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  1. It's on top. 4 screws. You don't need to take it off.
  2. Nah that just clips in and holds up the hoses. Possible they had the cowling it clips into off to check back/top of motor.
  3. Driftit

    Quick rant thread.

    Our State Highways are too busy to remain single lane country roads. But here we are. For the foreseeable future. It took over 10 years to double lane Bombay to Hamiltron.
  4. I would argue a little understeer (which I have never experienced in this car, even at the track in the wet) is better than a little oversteer in a vehicle with an open diff. At the track I would prefer oversteer. On the road, understeer.
  5. No they are. Going to replace the lens'. Surprisingly cheap.
  6. As said, everything on that list is DIY. And you are likely to save a couple of thousand. FCP Euro does kits for nearly all of that stuff. Comes with the bolts, gaskets, bushes etc etc. Otherwise also as previously mentioned, I would go and see Peter and Graham at P&S Auto. Raced with them for years. It is BMW race car central.
  7. I wasn't sure if it was just the harsh roads. But if they are wearing fast on the F10 in the Tron they could be just a fast wearing tyre. But yeah 20K less than the Eurovis.
  8. That is what I am running. I put 235's on the front once. They looked weird.
  9. I think so yeah. We paid a bit of money for them. And were hoping for good things. Actually I think I still have one. Will grab a pic. They are made in Thailand or something which was a surprise.
  10. The Laufenns (Hankook) that I have run for the last year were okay. However they only lasted 25,000kms on the shitty NZ rural roads. I was quite surprised. The previous cheap Roadstone Eurovis Sport 04 lasted nearly 40,000kms on the same roads. I also abused them at the track and the Mrs did some 1 mile high speed sprints on them. For a commuter or a city car I would highly recommend them. Korean made just like the Laufenns. Both are cheap through Hyperdrive.co.nz which has it's normal 40% off Briscoes style discount going at the moment. We have RE003's on our 200sx. Great in the dry. Terrible in the wet. Quite a few reviews state the same for these tyres. Probably fine for a commuter. Though they are far better than the previous Eagle F1's we had on it. Which were a total laugh on the track in the wet. Zero grip from near new tyres. Great training for the Wife learning to control the car sideways. Even worse once they are a few years old. I think these were made in a different factory to the older ones. I picked up a set of Dunlop Direzza Dz102's to replace the RE003's. Yet to be fitted. I have Bridgestone RE002's on the AMG. Also great in the dry but they also light up like they are bald in the wet just like the RE003's.
  11. BMW Design Team: Hey Robert! We're all leaving for the beer hall. You coming? Designer: I just have to finish the back quarters of this M3 Touring! BMW Design Team: Hurry up. Designer: Ahhhh that will do, I'm thirsty.
  12. Not sure Alpina is doing anything at the moment. Purchased by BMW now. Full integration by 2025. May end up just another trim package.
  13. Why would it trigger purists? It doesn't exist.
  14. Driftit

    Quick rant thread.

    The surface is good now. But the huge increase in logging trucks and commuter traffic has slowed the trip down significantly. And at night you need to dodge rock falls, Goats and Ford Rangers.
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