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  1. Auto Glym High Performance Tyre Gel has just won Forensic Detailing Channel's bake-off. I've had the Meguiar's Endurance, I don't rate it - too shiny, a nightmare to use, and I don't think it's water based. Talk to Barry's Garage @Autoglym
  2. +1. Jon & Keren at Auto38 recommended.
  3. @Mad_Max same deal applies Geordie, if you're on another mission through Welly, we'll catch up again over food and refreshing beverages! Oh - Dunners to Invers - not such a roadie!
  4. @Cammsport love your work, Cam! Know what you mean about 'progress on house = no work on e30'. Kitchen distracts me for next 3 months or so, my e30 is fairly paused.
  5. My brother has just alerted me to this site - it's *awesome*! https://amazingribs.com/bbq-technique-and-science/how-to-grill-and-smoke-everything
  6. Dude that's awesome. And it's on-trend, being electric! I saw that Weber have released their electric BBQ range recently.
  7. no question a proper smoker is the way to go, I have trouble getting temps stable at 90c with the Cap'n-cook***... I understand with the purpose-built smokers you can get 65c for loooooooong and slow smoking? *** though I have slow-smoked a cube-roll with rub over 3.5hrs to great effect, measuring internal beef temp with Weber meet thermometer.
  8. Come on man, where's the build thread on that?! Looks very interesting, and probably significantly less pricey than a Giant Green Egg or Kamado Joe. @Driftit I like the idea of the Oklahoma Joe you mentioned, but lack the space. I've been running an old BBQ Factory 4 burner Capt-n-cook that I refurbed (including flame tamers, enameled grilles, cleanup, reg, and sand-back, repair, re-oil the frame) for 5 or 6 years now, including smoking with a pair of smoker boxes that I cycle through (hint: soak your chips in cleanskin Cab/shiraz/merlot - whatever's cheap!). I'm about to assemble family xmas present Weber Family Q3200 as key alternative while kitchen replacement is in-play Feb-Apr. When one's better half suggests 'we should get a Weber Q to cook on while the Kitchen is in pieces', there's no need to question.
  9. I have to disagree. 20 or 30 years ago they weren't doing 30x30cm patches on roads, they were doing half a lane-width and trying to fix the substrate, so at least a temporary repair would give 3-4 months safe service. There is no evidence of this kind of repair being done poorly. If it is a question of quality workmanship, it's down to contract management - something a quality commercial procurement department will resolve. Honestly, I saw better roading in Ireland and Mexico in the 90's than I'm seeing here these days.
  10. I drove SH2 to Napier, and SH50/SH2 back to Welly after xmas. Apalled at the state of the roads, I've not seem them in that state of disrepair in more than 30 years! Crumbling small quick-and-dirty patches, breaking surfaces, drops/compactions... I guess the govt is spending elsewhere?
  11. Olaf

    A Chorus of Morons

    Perhaps it's dealing with the lines co rather than the UFB provider, that's got them all confused?
  12. Olaf

    Stress. Anxiety.

    Well said, Jo. After working in the UK for a few years, I learned that NZ - particularly in tech - under-invested in management training. Thrust into senior roles without the requisite skills, and lacking the development to be successful. NZ continues to promote people good at their job to lead, rather than talent-spotting leadership and developing it. In comparison, in UK I found genuinely talented managers! Dirty secret: some of NZs largest companies continue with large PG budgets, as they recognise it's cheaper to defend or settle than to train. The counselling is very useful; sleep is essential so don't be afraid of resetting the sleep cycle with the aid of your GP. Exercise to help the body and mind. And some excellent legal advice to set your mind at ease with a solid understanding of what is unlikely and how to control your situation. Then you can make a plan. Put it all together - functional trajectory back to a new normal. Jo is right - it's not the end of the world. Once you're into the planning to find a new environment, flip through 'what colour is your parachute' again. The support of friends amidst all of this is very important. HTH
  13. Sorry Nathan, nothing to report. It got well and truly parked. We still have the e46 Touring, going well, though it's my wife's daily and the rattly tweeter really needs sorting.
  14. yeah, cool car though way over-priced. It's a $19k car IMHO.
  15. One wonders how it works on a commercial level. eg, where a franchisee might have franchise license withdrawn, or be directed to sell; and a proven operator is subsequently installed? Not suggesting this has happened in this case. Or if a franchisee wants to step out, one expects that BMW NZ would have a large say in who takes it on. Continental are part of the Symes Group, they're large and effective. The Continental BMW team on the shore are excellent to deal with, we're hoping that things improve in Wellington.
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