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  1. gjm

    E30 Wanted

    The E30 Classifieds NZ page is pretty good too. (I may be biased!) The Facebook pages do support each other pretty well. Patience. There are good cars at sensible prices, but as Sammo said, also some unrealistic listings.
  2. $1.53 for 91 in Waipukurau...
  3. I was casting my mind back over BMWs I've owned, and tbh, I don't think there are any that I shouldn't have sold. I've owned many cars that do fall into that category - a low mileage Jensen Interceptor Mk3, for instance - but the BMWs have come and gone at the right time. Even the M635CSi and the early 840Ci. The turbo M10 E30, the E21 323i (my first BMW), Mrs M's E30 320i, and even the early 80s 5-series Thundersaloon (5.7 SBC, 5-speed manual). They were all great, all the right car at the time, and all sold for a good reason.
  4. gjm

    Quick rant thread.

    Under capitalism, man exploits man. Under communism, it's just the opposite.
  5. BMW Z1 with a Weismann hardtop.
  6. Gavin at EuroItalian, or Paul at MillAnd for fast turnaround on locally sourced parts. FCP Euro in the US are good too, but tend (in my experience) to have less parts available for any 4-cylinder engines.
  7. gjm

    Quick rant thread.

    The 4 biggest banks in NZ aren't NZ banks; that makes much of this an Australian problem. (We'll leave aside the $0000 per hour those banks take out of NZ... 😡) Approaching the actual Kiwi banks - Kiwibank, TSB, Co-op etc - does sometimes work. When I've done this, professionally and privately, they seem more flexible and open to suggestions.
  8. gjm

    M43 no start!

    I'm now told this also happened 12 months or so ago. Engine turned over, but wouldn't fire. Apparently a jump start fixed it that time... Cars, eh?
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