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A few tips to help new members enjoy their time here

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Other Mods/Admin please edit as you see fit. Treat this like a wiki.

Tip # 1 - Post pics of your ride

If you are a new member posting on the forum for the first time, pictures of your car are compulsory! The only exception is if you are new to BMW's and haven't yet purchased.

Half-assed fuzzy cell-phone camera pics are not good enough. We are an enthusiast forum and want to see what you drive - be proud of your ride!

Tip # 2 - Follow the rules

Bimmersport has been around a long time. It started as a really small group of friends who just wanted a place to meet other BMW enthusiasts, talk sh*t and maybe catch up for the odd beer.

The forum was created by them in their own time and with their own money. As bimmersport has grown, advertising has allowed some of the expenses to be covered, but the owners of the site still invest their own resources, and them with the help of the rest of the Admin/Moderation team spend a lot of their own (unpaid) time trying to keep the forum running.

As such, the Admin and Mods get really peeved if members don't follow the rules, pick fights, use bad grammar, and especially - abuse the mods/admin team.

Do yourself a favour and read the rules and follow them. If someone else breaks the rules and it affects you, don't start a fight with them - contact a Moderator.

Tip # 3 - When in Rome....

As said above, Bimmersport started as a really small group of friends who just wanted a place to meet other BMW enthusiasts, talk sh*t and maybe catch up for the odd beer.

Many of the early members are still here and most are good friends in the real world (not just on the internet), and often get together socially.

This means often there are "in jokes" and slang etc that you may not get or understand. It is just like meeting a new group of people who are all friends. You wouldn't try and stand out and make a d*ck of yourself in that sort of situation. You would watch everyone else and either become part of the group, or decide its not for you and quietly leave. The same is true for our online community to some extent.

If you have an opinion that differs from the group, you're entitled to it, but if you are new, don't make an example of yourself by loudly voicing and defending controversial opinions. If you are a new member, you need to first establish your credentials with the group and earn their respect/friendship before loudly voicing controversial opinions. Liken it to a dinner party with a group of old friends, if you will. A new comer to the group voices strong opinions loudly all night. The group dismisses the newcomer as rude, and opinionated despite the fact the newcomers points may have been valid.

Tip # 4 - Have a sense of humour

If someone says something you don't like, at first try and take it light-heartedly. Chances are they are just pulling your leg a little bit. Some members like to bait new members a little bit. Try not to get offended. If it gets out of hand or becomes personal rest-assured the admin and moderators will step in and sort it out, but try to remember this is just the internet - its not worth getting worked up about.

Tip # 5 - Have fun

There are a lot of different people on bimmersport, and this diversity makes it a great place. We have people of all ages, cultures, economic demographics, knowledge and skill levels and tastes. Embrace the diversity, and have fun.

We'd love to see you at the next meet so we can put a face to the name and ummm.. talk sh*t and drink the odd beer....

Tip # 6 - Technical Questions

suggested by *Glenn*

If asking a technical question, please give Model, Year & if possible, last 7 digits of your Vin/Chassis # to get the right help.

Tip # 7 - Use the Search button, followed by Google, followed by asking your question here

suggested by _Mark_

Chances are your question about how to lower your car, reset your service lights, or install XXX part has been answered before, and probably more than once. If you find the search function on the forum difficult to get a good result from use Google and type "site:bimmersport.co.nz" after your search query. Google will then only display results from this site.

Tip # 8 - If you want to discuss illegal or unsafe mods, this site is not for you

suggested by Simon*

Whilst we encourage modified vehicles, and love that low look, if you want to discuss illegally low setups, dangerous mods such as illegal wheel spacers, cut springs, or similar, then you are not welcome. Most of our members also tend to frown on the whole "gangsta" look SLABs, chromes and big-bores. Some of our members have these, and that is their taste, but if you get a bit of grief about it, that's life. There are plenty of other sites that like that sort of thing.

Tip # 9 - This is not bebo

suggested by Simon*

Keep chat off the forums. Use the PM function, or go to a chat room. No one wants to here your personal conversation. Yes, we know you know the other member, yes we know you think your personal jokes are funny, yes we know you've got nothing else better to do, and we don't want to hear it. We don't want to watch your half-assed attempts at flirting. We don't want to read five pages of smilies. Keep the discussion on topic and keep your personal conversations out of the forum.

Tip # 10 - Don't be a postwhore

suggested by Grant

If you aren't making a useful contribution to the topic at hand, don't reply. Your post count is not some kind of status symbol. If your posts aren't useful, a high post count just means you are even more full of sh*t. If you post whore you run the risk of pissing of other members, moderators, or admin, and thus run the risk of receiving a warning about your behaviour, or having your post count reset to zero.

Tip # 99 - Gus thinks he's awesome

suggested by Gus

As evidenced here:

Tip # 7 : Gus is awesome

E: Spelling :ph34r:

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I decided to open this topic in case any other members who are not admin want to add anythin. You have equally as much a right to add stuff as this is your forum too.

Once the discussion dies I'll compile the comments and delete the posts.

I know the tone of my tips can be a little bit "stern" so if you have anything positive to add, that'd be great. I'd also like to try not to repeat too much stuff that is covered by other stickies (eg Forum Rules, and For Sale rules).

Edited by bravo

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Tip # 7 : Gus is awesome

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On 19/03/2010 at 5:48 PM, antil33t said:


This should help... I personally prefer the second option.

ahh NUTS

Should it Be a link to this thread : 

or with PB wrecking the internet an update may be required / looks like the forum now allows direct upload maybe?

On 06/03/2011 at 9:51 AM, Mark said:

Images just need to be 800x600 or smaller... not sure why you're unable to load the 160px images? As you can see below I've uploaded a 160x120 image and a 800x600 image.



Edited by JoKer

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 Hi....Tony from Gisborne...not so sunny east coast...

New to the site...couple of picks of my car I've just acquired...pick up on the 18th...

imagejpeg. 7.jpg

Screenshot_20180717-190107_Samsung Internet.jpg

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