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  1. Another bimmersport old-timer here to pay his respects... Atta was a legend on this forum. Always leading the way with mods and owning one of two 340i's in Christchurch around that time along with Riley's Lexus-powered one. I remember one visit I had to Christchurch and I rode in Attas and the same weekend saw Riley's in the late stages of the build. It was running but not ready for test drives. Atta was a good guy and we're all worse off for his passing. Please help support his family through the givealittle page. Perhaps on the page where it asks for a name put bimmersport as your last name, and your avatar, name or anon for your first name? His wife knows what bimmersport is and maybe the show of support from the community might help in some way? So long to a cool BMW friend I met on the internet...
  2. bravo

    Free E30 parts

    Updated. A few bits gone yesterday...
  3. bravo

    Free E30 parts

    I have someone interested in one to replace a broken one. You can have the rest as soon as they confirm which one it is.
  4. bravo

    Free E30 parts

    Bump - everything now free!
  5. bravo

    Free E30 parts

    Pretty sure I wrote those rules, so fair enough... Prices are any reasonable offer. I've sold all my e30's and the TM auctions are cluttering up my garage and the other items, my father's shed in Kerikeri. If someone wanted everything that's in Kerikeri I'd be happy to let it all go for a song if you arranged pick up. Otherwise I can get the items to Auckland but I'd want the price to be a fair offer. Pictures attached.
  6. bravo

    Free E30 parts

    Everything now FREE but you MUST pickup promptly and not f**k me around. A bottle of craft beer is always appreciated - bring two and we can talk e30's while we drink them. See later in thread for photos In Lynfield, Auckland: Side repeaters Assorted single headlights from ore-f/l and f/l - 3 or 4 including 1x ellipsoid In Kerikeri: Window glass drivers side for 4-door front and rear A complete drivers side rear door minus door card in silver in good condition. FL radiator in working condition when removed but not pressure tested - has been sitting for a few years in the shed. 4x 17" Momo X1s, one badly dented but likely repairable otherwise a good set plus spare for a trailer. Some curbing but very minor. 4x100 et20 (E30 stud and offset) with centre locating rings. 6x 14" bottle caps in average to good condition PM me or email gwpetrie@gmail.com
  7. A couple more items sold. Rest going on TM later this week if no further interest from members. Cheers and glad I could help out the couple of people who've taken parts so far.
  8. Added details of door Added subwoofer in box (custom fit to e30, but will fit other cars).
  9. sh*t! I didn't specify the correct side lights for a couple of them. Just kept typing RHS when some should have been LHS. Hopefully if you need LHS you'll still see this. Have fixed the original post.
  10. The e30 is gone and so I have a few bits and bobs I'd been saving in case I ever needed them. My hoarding tendency is your gain as these are now all for sale for peanuts. Make an offer on any of the following: Tail lights - lightly smoked. Sans seals. F/L LHS high beam F/L LHS low beam ellipsoid Pre-F/L LHS low beam 1x bumper indicator lens pair of side repeaters F/L RHS rear door (silver) - complete except for door card. good cond, no dings or rust. Pioneer ts-w306C Subwoofer in custom ported box. Box dimensions to fit e30 boot, but will fit in most cars. I have the original manual and box somewhere. Never abused - sounds as good as the day I bought it. Box is carpeted except for the back which is not visible when installed. Photos added to dropbox. F/L RHS headlight frame with high-beam unit SOLD F/L LHS foglight SOLD F/L K&N panel filter for OEM airbox SOLD All parts are used but in good condition. Photos are here Going on trademe shortly unless sold here first. I will take any offer that isn't insulting if you get in before trademe.
  11. bravo

    e30 fog lights

    I have a Left-hand one in good condition. No marks, chips or cracks on the lens. Sorry, don't have a pair. Make an offer I can't refuse.
  12. Hey y'all. I'm looking for a new car and I'm out of touch with what's good and what's not. I need something versatile that looks good, is reliable, has a comfortable and well-appointed interior, has ok to good performance, can handle light tow duties and costs about $20k (preferably under, but could go a little over). Nominal maximum of 100kms and 2006 or newer. So I'm considering E91's (325i or above), e83 X3's (2.5si and above), b7 and b8 A4 wagons 2.0 petrol or diesel and above, and b7 passat wagons 2.0 petrol or diesel and above (a reasonable r36 is possible at the top of my budget) Anyone here able to tell me what to look out for or avoid or had any experience with any of these? Cheers
  13. I can remember replacing the entire arm once. Wasn't expensive although that was maybe 10-12 years ago. Ask Gavin to price the whole arm as well in case it's simpler and not too expensive. Sent from my HTC_PN071 using Tapatalk
  14. Hi all I'm considering buying an e91 and there are a lot of imports with the N53 engine (325i and 330i). Wikipedia says the N53 was never sold in the Australia market due to the high sulphur content of the fuel. Our fuel is also high in sulphur. Does anyone know of any problems from imports running N53 engines on NZ fuel? Cheers
  15. Working on that. Might not be a BMW. Or it might. No rush as I still have my daily (Hilux). I've test driven a Volkswagen and an Audi and have a BMW on the list.
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