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  1. Yeah they were good fun. My partner still has her S13 200sx. Though she is thinking of selling it and buying a E82 135i and letting someone else who has time to play with the S13.
  2. 4 x 180sx Type X's ST205 GT-Four - low kms and immaculate 97 WRX RA - low kms and immaculate 84 Soarer MZ10 2.8gt Manual All of my E30's (only to make money on, don't actually miss them other than my series car) There is probably others. I have more regrets not buying certain cars when I could. But mostly because of their perceived value now rather than how they actually perform. Don't drive your heroes. 32 GTR, I'm looking at you.
  3. It's pretty much how I drove around America.
  4. If you get too lazy I will take that Cruise control setup off your hands. I've been meaning to source one as I spend 90% of my driving time on the open road.
  5. Why do these people need to comment?
  6. That plate looks crap. The grill frames it and makes it stand out way more than any other car on the road. BMW's ugly Mustang.
  7. Can you get away with something that could at least be fun in some other way? I have a Daihatsu Rocky 2.8td. It's pretty sh*t. But it goes anywhere and has a ton of space. It's my beach/fishing/parts vehicle.
  8. It takes a lot of patience to Audi.
  9. Plate being blurred out tells me the vehicle is probably stolen and they don't want everyone going after the actual owner of the vehicle. My bet is on gang members.
  10. That is actually a really good guide.
  11. With no mention of previous damage
  12. I'm curious if your brakes are the same that are on the 135i. And what BMW would quote for that car.
  13. Somebody tucked you. The best race pads installed by a no armed mechanic charging $150 per hour wouldn't cost that.
  14. Have said this since 2003 when the frontal impact laws and liability laws changed for damaged vehicles. All that happens is the vehicle is marked as damaged upon import. Whilst you need an engineers report to re-vin the car. You don't have to give that to anyone afterwards. And anyone with it can not hand it to anyone else without permission. Fun times. It's a game of how well you can hide the repair. M cars are a hard one. They could have been written off because they couldn't find an bonnet and bumper. But also and prob more likely is that they are a sports car and were crashed being driven hard.
  15. Had to do this quite often when I was driving the 1km to the train station last year. Tap Tap = Lifter Tick Tick = Injector Knock Knock = Who's there? Mr Big End Bearing.
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