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  1. Again E34 540i, such an nice blend of old school charm and modern features. I do love a tidy E36 Coupe and E92 Coupes are very good looking cars.
  2. Crack was tiny, when I took the pipe off I couldn't see it, pin holes were obvious and smoke came out of them, saw that myself. Replaced charge pipe problem fixed, there was no visible leak from the CP.
  3. If anyone is reading this and wondering what the issue was it was a cracked charge pipe. In hindsight I should have known.
  4. Lots of grunt in the 225kw version and combined with the Zf 8 speed forward progression is effortless.
  5. I may just delete it in software. As far as emissions go it does make for cleaner exhaust in some situations but you end up with a less efficient engine especially when the intake gets clogged and less efficiency equals more fuel burned.
  6. I have decided after trawling through UK forums to fit a deisel specific Provent brand catch can. They seem ver popular in Aussie as well for Land Cruisers, Hilux's etc. https://www.trademe.co.nz/3349980490 Having seen what a mess the intake system on an N57 can look like I dont want to have a repeat. I am also now seriously considering deleting the EGR as well. There is a fair bit of talk that the crap going back into the system from the EGR shortens the life of the N57/47 engines.
  7. M factory diffs are popular in the US, less expensive than a Quaife etc.
  8. After some digging around the net it would seem like the PCV is the issue. Sadly BMW wants you to buy a complete cam cover unit to get a new PCV unit. There do seem to be a few options to just replace the PCV and I will try and track down one of those kits. https://www.aliexpress.com/i/4000929307290.html I have ordered one via Aliexpress but will continue looking for one closer to home. Interestingly one of the symptoms was that the car would surge at idle or very low engine revs. I initially thought this was the GP controller as there is a code for it but it appears it is a common issue with the PCV. It look simple enough to rig up a catch can as well so might just do that as well.
  9. A bit long winded but it looks like I have 2 issues . Faulty PCV valve and a faulty Glow plug controller. My auto sparky thinks the GP controller might be affecting other things but cant be sure. The stuffed PCV is the real issue. I have found a solution and will post up soon.
  10. Was wondering about a catch can, was very worthwhile on the N54 335i.
  11. No smoke but will get someone to drive behind me to be sure.
  12. So after having a few issues with the X540D, I pulled the intake off to replace the glow plug controller and found that even though the intake was cleaned about 5k ago it was filled with carbonised oil residue. I can see a fair amount of oil coming from the where the PCV breather hose connects the valve cover so I am assuming the PCV is stuffed. However I can't help but wonder could it be a blown turbo seal? While I think its unlikely I am unsure. Does anyone have any thoughts here? Can I easily replace the PCV unit?
  13. Thanks, I have replaced the EGR and it runs a lot better now. except for oil in the intake which is either a turbo seal or bad PCV.
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