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  1. There's another on TM with an asking in the over $20k bracket. Sad thing is that with them commanding such high (asking) prices, we're questioning whether we can justify hanging on to the Baur.
  2. gjm

    Stress. Anxiety.

    A person who is good at something is not necessarily someone who is good at managing, or even helping, others do the same thing, however well-intentioned they may be. I have to wonder at the empathy being displayed by the two senior staff I'm working with. The CEO sometimes does display empathy, but I wonder how much of that is "this is the right thing to do" rather than actual effort. The manager I'm reporting to is on the one hand (re?)citing how I can help them help me, but then offering 'Performance Management" because I'm not delivering at 100%, 100% of the time.
  3. gjm

    Stress. Anxiety.

    On one hand, this gets easier. On the other it's more complicated. The counselor, and my doctor, have both suggested I find a new job. How does one go about getting a reference in the event it's needed?! 😅
  4. Not my circle but looks like part of an EMS.
  5. I have one that looks like that - mine is red. You really don't want to carry it far. The release was a bit snatchy to start with but gets better with use. Only thing I might like (aside from it being lighter!) is to have a quicklift function, but I can easily live without that.
  6. SJ is a fab guy - as Kyu said, he'll be back on Monday.
  7. Bought new tyres for the front of Miss Ms car. Seem to be in constant cycle of service and/or repair at present! Oh well. Better go look at another this arvo. That way we'll keep one working...
  8. The issues are twofold. SH2, SH51, SH50 (etc including SH1) are maintained and managed by NZTA. NZTA are useless - they fail at planning, they fail at implementation, they fail at contract management. They seem to rely on others for quality control. These are the guys who bought a 4-lane wide stretch of land through Hawke's Bay, past Napier, then had a single carriageway road built. In the centre of that strip of land, so any plans to expand will disrupt traffic in both directions. Why not build to one side? There's no answer to that, suggesting it was purely and simply a cock-up. They then decided that the road they'd had built was unsafe, so they disrupted traffic for months which wire ropes were installed down the centre. And in some places, down the sides. Regional roads are managed by District Councils, and there's no single source of funding, no overall control, no single contract management operation. It's done district by district (not even region by region). Downer seem to own many subsidiaries who too often deliver a sub-standard service on regional roads. This isn't a criticism of those working on the roads although I've seen some individuals who are pretty useless too - when you see the same person sitting, standing, leaning, smoking, playing with a phone and generally doing anything except working, day after day, regardless of the time you pass through, it's hard to see what they are bringing to the job. It's the fundamentals of the operation - the techniques, design and implementation - which are at fault. Once that's been decided, Mr Roadworker is left with little option but to follow instructions. And NZTA must bear the brunt of the blame for that. Big government group, apparently not overseen (that job must currently fall to Michael Wood?) and with no apparent expectation of improving delivery.
  9. gjm

    Stress. Anxiety.

    I've had two weeks sick leave, and a week of annual leave before that which was booked for me - I'd actually work at least 10 hours of that week but they booked me out on annual leave for the whole week in my absence. Something else to sort. Then there was a 'recommended' 8 more days annual leave taken over the Christmas period. Exactly what I wanted to do before Christmas. Agreed it with the doctor - then the 'cafe' meeting took place where that was vetoed by a manager and I was (effectively) told not to return to the office until after Christmas.
  10. gjm

    Stress. Anxiety.

    Next week sees a general return to work, assuming doc says that's OK when I see her. Sadly the thought of that is not helping at all, and it'll be difficult to resolve the feelings engendered during the few days ahead. Need to work. Need income! But my health and wellbeing is uppermost in my mind.
  11. The spending is there. (AFAIK) The quality of the delivered product is not.
  12. Assuming the N42 (which killed smaller displacement E46s) didn't get to the E9x, then yes. Of course, the N46 was based on the N42... I mean, FFS, BMW! 4-pot cars were the winner in good form in the old days, meeting 6-pots toe-to-toe and outperforming them for handling and maintenance. Had you truly made sufficient advances to rule them out later? Nope. And yet... 😢
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