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  1. Did you see their vids on the effectiveness of carbon cleaning solutions? Not that good really.
  2. I have owned a tuned 335i for 4 years now and have to say that bang for your buck there are very few cars that can match it. The N54 is now a very well known thing, it has a few weaknesses, charge-pipe, intercooler, HP fuel pump, worn out injectors, carbon buildup in the inlet ports but its a well built engine that if maintained will work well. Dinan tuned cars are pretty old school compared to things like MHD and the boost levels are quite conservative. What's nice is the bigger oil cooler and intercooler, N54s run hot. I am sure the chassis upgrades are worthwhile but not sure if it has an LSD which is one of the best upgrades to any 335i. If you like it buy it.
  3. The shop that did mine has closed down. Not sure who does it in welly now but tempted to do my own next time. Pcv is from RB turbo in the USA. I would ditch the DCIs they are not really worth it anyway. Better off with the catch can.
  4. Carbon buildup is very likely in your inlets, I had mine cleaned at 87k and the amount of crap in there was incredible. The car ran so much better afterwards. I now run a catch can and upgraded pcv.
  5. I didn't buy the following when I had the money. Genuine SLR5000, RT Charger with retrofitted 6 Pack, VG Valiant Pacer Hardtop, RX3 Coupe. There are a few others but those would be the pick and from memory none were over $5k; a bit in the 80's but I spent more on lesser cars back then.
  6. I had a yellow Mazda RX4 Coupe for many years. 13B 5 Speed. It was a pretty tidy car. Saw it on TM a few years ago for $45k.
  7. Herbmiester

    XHP V3

    I am not convinced this is the best way to go about this unless its just so you can get a bigger turbo roll on effect. As stated by limiting boost in first gear you all but eliminate the bog. I have read about launching a manual in second and it is brutal on the clutch as well as being slower.
  8. I have run stage 1+ for 4 years now and all you really need to do is upgrade the IC, which is as mentioned very easy and worthwhile. Plus you CP will likely blow so that needs to be done as well.
  9. Ok no this one has 189k so different my bad.
  10. Oops just realized I put this in the wrong section should have been in the FS section.
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