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  1. This is quite a nice example. Would also take one of these over an E30 any day of the week. https://www.trademe.co.nz/a/motors/cars/bmw/listing/3147659244?tm=email&et=45&mt=79F4475F-6C8D-4859-8EC2-79132A4FA124&bof=YSbSTjo4
  2. I need to do this soon too. I'm guessing it will be the standard 75w90 Castrol?
  3. Really depends where they are getting the rotors from. If they are not a recognizable brand then it could be a terrible deal. The "White Box" rotors ADL once supplied cost less than $10 to bring into the country. I was swapping them out after every race weekend on my E30. Absolute junk. But I would rather chew through crap rotors than the expensive project mu and padgid brake pads I had.
  4. Will have a chat to James about it.
  5. Seriously... That is f**king annoying. Sorry to hear that.
  6. Seems quite a few of you are getting Inbox spam. If you do please just report it. It seems they have created the accounts and went through the user list sending private messages.
  7. Oh nice. I currently have zero shelter and a growing list of maintenance.
  8. What's the 8cyl N52 like? 😊
  9. M30. Just like an M20 but bigger and better. Pretty simple really.
  10. I have two tech 1 wheels. I plan to swap them for someone's house in a few years.
  11. No good down here on rural roads. Will just aggressively follow the ruts. But I can also honestly say I have never had understeer in this vehicle. Even on the track.
  12. Pretty standard tyre fitting monkeys down here. They know how to use the machine and that's about it.
  13. Yeah I think I will just order the correct ones tonight and take the hit on the fitting and balancing.
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