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  1. Just to be the total opposite. I have Laufenn LK03's aka S Fit on my 130i. Zero issues. Zero understeer. Hammer on them over the hill at least once a week. They are coming to the end of their life at around 30K and I am pretty hard on them. I would say some of your issue is down to the VAG vehicle they are attached to. The tyres are not the best but I have never experienced what you are.
  2. please can you txt me your contact details re my old girl rattling exhaust. thanks murray 021709793

  3. It will be one of the centre heat shields. Mine does it on occasion. I just give it a little bend until it stops. Right dead centre of the car though. Any exhaust shop or mechanic should be able to give it a tweak for you. Otherwise I could help sometime after work next week. I have a hoist and am in Featherston just over the hill.
  4. Older video I somehow missed.
  5. Was quite good. Wish they had focussed on the car more though.
  6. Driftit

    Quick rant thread.

    Love me a ute. As long is it is on fire.
  7. Driftit

    Quick rant thread.

    Don't forget that compulsory $500 EQC levy that was slapped onto all House insurance. I was stoked to find out about that one. That and my $4000 rates where I receive so much f**k all it's not funny. Classic Cover has been great for me for 3 cars and 2 bikes. However I am stuck with AA for the other 3 cars. Classic cover is worth a try if you have something a little more rare or special. They even do lay up and transport insurance for my racecar and it's only about $240 per year.
  8. What's the NZ retail on that Jon
  9. I would say the Cyber Truck is exactly the same thing with a kids drawing body slapped on top. Crammed full of gimmicks. You're not going to get driving enjoyment from one. But its perfect for the attention seeker.
  10. Oooofff is all I have to say at this time.
  11. Ratio. This can be made to look just as good if less non m vehicles are sold and the m sales remain the same.
  12. Driftit

    Quick rant thread.

    Regen braking that doesn't activate brake lights. Absolute joke. I watched a newish Hyundai slow from 80kph to 50kph quite quickly without any brake lights being activated. So quick I thought their lights were not working.
  13. Government needs to start going after companies that have been doing this. Good money to be made. Company was fined $1m USD last year for it.
  14. They absolutely have the data and ability to do this too. It is already half assed in place for heavy vehicles. Worked with all this data when I worked for Eroad.
  15. Parking sensors are hard to get here now. The ones on my Merc have been on there at least 10 years now. They are active ones meaning they are always on. The passive or reactive ones last I read were no good. Have a go through youtube and watch some tests. Many barely work especially if placed poorly. Mine are almost on my number plates where most guns will target.
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