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  1. Have finally decided to buy an X5 to replace the Highlander. My wants and budget are pointing me to an LCI 2010/11 E70 diesel. A few on TM at present but curious to hear from owners as to their experience with this model. Being an LCI it will have the N57 engine and ZF 8Speed. What do i need to look out for or avoid? What about Imports, Britain vs Japan? I do like the M Sport package but could live with a non M sport version. It will do a bit of towing as well.
  2. Install the Arm with the solid bushing at ride height.
  3. I am quite liking it now especially on the Coupe's not so sure about it on a sedan.
  4. Who spotted the M3 Touring?
  5. I nearly went KW myself but the hassle of Certification put me off.
  6. My friend ran them in his E60, they gave a compliant ride but there was certainly plenty of control when pressing on over the Rimutaka's.
  7. Charge pipe is pretty straight forward, I have done one on an M135i and it was about a two and a half hour job. I am sure you will really enjoy it.
  8. The E36 Market is certainly on the rise. I had no trouble selling my 328i for good money and to be fair could have sold it 3 times over. People are starting to see how good these cars are now.
  9. This is my 335i on Tein S Tech Springs Koni adjustable and M3 arms front and rear. The front setup uses E30 Top Hats to raise the ride height as the S Tech springs are quite low. The rear uses 10mm hard rubber spacers in the spring cavities. Suspension is firm but surprisingly its not harsh and is daily drivable, and I live where the roads are crap. The M3 control arm conversion reduces the intial understeer noticeably and all but eliminates it at medium speeds and up. Turn in is very positive and precise.
  10. A faulty solenoid in the mechatronis unit is not uncommon. BTW you have a ZF 6hp trans which is a very common unit so will not likely be any challenge for a good trans shop.
  11. Btw you are welcome to drive my 335i with Konis and Tein S tech springs, pretty firm.
  12. Yep have to agree with Olaf I think B4s are a slightly retrograde step.
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