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DIN55L / DIN66L battery

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Before I head out and spend the GDP of a small South American country on a new battery for Miss M's 318Ti, does anyone have a good one they're not using? None of the usual battery suppliers are open in these twilight days of 2017, leaving Repco, SCA etc as possibly the only option. (It'd be nice if their fabled "60% off stocktake sale!" included batteries... :( )

Specs for suitable solutions seem to vary very slightly, depending on where you look, but a DIN55L or DIN66L with 500-600CCA should be fine.

Fitted was a MF55-spec battery:
LxWxH: 240x175x175mm (there's room for a little something taller, but length and width are important)
12V / 54Ah
DIN 270A
EN 450A
SAE 500A
Bosch Type 'A' terminal position:
 Bosch Battery Assembly


Here's hoping someone can help!

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OK - it was always a long shot. :)

Went to Repco where they wanted $279 for a 530CCA battery of appropriate dimensions, with a 3Y warranty.

Same thing from Supercheap - $199.

There is a difference... Which I didn't find until I fitted it. The clamping flange on the end of the battery is almost an inch up the side, unlike the original which is on the base, so I had to fabricate a clamp plate.

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