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  1. Ok so it sounds like my fuel economy is about normal. Funny my 335i was only a wee bit more thirsty.
  2. Keen to know what your fuel economy is like? I average around 10.6 L/00kms on combined city/highway driving. Is this high or around normal? On a flat bit of highway at100kph I will have 2000rpm on the speedo and will be getting 7 to8l/100km.
  3. Mischa drives a v10 e46 and loves it.
  4. I replaced the strut inserts, so now I am wondering if I might have done something wrong. I haven't gone over the ball joints bushings etc, mainly because I didn't have access to a hoist. Looks like I will have to do all that. If only John from Auto 38 was still in Welly.
  5. I did wonder about that, I found a test but it was Thai perhaps and they seemed to like the tyre. Hardly a recommendation I know.
  6. Has anyone tried the Pirelli Powergy? I think its a tyre out of Thailand rather than a Euro specific tyre. For my fitment they seem like a nice price.
  7. I have just had a thought, when I replaced the front suspension, I also replaced the stabiliser link bars. (sway bar links). I remember at the time, thinking the diameter of the bolt was smaller that the hole in the sway bar. I am thinking that might cause a clunk as it moves/slips in the hole. Any thoughts on that. BTW I tightened everything up to specified torque settings except the top of the sway bar link where I was unable to get the torque wrench in there.
  8. My 540is makes a clunking sound when I turn right, and also sometimes when I go over bumps etc. It sounds like its come from the front of the vehicle. FWIW I have recently replaced the trailing arm bushes and dog bones in the rear as one of the bushes was shot and a dog bone was in pretty poor shape. There was certainly a noise coming from that rear area and now it seems gone, but now I have a slightly quieter, but still noticeable clunk up front. I will hopefully get access to a hoist soon, where should I start looking?
  9. Two paragraphs of I hate BMW they are no good. As an Auto electrician and someone who has tuned and built engines, I dont really see where you are coming from. Yes the N46 is a troublesome engine, but I repeat if you had done your research and bought an N52 car you wouldn't have these problems, that said you probably got the car dirt cheap. You keep saying how poor BMWs are, but you give no examples, I worked on cars for years, where's the lack of basic engineering? Go and buy a Toyota, lots of hard grey plastic, questionable styling and no driver involvement. Oh and throw in a lack of safety features, slow engines and abominable auto gearbox's, as well. That sounds like your happy place. Honestly coming to a BMW enthusiasts site and then slagging off BMW's as a whole, what the hell are you even doing here, apart from being a Troll. We all know the ins and outs, the risks and the rewards, you go and buy that old Legnum, sleep happy and dont think about nasty BMW's.
  10. Is it worthwhile doing a manual swap? Is the 6 manual box the same unit that sits behind the 4 cyl engines? As I only have 5k in the car, and after a couple of months and as everything seems solid, I am considering it. Opinions thoughts?
  11. Yup we are fanboys, and as BMW fanboys know this stay away from N46 engines. My old M54 engine 530i was a 265k when I sold it, and it was still running fine. The issue is you didn't do your research, if you had, you probably would have bought an N52 car, and you would probably be quite happy. Live and learn.
  12. Have you checked with your local transmission specialist?
  13. I have found buying dampers in NZ can be frustrating. I end up going to FCP or Demon Tweaks. Landed with GST they are usually about 20% cheaper. FWIW I quite like the ride quality on KW kits, realising that coil overs and certification isn't for everyone.
  14. Thanks Dave, yes I ran the M3 arms on my 335i and did notice the difference. I had wondered about doing the bushing on the tension arm and just buying the longer lower arm. It depends on what the tension arm's ball joint is like I guess.
  15. If you have a set of new, close to new or m3 front control arms I need a left and right set.
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