sorted. HTH
  11. Olaf

    E46 330i Touring

    agree, no need for 18's on an e46 touring. Technical: The advantage of 194's is 20mm additional track at the rear, and an extra half inch on the front rim plus offset, and zero rubbing/clearance issues (on standard e46 staggered msport sizes). Aesthetics: Can't argue with the Style 68's looking the best on e46, they're just right. Nice score! Never looked at the weight, I suspect that the 194's will be heavier as they're made for runflats.
  12. It's good you've fixed that - at least halfway. By refusing to answer questions via the Q&A function, you'd put off at least half of your genuine buyers - those with a brain - as you deny them a record of your extended description of the state of the car. That's an "unintended consequence" of being distracted by the very market you wish to avoid, yet are primarily focussed on. I like the fancy exhaust!
  13. Hmmm. WBAAB320702860525 I think the VIN lines up, most of the options associated with Msport are there (LSD, MSport Suspension, Shadowline, sports seats, @leichtbau Harm what are your thoughts?
  14. The Boxster is a wonderful thing, and a great drive. However, how does a very tall man get on for comfort and accommodation in a little 2 seater convertible Boxster?
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