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  1. Curious. For those still trying to buy an E30 in this market. Why? Investment?
  2. The rear is ok unless you are side on. Then the prolapse anus becomes apparent.
  3. Every time I go over the hill to Wellington. Is great. Changes fast. I don't let it do it's own thing though. I just the paddles.
  4. There was an E34 IX Touring here in NZ somewhere many moons back. Saw quite a few of them north of DC while living in the US. Nearly all of them were beaters or stock. The extra suspension lift they have makes them look a little odd.
  5. Nice. My Dad and Grandfather had a South African one when I was a kid for a short time. Was green. Early 80s so no idea what happened to it.
  6. Alteration? That was a standard model. The IX E30s and E34s were AWD.
  7. Driftit

    Ubiquiti UniFi

    Yeah I did actually. They emailed me on the 12th of Jan asking me to change it. I did on the 12th as I have an email from me requesting a PW reset because I had forgotten it anyway. haha. I did wonder about all this articles telling people to change their PW's in the last few weeks. Ubiquity asked everyone to do this as a precaution on the 12th of Jan.
  8. Driftit

    Ubiquiti UniFi

    I ended up going with Ubiquity. 1 x Dream Machine 1 x Cloud Key Some access points, a door bell and a bunch of G4 cameras. Purchased direct from their store in the US. As even with the commercial account we have with PB Tech I was going to pay nearly $2000 more. Only issue I had was that they limit the number of G4 dome cameras you can buy at once to 2. But then allow you to place a second order for them.... I didn't go for the server rack sized stuff in the end. Was going to take up too much space. And make getting it to NZ more difficult. But the Dream machine has IDS/IPS throughput of 850mbps which is pretty damn good for a little device. My max connection speed is 900mbps anyway. https://store.ui.com/collections/unifi-network-routing-switching/products/unifi-dream-machine
  9. Destined for the garage and the occasional cars and coffee so the boring owner can get off on strangers saying "Wow it's so original".
  10. It's all the mill does now. Father in law works for JNL. But it means I can hang wheel racks and things from it. They are the only mill that does 3m apparently.
  11. I'm getting 19mm ply in my shed. Putting a run through the mill at 3x1.2 to suite. Sound deading bats in the workshop. New build though.
  12. Was at Mansfield a few weeks back with that same M5C. Real nice colour.
  13. I think that's Kerry and Nathan. Old members.
  14. Bertone. Has a BMW motor. Is based off the Daihatsu Rocky like I have. Great vehicle.
  15. It's like mine. But with more KMs. A year older. No wheels. And in worse condition. For double the price... Good buy.
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