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  1. Are you Nana driving? Ours has seen the track, mile sprints and the the Remutaka hill every other day though. No toodling through Mission bay + 100% it was a Tokyo traffic crawler for the first 30K.
  2. Water pumps are only meant to be good for 100-120. Valvetronic motor is the same. And all the hoses should be changed as the plastics go brittle. Lots of plastic. I would change the gearbox fluid and filter if you have not already.
  3. I was just going to take the good bits and re-list it. 200K is right where I would expect to need to replace everything I just replaced at 100K on mine.
  4. Spotted it on TM before I checked here. Thought I was going to be sneaky and beat you all to it. Was already gone Would we even feel a strut brace. Pretty ridged little car already.
  5. Driftit

    Quick rant thread.

    Lost the windscreen on the 130 to unswept roadworks just outside of Dannevirke today. Two screens in two weeks to roadworks. Yay.
  6. Lots from Michael Grant motors. Seems a bit odd doesn't it.
  7. Well I would like to apologize to you. Sorry for mistaking you as a scammer. And thank you for the effort in regards to introducing yourself. Your English is on par with most on this forum We are overly cautious and suspicious when it comes to parts. Forums are still often targeted by spam and scams as they are easily breached by bots.
  8. Wow OK. It's a low spec 4 door 320i Jap import with an engine swap. It looks great. But it's not a desirable model. That is what I would expect to pay for a mint M325i. And I don't think I would ever trust an E30 speedo cluster.
  9. Oh wow that is Scamlish for sure. Any German would speak perfect English as previously mentioned. Or would use a translator which would not make more spelling mistakes than a stuff.co.nz article.
  10. Nz Couriers according to the bag. It didn't even have any protective packaging. Just thrown in a courier bag. So I am happy that it made it at all.
  11. I have the first scan tool. Got it for $15USD from Amazon about 4 years back. Works ok. But now use INPA/ISTA etc.
  12. Delivered Friday. It arrived in NZ on the 8th. Only took 7 days to get from Auckland to Masterton. Nice......
  13. Was just going to say something similar. Generic White Man Name Generator was definitely used.
  14. Driftit

    Quick rant thread.

    It just keeps coming at the moment. Large oil leak causing oil to pool around the 3rd coil. It then drips onto the hot exhaust. I replaced the valvetronic gasket which had a slow leak only a few months ago. Can't tell yet but it must have failed again. We'll see I guess. Two cars out of action now.
  15. Driftit

    LCM 2

    @promo is this something you could help with? Pramod recently fixed my FRM module which controls the lights in my E87. If he doesn't reply here send him a PM.
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