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  1. I bought my wife an E61 530i with an N52. Its a very nice car to drive and quite well specced. The only thing I am struggling a bit with is the nature of the power delivery. Its smooth to be sure but just seems a bit lacking. Most of this is probably due to weight, 1800kg or more I suspect, It will go when revved but I am now so used to turbo engies I sometimes forget I need to push that pedal down hard. I see why BMW went to turbo engines, you can become very addicted to that mid range torque and as such I can see why the deisels were so popular. I now prefer turbo engines, the ones I own or have owned are mostly lag free, or close it and with good boxes like the ZF 6 and 8 speeds it seems you are mostly in the right gear. I will keep the E61 for a year or so as it is a nice place to be but I can see a Deisel F11 being the next buy.
  2. My X5 40D is a bit vague up front. I have recently had a wheel alignment and the tyres are good so wondering if its time for new Tie rod ends. The internet suggests these can be the culprit but unsure what else I should be looking at. Car has 130k on the clock
  3. As Q says quite common, I would definately go aftermarket for the fix.
  4. I think most aftermarket wheels on BMW's look cheap. Probably because most place like M&T sell cheap wheels.
  5. My take on this is that what was at one time the best sports saloon in the world with a 500 HP V10 is showing its age. I do love them and the point of the video, as you can see by the title, was not to degrade the old girl. The point is our future does look pretty awesome when an M-Lite's can nearly break into the 11's (Probably can with a tune), we are going to have some very fast used cars in 5 years or so. I do note that when I read tests on the E60 M5 the 1/4 mile times were closer to 13 flat, especially in the Aussie mags. I realise we now have 4wd and awesome gearboxes and that purists dont always like either of them but it does make them easier for the average driver (AKA most of us).
  6. Herbmiester

    328 CI

    I miss it.
  7. Can you give me an indication on price?
  8. A whileback I saw an image of a an oem BMW towbar that had an aftermarket clamp on flange that sat below the ball. This seemed to allow you to fit things like a bike rack as it could bottom out on the flange. Does anyone know who makes them and where to find them?
  9. Just wondered if anyone has done an Android conversion on their E60? What do you think. I cant stand CCC but a CIC upgrade seem expensive.
  10. Looking to buy an E61 LCI for Mrs Herbmiester. A diesel would be nice but a 525 or 530 would be ok. Must have heated front seats. Kms under 150k preferred.
  11. It does have rear air springs which adjust if you are towing or have a heavy load.
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