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  1. Sold... pretty much, pending finance for the buyer.
  2. It's only cosmetic, so I'd just say don't consider the coating as a worthwhile selling point. I think the OEM discs for that model are uncoated anyway so will do the same. If you have rims that make the centre of the brake discs prominently visible it's just nicer to have some kind of coated or two-piece disc. What you can also do is just buy an uncoated disc and then paint it with high temp paint - something rated for brake calipers will do.
  3. The RDA rotors performed fine but the rust coating failed pretty soon and the centre cap was coated in rust after a short while just like any other cheap rotor. Don't think I ended up updating my thread with that.
  4. Relisted - now an auction. Even lower starting price at 60k https://www.trademe.co.nz/a/motors/cars/bmw/listing/3357358051?bof=71RVdfKh 😶
  5. Matth5

    M235i LSD

    BMW made an LSD for these cars as well branded as an "M-performance LSD". Probably overpriced compared to aftermarket options as per usual but should be high quality. Speedfactor in Tauranga import the MFactory LSDs, I'd imagine they make one to fit a 235i. Worthwhile? I dunno, only if you actually push the car hard enough to get the back end out on the regular. Helpful on track, but on streets, even when pushing hard on back-roads, not so much. The e-LSD still does a good job emulating a real LSD most of the time. A real LSD does help with drifts though, holding the slides is much easier
  6. Selling off this kit I bought but never got around to installing... https://www.trademe.co.nz/a/motors/car-parts-accessories/bmw/accessories/listing/3336547198?bof=ixkStAfr As per the description, best to double check it is compatible with your car. Update: Now sold
  7. You could make a fair bit back selling off the parts for the mods, although it'll be some work finding the stock parts... Almost certainly has been tuned if it had downpipes so warranty is probably gone, even having downpipes might be enough to be an issue. The burnouts might be off-putting but I don't think a few burnouts are much trouble for an M5. Although, check the tyre tread if buying lol. Price is high though... this one is newer and has less milaege, but is much cheaper: https://www.trademe.co.nz/a/motors/cars/bmw/m5/listing/3305969901?bof=p067FGkS 2019 with 6100km, for $118k...
  8. Spec performance. They work on performance and race cars, should be able to help you out. They made my fire extinguisher mount for my M4.
  9. I did that at work before, from inside the office. Must have been the way I was sitting. Car had a sunroof to make matters worse... Didn't get soaked luckily, running the heater during the drive home took care of most of it.
  10. I bought a set through Speedfactor a few years back for my 335i. Price was similar to what it would be buying direct and using kiwishipping, but with less hassle as they dealt with the shipping and customs sh*t. They're popular for good reason - great quality and lightweight.
  11. Listing is back up after being down for a while, since Auckland decided to have a covid outbreak and delay my plans 😶 Dropped the price - 75k now.
  12. +1. They worked on my old 335i when I destroyed the engine. They did a partial rebuild on the replacement engine (all new bearings + other stuff) and it was good-as-new. If I needed another BMW engine opened up I'd happily use them again.
  13. Seems to be the same car. Has some more details. Other cool stuff: Custom exhaust with E92 M3 M Perf. back section Carbon fiber driveshaft from an F82 m4 Dry sump And more... Such an awesome quality build.
  14. Saw this come up in my youtube recommendations... damn it's awesome. I wonder if there are any sacrifices due to space constraints, like aircon or anything, and how balanced it can be with a much bigger engine in the front. That engine sure pairs beautifully with the DCT. Seeing those fast snappy shifts on the V10 is nice.
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