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  1. Even that website has only vague details about what the issues were, something about an alignment machine being out of spec. Man it's hard to care about these issues when we're given so little detail.
  2. Matth5

    Quick rant thread.

    Fixed Gotta include those special folk that treat them like daytime running lights or turn them on with headlights.
  3. Matth5


    Remember it's not your regular N55. Some upgraded internals including the oiling system to make it track-ready. https://www.bmwblog.com/2016/07/28/bmw-made-n55-even-better-m2/ But yeah, the S55 is still even better...
  4. I just had the dealer do it. I think it was about $160. Ought to be free but whatever. Although if you're not tied to a dealer warranty... maybe you're better off going aftermarket. Then you can get the CS software and tune. I wouldn't rush for any more power than that, IMO these cars are nicely balanced at stock power levels. Interesting thoughts about the C63 haha. I guess that's mainly since you feel the extra weight. I'd still love to try one some day.
  5. Matth5

    640i upgrade

    How are you going to use this car? Have you put any thought towards handling/suspension and brakes? Is just for drag racing and occasionally showing off on the street? Sounds like you're just wildly looking up ideas without knowing what you're getting in to. Plus consider you'll need a tuner, someone to install this, maintenance because this kind of power will not be kind to an engine where anything is less than perfect or worn. You'll be spending 650i/M6 money to do that right, so if that's your goal don't mess around and get the right car in the first place otherwise you'll regret it later. Think you need to take a step back and consider if you're getting in over your head here. Some simple bolt-ones like an intercooler, downpipe, MHD stage 1+ or 2 tune, will give you a nice reasonable tune without too much additional headache. 350hp or so, enough to light up the tyres and have fun without too much crazy work. You enter a whole new world of complication and expense once you start looking at big turbo upgrades.
  6. Nice. How do you find it compared to the C63? For non-OEM parts... all I know is don't buy any of the non-branded ones on Trademe. They're re-selling aliexpress crap for twice the price, and offer nothing of value in terms of quality control or anything for it, you may as well take the risk yourself if going that route. You can see me wasting my time with it in the thread above. Carbonwurks is one I've been considering for a diffuser and CS style lip. Autotecknic is apparently good as well. But I'm worried I'll scrape the super expensive lip, and the diffuser... well I just wrapped my stock one black and now I'm happy enough with that look Also with a CF diffuser, it blocks the feature where you open the boot by waving your foot under the hood, I like that feature... For a spoiler, if you're considering one, just go OEM. Anything less than perfection will be too visible here. ML Performance UK ships to NZ at a decent rate. Also get the software updated if you haven't already (or if you aren't already going aftermarket with XHP/THOR whatever). The 2020 software is much improved over 2015 - better electronic diff tuning for better handling and DCT gearbox tuning is better refined.
  7. Matth5

    Bought an M4

    Trackday ? I'll share GoPro footage when I've had time to edit it. Might be some more good pics of it if you follow Christchurch trackdays on Facebook, they had some photographers about... One of the spectators snapped this with his phone and sent it to me, pretty good pic!
  8. Yeah it always sucks learning the expensive way! It always pays to have a specialist with the particular to car look at them as they're more familiar with the cars and will generally have a better attention to detail with them, or at least a workshop with a solid reputation where you know they have highly skilled mechanics.
  9. Didn't do a pre-purchase inspection? I wouldn't trust a random car dealer as far as I could throw them and wouldn't want to have to let them fix anything. I'd much rather get a proper PPI to make sure it's sorted in the first place, and maybe an aftermarket warranty. If the car has oil leaks and stupid issues like that they should have sorted it before they sold it.
  10. This sounds familiar. Pretty sure this was discussed years ago, or at least another 540i where the owner had ordered a brand new replacement engine from Germany.
  11. Matth5

    Quick rant thread.

    I did say it was a trackday and I'd be happy to take on any risk... still no go. I figured it was easier to go elsewhere than try to argue with someone who wasn't keen on the job I'm going with Endless MX72 which are a bit of a middle ground anyway, not a full race pad but (hopefully) enough for some fun when I'm just using street tyres. I do know about potential issues with pad deposits ect that can happen when swapping pads and track use, but I've never heard of people who track their machining their rotors every time they swap pads unless they actually have vibration/noise issues. If I get really into trackdays, then maybe I'll get myself the right tools, proper track pads, separate wheels with semi slicks ect But life makes that difficult right now.
  12. Matth5

    Quick rant thread.

    What's with some mechanics who seem to believe utter bulls**t and press you to pay for unnecessary crap. I just want to swap brake pads on my M4 in advance for a trackday. I have the pads. The places I'd prefer to do the job are either too far away or too busy to do it in time so I call up some others... One workshop I call insists that I can't just swap pads on existing rotors, and they need to be checked and machined. This is without even looking at them, will not swap the pads without machining the rotors and insists that the pads would only be touching "like 20%" of the rotor if I do this because the surface will not match. I think if my rotors were that uneven, I'd notice... As if it isn't common for people to swap pads for trackdays? Just found another shop to do it. Really need to get my own tools ect to do this myself and avoid this kind of idiocy with basic jobs... Last time I did this, the place threw away my existing pads despite me telling them I wanted to keep them (and they were clearly far from worn). I made them dig them back out of the rubbish...
  13. That must have hurt the wallet, but I'm sure the M5 deserves it
  14. Matth5


    The For Sale thread on this seems to have been deleted too.
  15. Matth5

    New 4 series

    They have a 420i at the Christchuch dealer... Yeah not loving it.
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