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  1. showing a lack of maintenance. showing it's age is a result of following the standard kiwi maintenance plan (do f*ck-all, then pass it off as 'old').
  2. It wouldn’t take an investigator long to verify. One suspects there’s zero risk taken - at least in respect of facts - in that release.
  3. This is a sister car to mine, only ~50 units younger than mine on the VIN. Looks tidy, and is an excellent project base, lightest-weight e30 shell (slicktop poverty spec).
  4. Fervent Dobermann. Angelic Christmas. Something Likethat.
  5. Nice one @Michael. Followed!
  6. minimum of $15k. Lovely example. Everything cool from the 80's is taking a sharp increase in interest. Although the 'eta' models aren't the last word in sports driving, they are leggy and fun while not being too thirsty. Never mind the naysayers, the e28 is on the way up (M535i), tidy etas will get a leg up along with them. @freaknout this one's for you mate! edit: oooops saw this was a thread-dredge. I wonder, will waimakclassiccars get above $25k for this?
  7. Olaf

    BMW vs E10

    Mobil weren't secret squirrel about it - you only had to look at the sticker on the pump. A friend with an Aluminium boat filled up at Mobil in Paremata, 98. The ethanol did it's thing with the condensation in the aluminium 100 litre fuel tank, emulsification, engine probs, a tow back to shore, and an expensive outboard rebuild. I fueled a loan car at Mobil in Jville around the same time, their pumps indicated Ethanol in the 98. That Alfa (twinspark) ran better on BP98. No idea if they're still doing it. There's enough info on the web to indicate ethanol fuels are better avoided for your non-current BMW.
  8. wow! 1000 thank yous, Cam. That's brilliant. Re the steering, plenty mention 'bending the pipes'. I'm not so keen on that. I've talked to Dan in the UK (the guy mentioned on e30 Zone, who makes beautifully turned-out pipes and hose kits to suit e46 racks in e30), £205 plus freight. "BM Conversions UK Ltd". Pricey but proper? Or is it a case of getting in Pirtek or Hydraulink or similar, and having something made up?
  9. If you thought the cars are getting pricey, here's something that'll blow your mind. Ebay. Set of four mint 14x6J5 BBS euro weaves - with caps - no tyres. USD1275.00. You saw it here first, folks. https://www.ebay.ie/itm/BMW-14-BBS-5-E30-Euro-Weaves-4x100-Genuine-Factory-OEM-Wheels-325is-318is-E10-/183530899769 Now tell me 14" baskets are worth nottin' 😄 Seriously, I wonder what they'll go for?
  10. looking great Cam @Southerner! Particularly those Style 15s, they'll be awesome. Question about steering setup. Do you have the part number for the Barina linkage please? Also what did you do with the pipes? Loving this project!
  11. Olaf

    E34 535IS Manual

    @Simca, rxsumo passed away last year. He is missed. Great that you've got one of his former cars. Enjoy it.
  12. what makes the Tech 1 better than the Tech 2, to earn the mantle of 'BEST', @Driftit Dan?
  13. Congratulations Lee, looks like the ideal car for you. You'll have it sorted in no time. Looking forward to reading your progress!
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