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  1. Oh and since you mentioned a GR... there was a Yaris GR on Sat lapping within one second of me. Those things are so much faster than you'd expect 😮 On a previous trackday I had one managing to stay right on my tail for an entire session.
  2. Yeah, I expected the track day question would come up so I figured I'd just make it clear from the start with the photos so anyone who has issues with track use can steer clear! Besides, it still has a BMW warranty and they're fine with track use with the M cars. The dealer made it clear to me that track use is fine, but be careful with mods as any kind of tune is a big nono 😁 I don't hide anything. I've got plenty of footage too that I've been meaning to edit and put on Youtube. I timed my last 2 sessions on Sat, best lap time was 1:41.45 in cold slightly damp weather and GPS speed topped out at 215KPH. Although I'm pretty sure I've gotten close to 230kph on another day, and I probably have better laptimes in previous sessions with better weather 😁
  3. Maybe see about adding a captcha for new user sign-ups if there isn't one already, and a temp block on whatever country the IPs originate from if it lasts for a while.
  4. Has nobody offered her a ride yet? Lol had the same and have hit the report button on it.
  5. I've had to do a fair bit of reading up. It's straightforward-ish but you need to make sure you read up on the requirements. You can't just buy a car and take it over, you have to be moving to Aussie with the intent to live there, you have to have owned and used the car for at least one year ect. The duties also make it very expensive. For my car, depending on how they value it, I'm looking at around 15-20k all up. Sounds crazy high, however the cars are also more expensive there. If I take that into account, plus the fact that I might not get a good price trying to sell it here, the fact that buying an unknown used car is a risk and I might have trouble finding my ideal spec at a good price... it still doesn't seem like a totally stupid idea to ship it Their import laws do indeed make bugger-all sense now that they have no local car production. And some job it did at saving their car industry lol. But they seem to love their duties and taxes, as well as all kinds of laws and fines a hell of a lot more than Kiwis!
  6. https://www.trademe.co.nz/a/motors/cars/bmw/listing/3145346544?bof=8ksmBpsT I know my asking price might be considered high... to be honest I'm just checking if there is anyone really interested in it otherwise I'm taking it to Australia. In case anyone here is interested Happy to answer questions ect in this thread as well.
  7. As an upfront cost it may look high, but a few years of tracking and trying to upgrade+maintain the 135i, + the depreciation, and you'll lose the same if not more. The M cars hold value well too. I don't see any E46 M3s up for sale currently, maybe wait for some to pop up and they might be cheaper. There are a lot of E90s atm, might be able to negotiate their prices down... Get it on finance Just consider it for your long term planning, and don't blow the budget too much on the 135i. Just saying this as I would have been better off if I just got a bigger loan and bought an E92 M3 instead of my 335i in the first place back in 2015 lol. I went pretty far with mods and ended up seizing the engine on a track day. Sold the car for only a little more than what I spent on the engine replacement... With the M4, all I do it swap the brake pads, absolutely nothing else, thrash it all day on the track with no issues. 3 track days so far.
  8. If you really want to do regular track sessions, you can either pour away money to make a street car survive the track.... or you can get a car that's track capable in the first place. E46 M3 or E90 if the budget allows... all they need is track brake pads and you're set. 135is and 335is are awesome fun cars but aren't really built for abuse on the track, and tuning them just increases the issues. Jake1829 here has made his into a good track toy but at a very high cost
  9. Nice choice. One of BMWs best designs ever Don't see too many other M's around Christchurch. Only F series M6 I recall was a gran coupe I saw taking a drive through the bays
  10. I usually stick a wheel or something extra under the car, not trusting my life on any single point of failure!
  11. First upgrade these cars benefit from is the intercooler. There's a cheap Chinese Ebay/Aliexpress one sold under various brands that does pretty well. Will not give a magic performance boost itself but will prevent performance degrading from the intercooler (and this intake temps) getting hotter after consecutive pulls. I'd say oil and cooloant temps should ideally stay around the regular operating temp range but maybe you'll get better info by searching around. Intake temps are worth watching too, as they go up your car starts pulling timing and performance slows down, that might be the stutters you feel but I'm not sure.
  12. I'd also suggest setting up a phone or tablet with MHD with logging and live data. keep an eye on temps and oil pressure. i think you can set it to flash the screen or something if some values go too high. Should give you enough warning so you don't end up needing a new engine
  13. Hard to say, but could be. Maybe intake temps are too high? Do you have an upgraded intercooler? A tune that copes fine on the street is not necessarily going to do well on track. I guess Eurosurgeon don't provide the option of giving you the tune in a file that you can flash yourself with MHD?
  14. Matth5


    Don't know what the DSG's are like, but the BMW ones have no issues in daily use. Drove my 335i in Auckland traffic pretty comfortably and my M4 works just as well in town. They make some more noises and you can feel them shift at times, but they're in M cars or options in sporty cars (335i/135i coupes) where you expect to have a little bit of character to it as part of the fun.There is the minor annoyance that it switches between forward and reverse slowly though, like half a second. For a regular daily though where you just want comfort and practicality, yes an auto makes more sense
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