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  1. Damn terrible timing I just bought replacements for my 540is.
  2. I fitted 15mm spacers with correct lip to my 335i and bought decent aftermarket bolts. VTNZ never picked it up.
  3. Glad you did it, it makes a very good chassis excellent.
  4. I used an AMS copy from Ali Express, really well made end tanks. No complaints.
  5. No issues at all, but I ran Konis with Tein S Tech springs.
  6. Just picking up on this thread as I am now sorting out a towbar for my E70X5. I have the Westphalia type detachable setup but I would prefer the removable tongue system for my bike carrier. That said I am also looking at roof racks. I do have option 233 increased towing and self leveling suspension so that seems good. Just a few questions. Any recomendations for where to buy a towbar setup? Where do I get one of those clamp on things to get a flat surface under BMW tow ball? What does option 233 actually give me?
  7. Yes I understand your position I dont care so much about the legality more about the environment.
  8. I am thinking that might be the way to go.
  9. My X5 40D keeps bring up a check engine light and the codes are: 49A6 Glow Plug Controller. New GP controller. 4CAE EGR controller position sensor. 40D4 EGR controller Position Sensor. 4C9F Exhaust-gas recirculation valve, plausibility 4C9E Exhaust-gas recirculation valve, plausibility 40B4 EGR Valve position control. Apart from the first one everything else is EGR related. I removed the EGR valve (10 min job) and it wasn't sticking, a small amount of carbon but less than I imagined. My question is do these fail otherwise? Is there a way of checking them, specifically the operation of the stepper motor?
  10. I took the car on a road trip to Hawkes Bay. Idle and transition off idle are noticeably smoother, there is more power as you would expect and open road fuel economy went from 9.7 to 8.1l per 100kms. Will have the before and after photos next week.
  11. Yes it was the colour that really got me.
  12. Just to keep the thread going.
  13. My X5 40D went in yesterday for an intake manifold and intake port clean. I felt like the 306 hp just wasn't quite there and after looking at the intake ports with the manifold off it was clear why. For those of you who have seen N54 intake ports this will be very familiar, carbon and soot lined the intake port walls to around 20 to 30 percent of their volume. The valve stems were twice the size and the back faces of the valves were thick with carbon. The guy doing it has his own walnut blasting machine and is doing the ports tomorrow. He cleaned the manifold and it looked spotless as did the EGR and throttle body/ anti shudder valve. I will have some pictures in the next few days.
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