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MHD flash app. Anyone tried this yet?

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Any particular reason you went JB4 and MHD? Everything I have read says benefit vs $ is very low. 

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On 4/7/2018 at 12:25 PM, Benji335i said:

Cheers bro it’s so quick! 

Just ordered RHD outlets, so the turbos aren’t struggling with the added power increase. 

I got the DCT TCU re flashed with the latest DCT software available. Just increases the clutch plate pressure to cope more with the power increase. 

It shifts so quickly mate, plus the blips and burbles it does sound like an M car for sure! 

Traction likes to kick in a lot haha.

have you done boost by gear with MHD options? And exhaust burble? 

Hi, how did you flash you DCT?


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