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  1. I've bought three vehicles remotely, employing the services of Car Inspection Services, VTNZ, and a BMW Dealer, respectively. 1. I'd never use Car Inspection Services again, or VTNZ. Though I kept both vehicles long-term, there was plenty wrong with each purchase that should have been revealed by the test. In the case of the first, I wouldn't have bought it if the issues had been accurately reported. 2. In the case of the BMW Dealer, I got a much better report, though there were still a few items missed. I'm very pleased with the vehicle. If I was buying a classic by remote control, I'd have a large risk budget. That is, money I'd be prepared to lose if the car didn't meet my expectations. It would vary with age, cost, complexity of the vehicle. I reckon $5k-$7k5 would be about right as risk budget for an e30 - enough to put some rust right, or panel work, or a lot of remedial servicing. I'd want it genuinely inspected. I took e30 Andy with me to buy my e30 - he knows them well. Or I'd commission Jon from Auto 38 to travel and inspect it, I can be assured of an accurate appraisal. I've photographed vehicles for those buying remotely, it's quite different to good honest but 'catch my sexy angle please' sales shots. Up to 200 hi res files shot on a hoist with controlled lighting (often studio flash) to ensure the buyer really gets to see under the arches, all the leaks etc. A picture tells a thousand words. If you're buying a car you've got to love it. Just like a guitar, the right car will speak to you. You don't shop for your wife on spec, so why shop for a car remotely on spec. Best done in person, make the connection, fall in love with the real thing, not just an avatar.
  2. contact @Autoglym, you could engage him as seller's agent.
  3. Olaf

    E46 330i Touring

    First time I did it, it was on my back in my mate's driveway. You always remember your first 😁. I think they're Inspection II or 50k km item, from memory?
  4. Rim size (eg size 7J15) ET Tyre size (eg 205/55R15)
  5. the M42 adds real character to the e30 without sacrificing any of the fine balance of the 4cyl. Way more torque is my first impression driving @Autoglym's. It's swings and roundabouts in some respects, as his has the auto and fairly stock suspension, mine has all the suspension work, manual, and lighter weight. I'm so looking forward to the M42 (my parts stash growning each month). If you get really keen on an M42 rebuild you can get over 200hp at the wheels (there's a club member with around 220 ATW dyno'd) and it's a thing of beauty. The M5x guys will rightly point out that at that point it's cheaper to go M5x. It's cheaper to wear a Seiko than an Omega or Tag, too; you go with what's important to you. Most swear by the six and M5x conversion, they're certainly great and with grown-up torque, and more pure propulsion... for me the magic is in the balance of my 4cyl e30. It's like the most perfect version of what I was learning to pedal as fast as I could in the 80's, but done right - the ergonomic setup, brakes, suspension, vision, torsional rigidity, weight distro, power plant - that was the preserve of only a few cars that were well beyond my reach. It rewards with getting it right, momentum driving. It's easy to buy a faster car, I've taken the road less travelled. You need to be very sure before you pick one direction or t'other. I agree re diff ratio, 4.27 is there with the 1600 for good reason. 4.10 for the M40B18 and most M42B18 iS, usually (but not always) LSD in the iS. 4.10 would dull all of the fun from your 1600 e30, unless 95% of your time is spent above 90-100ks. @aramoana what are the specs of your new wheels and tyres (incl rim offset)?
  6. Olaf

    318i coupe

    Wow, loving the welding on that cage. Is that your handiwork, @polley? Lachssilber FTW! Seriously cool build man, keen to see more.
  7. OTOH it's a less-popular model, nothing special (well, floor mat excepted), so about $5k oughta do it because e30's are over-valued now and eventually - along with housing prices - there will be a significant and permanent readjustment 😎 Overlooking the obvious: It's spring, the best time of the year for any vert to find it's new home at the firmest money; the convertable is a cruiser and folks optioned them with the auto for a reason (a manual gearbox vert could be a barrier for the majority of vert buyers); even over-paying now is offset by essentialoly nil interest in the banks, inflation is erroding those dollars.
  8. At the risk of repeating myself: All European Service in Fifeshire Ave.
  9. If you're happy to wait, Jon will be set up soon. All European Service is excellent for your local work, Peter did his time on Euros and has worked on them ever since.
  10. It'll be running a 4.27, standard factory ratio for an M40 316i with manual.
  11. Definitely in for a Cert for the M42 swap. Cheaper to buy a cap and rotor, give it an oil change, and put some MBL8 in there.
  12. Soon you can expect media campaigns funded by the government that driving so far as to exceed the range of a responsible EV like the MG ZS is irresponsible wanton consumerism, and working from home is best for the country. You'll end up in the stocks for suggesting this might be a reasonable requirement; and when they discover you've a Maserati under that drop cloth in the garage, the guillotine will be oiled.
  13. One hopes a new government will come in with fresh ideas and clean up this goverment's mess of clean car legislation so that it's workable, eliminates robin-hood tax transfers, and provides workable solutions and addresses current fleets with the introduction of emissions testing, to the benefit of everyday New Zealanders and the Car Industry alike. James Off-Shaw may bring back new ideas from Glasgow, watch this (MIQ) space?
  14. The question on everyone's lips is will a reasonably-priced replacement battery be available when the time comes. One hopes a suitable modular solution is available to provide for the varied custom solutions each manufacturer has engineered for their cars to date. Eg if Toyota, Nissan, BMW et al all used standard cells (as with the ubiquitous automotive battery in it's various standard form factors) it may become affordable. Not only are we a dumping ground, but we're a clearing house as we export much end of life waste to third world countries rather than dealing with it here. And then there's tyres.
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