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  1. Point of fact: it wasn't a question, it was a statement! 🤗 I'm not excusing the vendor! Actually I think he has read my publication "How not to list your car for sale", and really took to heart the photography section. Also, if you're looking at buying a modified vehicle and enquiry on mod and cert status is answered the same way this guy has, it's very difficult to proceed. You'll be wondering what else has been hidden, or what cowboy repairs have been effected. Can't believe I sold my genuine, alpinweiss, well-maintained (and improving) 1989 e30 325i Manual Touring for two thousand four hundred quid.
  2. Squirrel! ----> zoom.
  3. it also spent it's first 20 years and nearly 100k miles in UK, so best you get a look under it's skirts with the shrowds off, if it was from where the southern softies are, or only driven sparingly in Summer, you should be okay. Salt kills. Yes it would have had a stringent inspection in 2018 on entry, but tread carefully. Stuff that never rusts in NZ can be incredibly crusty.
  4. It's a Z3M, a real go-kart. Be prepared for ///M maintenance costs though. agree re the e46 M3 rims - just not right for it.
  5. Update. I've driven it a few times since installing the new gear knob, a little over 100kms. It occurred to me today how much nicer the tactile experience is. It's better matched with the steering wheel. Let's face it, with just over one hundred neddies beneath the hood, one changes gear often! This is a much more pleasant place to be. I also installed - at last - the CTEK quick connect/battery monitor adaptor. Should have done it 16 months ago!
  6. I bought 15,000 last time. I'll be buying that again. Let them tell me I don't have a govt approved ute, or need to buy RUCs like a peasant on the bones of my arse 1000kms at a time. They're trying to put up the admin cost of the transaction to boot.
  7. you should buy my particularly well-maintained e60 545i. 50:50 weight distro, valve-stem seals already replaced, what a drive.
  8. I am untroubled by it.
  9. I couldn't find any pics of mine before I mounted it.
  10. Where's the commitment?! 😊 I go there from Wellington, such is the quality of work.
  11. I reckon you're right! I recall my e30 bar is symmetrical. As were the later 318iS.
  12. Going from no rear bar to having one makes a good difference. My 316i started out with no bar, and 30 year old RTABs and subframe mounts. I did the lot - in OE rubber - with a 13.5mm rear bar. Later updated to 14.5mm when the front went bigger and all the front bushes were done, and H&R sportsprings with Koni yellows. It's firm tight and grippy, but doesn't rattle my teeth or shake my kidneys too much. Show us a pic of the bar you've got, they're pretty recognisable. They can be very fiddly to fit - best done with the car on a hoist.
  13. You should consider Begley Motor Works in Marton. Excellence personified. You can get Jon on ‭021 651 591‬
  14. it'll help, though your RTABs and subframe bushes are probably toast as well. You may want to source those parts (don't bother with poly bushes unless it's a race car), and a new diff mount bush, and replace those as part of adding the rear sway bar. If you're not going to go 20mm at front (and stay with your stock 19mm), suggest you go with 12.5 rear. Maintain the ratio front-to-rear. HTH
  15. "I bought this pig-hunting truck. Can't understand why all the pig-hunters come out of the woodwork to admire it wherever I stop". They're not the "wrong people", they're 200SX family.
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