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N55 turbo upgrade options - local?

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Got the Vibrant resonators sitting in my boot and booked in with an exhaust shop to weld them in on Tuesday.

Took the car for it's first decent backroad thrash since getting it back. Just ran the MHD Stage1+ tune since I want to see how it copes, and I'd have to pay to get stage 2. Not sure I should bother since I probably need a custom tune. Firstly it sounded absolutely f**king epic when driven hard, I'm sure the country farmers could hear revving and crackling sounds for miles. 

Logs look good, virtually no timing corrections on full acceleration
Boost below target but consistent, I think that's just the MHD map. 

Upgraded turbo/DV/catless DP result in the car feeling much more responsive than I remember, barely even feels like a turbo, it builds boost so fast. 

The fun ran out when the brake pads faded after a few minutes of hard driving. I think low dust pads don't cut it for this car, certainly not when it's tuned. 



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