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  1. Date: 30 Nov 2023 Distance: 208,yyy kms 1. Wheel Alignment Got in for a wheel alignment, bonus where times are getting busy as Xmas creeps up on us. A near zero-toe alignment (around -0.6 each wheel) front and rear, it’s a dream to drive. Flows beautifully through the curves, easy to bring off-centre… suits my driving style. Ahhhhh. 2. Photo in traffic cost $150 hmmmm. On my way home from the alignment, more traffic disruption in Welly. Stopped in the traffic buildup, I thought I’d document the scene, with our Police managing a difficult situation where what looked like a gang member had abandoned their car at a traffic light. Summoned to the side of the road by the officers, I was ticketed $150 for “using a phone”. To my mind I was using a camera - I put the car into park before using it. Oh well lesson learned, avoid contributing to the consolidated fund - and Police quotas - at all costs. Wearing my seatbelt, car warranted, registered, insured, well-maintained. A discussion and a warning would have been more appropriate; we had a most cordial exchange nonetheless.
  2. Olaf

    The Barbara Chronicles

    Fuel Pump & DME relay. They're ~20 years old and who knows how many cycles. Don't bother with used - just send it.
  3. Olaf

    The Barbara Chronicles

    no-crank: I know you've already replaced the fuel pump. Have you done the fuel pump relay? Also the DME relay.
  4. Date: 22 Nov 2023 Distance: 208,921 kms 1. Rack boots & Oil Service Replaced both rack boots with Febi kits (32131096910). A shitty job made easier on a rack, somewhat easier when the Repco balljoint splitter is used. Oil service (because why not, and largely short running since January) with a Mann Oil Filter (11427512300) and Penrite HPR 5 (5W-40 Synthetic). My thanks to @Autoglym for working through the job with me. Thanks also to Jon for the "More(y) Orange than Donald Trump super-sticky grease recommendation. Brilliant stuff. Fig 1: A Nice Rack, yesterday 2. WoF re-check and WoF Secured WoF for the next 12 months. Now it needs a bloody good clean.
  5. It has a purple tag rack. They're standard on all LCI e46.
  6. Date: 20 Nov 2023 Distance: 208,853 kms 1. WoF She sailed through a WoF with one exception - a torn RH steering rack boot. Fortunately I have rack boots in my parts stash for the e30, ready for when it gets a purple-tag rack. I've picked up a 20 litre pack of Penrite HPR 5 5W40 synthetic, may as well do an oil change while it's in the air, and give it a wash afterwards.
  7. Wow! I didn’t bother bidding I was sure it’d go for more. Good buying and not far from me.
  8. Full rack of 1/4” six-point metric, built from sale table boxes at tool shops for spare change. I have another rack with Torx sockets, another with deep dish. The Craftsman ratchet I bought in North America in the 90’s, it’s a keeper.
  9. Well-used assortment of quality 3/8” drive extensions filling a gap in my 3/8 set. 1970’s Stahlwille, Koken, Snap-On. Estate sale.
  10. No, I’m saying keep your eyes open and your ear to the ground. If you move out to the suburbs you can get to know your neighbours. When we were gathered at my folks house after my Mum passed, one of the neighbours from down the street enquired, said he’d heard about my Mum, offered his condolences, and then asked what we were doing with the commodore. I was about to advertise it having discussed it with my fellow executors, it was on the very large list of things we had to attend to. His timing was perfect. Test drive, offer, accepted. Showed up that night with his 18 year old Son, freshly licensed, eyes shining, and a wedge he’d been working hard to save in his holiday jobs. The son had his eyes on the car since he was five years old, a family of Holden enthusiasts. Everyone happy, reasonable price and going to locals who knew the car and would cherish it. Something ticked off the list; we had a whole house to clear, probate to reach and an estate to settle. It’s a job, and if you think that sounds cold, I hope you don’t need to learn it too soon! 😳 If you see a forensic cleaning or house clearance van in the driveway, nothing wrong with a quiet word. It’s all part of the cycle of life.
  11. Olaf

    Quick rant thread.

    quit whining, buy sheepskin seat covers, sorted.
  12. Olaf

    F11 v E61

    I certainly haven't argued they drive like a car - and yes getting into my e60 V8 reaveals the unique compriomises of the X3. You've carefully not revealed the SUV you hate so much. Try a BMW SAV - I'd not be caught dead in a Hyundai SUV etc, would rather drive a Camry. FWIW we started family with a small 5dr hatch, first triip away the car was chock full with baby stuff - we look back and laugh at our inability to judge what was needed. We added a Maxima when kiddo #2 arrived 21 months later - did family trips away including side-by-side buggy in the boot. With the benefit of hindsight the key advantage of an X3 or X5 would be not having to bend down into a car when strapping in a capsule or car seat from another vehicle, or strapping the bundle of joy in (still happening when they're five years old), or loading a pram into the back. In summary, you're suffering from n00b parent syndrome, and unless you're starting a rugby team soon you don't need a 5er wagon - that's an over-reaction.
  13. Don't feed the troll lads. Everyone knows N46 is good money after bad, best put out with the recycling.
  14. Olaf

    The Barbara Chronicles

    H&R also do OE Sport - in the USA - providing that increased rate - progressive, at OE ride height. I'm running H&R Sport with KoniSport on my e30.It's firm but supple, the pairing works well. I'd have been happy with H&R OE Sport, 318iS height, but exch rate and freight favoured sourcing from Germany at the time, so not an option. The rate is excellent, the lower c of g helps, though I don't need the low.Handles well, is firm, though not jarring.
  15. Olaf

    The Barbara Chronicles

    The USA site. It lists models separately though all lead to the same part number that I quoted above.
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