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Pretty colour and ridiculous price?

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28 minutes ago, Driftit said:

Still see the occasional M5 here for under $10k.  But my god would they be time bombs.

E39 Source did a video on one. Dude got a 2002 e39 M5 for $7500. 


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Yikes as soon as I saw those wheels I thought oh sh*t an upper state car.  It's from Ohio.  That thing will be so corroded to hell underneath.  Did they mention this in the vid?  I had to watch it with the volume too low.

I mean you still get everything you want though.  I would drive that thing.  

Another issue with many upper state cars is that they only ever get serviced in summer.  Yet they still drive the same distances with the fluids subjected to far worse extremes in temp.

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