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  1. That's easy - need somewhere to live and don't want to pay someone else's mortgage and bills! Of course, that's balanced by paying interest to a lender instead. Probably (even?) harder to find parts for, too.
  2. gjm

    AWD E30

    Front drive shafts do wear - the splines give up at the transfer box end. Only answer is replacement.
  3. gjm

    AWD E30

    There was certainly a dark green 525iX Touring - I nearly swapped a Suzuki Bandit 1200 for it. Pretty sure I've seen a red one, too.
  4. gjm

    AWD E30

    Pretty good. Certainly far better on slippery surfaces than 2wd. The system is pretty robust. It uses the same engines and auto trans as the 2wd cars, but that's where similarities end. There's a gear/chain transfer case from which a propshaft runs forward and back (to viscous diffs - a potential weak point). The bodyshell is wider and almost completely different forward of the windscreen: front suspension towers are further forward, arches are wider, trans tunnel is much wider (you'll not 'stretch' a stock one that far). The steering rack is behind the front crossmember and mounted inside the subframe. The front driveshafts can strip the splines at the transfer case. They're great for daily driving, especially in Europe where snow is common, but not so good for tuning. The rallycross cars used Xtrac gearboxes and different axles to contain the extra power used.
  5. Apparently there's up to 34 of them around...? One of them selling at an elevated price point will bring out 1 or two more. Sadly, they're likely to stay in the hands of the few people who have the disposable income to buy them, and keep them locked away.
  6. The person who buys this will happily cruise to work in (say) $100k worth of Audi, Mercedes, BMW or whatever. But take a lower value older car on the road? Naah... Something like this is exceptional. It's not run-of-the-mill. It's price really should have no relevance to a PFL 320i, but 'market forces' will say it does. We may find out what someone with a healthy bank balance is prepared to pay for an unusual example.
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