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  1. You should never work under a vehicle while it is only supported by a hydraulic jack. (Carefully written to avoid ambiguity or any reference to wring-doing that I may, or may not, have been guilty of at some point.) I have some offcuts of 2" timber that I create ramps from and drive up on to so that the car is high enough to get under and access the drain plug, but not so high that the oil can be affected by a prevailing breeze and blown clear of the pan I use to catch stuff...
  2. Had a very sad day. The wonderful blue E46 318i has failed to proceed in an orderly and quiet manner. Diagnosis - run a main bearing. It was always a 'cheap' car and was bought for Miss M to use. After she bought her 116i, Mrs M and I used the 318i for running around and about, and back and forth to Hamilton. While a beautiful colour blue it was never in great visual condition, having been the subject of touch parking before coming to us. It was bought from Andy @_ethrty-Andy_ some years ago and has invariably been quite brilliant. Comfortable to drive, very economical, and (until very recently) supremely reliable. Normal maintenance applies of course. Regular engine oil and filter changes, checks and so on. Just passed a WoF (2 new tyres, new ARB links), had a new battery a few months ago, and has 3/4 tank of fuel which we'll transfer to another car. Recovery from Te Pohue cost far more than it's (now) worth. Economics mean it's just not realistic to pursue a repair, so it'll move on to someone who will find a use for many parts. I feel quite emotional. 😭
  3. VINK Motorsport, Goodwood FOS 2022
  4. I s'pose most people will only ever see the back?
  5. And now you know why I posted a rear 3/4 shot...
  6. This. (Almost?) every manufacturer has dire stories told about them. Early W210 Mercedes had major paint and corrosion protection issues - cars at 4 years old were seeing structural failure of suspension components. (I cite MB as while I do like them, I am well aware of issues!) The BMW N4x engine issues are well-known. (Although I know an E46 320 owner whose car has covered 320000km with very little more than regular servicing.) There was a website for the VW Toerag (spelling is correct!) Toyota recalled 2.4m hybrid vehicles. Nissan CVTs failed. Subaru recalled 400000 vehicles in the US for engine issues. If you listen or look, you'll find damning indictments of anything and everything.
  7. It is based on the Z4...
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