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Dr. M

Radiator for E39 540i S823 "hot climate version"

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I've recent bought a Jap-import E39 540i and am rebuilding the cooling system; currently shopping for a radiator.

I noted my car has the "S823 Hot climate version option."

A search revealed several interpretations of this option, e.g:

"A package that includes stronger AC and possibly no heater. Some cars also have larger radiators and increased engine cooling capacity for hot climates."

My question for you guys is; does having this option change the radiator spec I need to buy?

Hoping to purchase a Nissens or similar e.g. https://www.fcpeuro.com/products/bmw-radiator-17111436060

I understand this option is very common internationally on the E39.

Thanks for your help!

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Easiest way to confirm a different size rad is use RealOEM - enter your VIN, look around for another couple of cars of the same year (tradeMe has heaps, gain the VIN thru checking the plate at CarJam) and compare part numbers. The web has all sorts of speculation about trim & spec levels, part numbers don't lie though.


Also, better to stick with the OEM parts, aftermarket bits generally aren't as good as the factory ones - go through FCPEuro, Pelican Parts etc - you'll often find a genuine / OE part will cost the same as a locally bought aftermarket one after shipping has been accounted for

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A quick check and BMW fans show a few listed these three for a manual trans17111436060, auto 17111436061, with S823A 17111436063.


just to give you an idea of price

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