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  1. Video the cops posted as well just shows some resentment for it being a modified car, they acted as if just making an M3 wagon is some dodgy criminal act in itself. These cops were so gleeful about sending a message to car enthusiasts that they didn't do their homework and crushed a car they shouldn't have. Really a sad waste of a nice car. I'd hope they tracked down the real thieves behind the apparently stolen cars but funnily enough they didn't seem to comment on that. They turned comments off on the video so nobody can post the real story there...
  2. It's in manual mode and I am using the paddles. Yes it is stock and on the quiet side at lower revs. I disabled the piped-in engine noise using a BMW coding app and the car is quite insulated inside so you don't get much engine noise at low load. In all but the tightest corners I find it better to ride the low-end torque in 3rd rather than rev it out in second, so that also doesn't help Car has enough torque down low that I still need to modulate the throttle until it's straight so at some points it doesn't even sound like I'm accelerating when I am. In some sessions I cracked open the windows a little but this also brings in some wind noise. Maybe I should re-enable the piped-in engine noise, it's a bit phoney but it's fun haha.
  3. I used one of those shower cleaners with good results, if you have that around. The ones that are meant to clean water spots from shower glass. Just keep it off the paint, or follow it up with detailer or wax. To keep it clean in future use a glass cleaner with a water repellant coating on the outside, or apply a coating. Helps greatly with visibility in the rain too.
  4. Been a bit slack on sharing this... First track day in the M4, featuring a pair of Lotus' owned by a couple that are regulars there: And some better driving with a better angle on my 3rd trackday: Used a video editor to add in some laptimes here. Might do another one from my latest session in June if it's any good to watch.
  5. Oh that poor car Someone buy it, and push it off a cliff to put it out of it's misery.
  6. Yeah I saved my 'warped' front rotors after a track day by having them machined the first time. The second time... I took sandpaper to them myself, was a pain but did the trick. Still a slight vibration if I pay attention for it, which I'm hoping will go away because I don't want to take the wheels off again 😁 BMW will of course advise you against machining. IMO it's fine but check how close your rotors are to minimum thickness, and ask the shop to take off as little material as necessary. Or get an arm workout by sanding them yourself. You're just scrubbing off brake pad deposit, you're not aiming to take off metal.
  7. Same place did it for me, also via photos and a few basic questions
  8. Yeah I also noticed those listings in Aus. Been watching the prices there since I plan to move there. I reckon those are dreamer prices that have no chance. F80 and F82 prices are $70k-120k. That red E46 is priced as higher than F82 M4s with half the mileage. Sure you could say the E46 is becoming a classic but there isn't a shortage of them like with the E30s.
  9. Only 140 000km too. Damn... wonder if it was abused or poorly maintained.
  10. LOL who thought that exhaust looked good... made me think it was a fake M3. There's a few odd things there. The M3 badge has a tiny '3', a few interior bits are wrapped in some fake CF vinyl or they are some cheap ebay specials, and the air intake pipe is some aftermarket piece. Overpriced unless it's really had all the worn bushings, rod bearings and crap replaced. Edit: And is that some kind of cover on the front bumper fog lights? Looks weird to me.
  11. HellBM seem to be the go-to for the subframe. BMWorkshop are another good place that can do or arrange just about anything you'd need done.
  12. What are the intake temps at that point? Edit: Peaks at about 56 degrees C. Hmm maybe it's just the tune isn't great... I'd want to back this tune up and try the MHD OTS stage 1 tune. Or 1+ if you upgrade the intercooler. Either way I wouldn't want to keep driving the car hard like this.
  13. Matth5

    Cheap leather fix

    Hmm yeah did a bit of googling, and your car should have nappa leather while mine has merino so not exactly the same. Colour looks similar in the pics though. My wear is pretty minor so slightly less than perfect is still acceptable I think
  14. Matth5

    Cheap leather fix

    Woah, result looks good. Got a little bolster wear in the M4, think I might give this a shot. Does it seem reasonably durable? Can you feel/see that it's there?
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