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  1. gjm

    BMW vin checker

    More VIN decode woes... Mdecoder seems to allow a single check, then wait. (Although it threw out my very first attempt yesterday.) bimmer.work counts down from 15 seconds, then starts counting down again. A number of other sites are server (or service) unavailable. I know there was some BMW clamp down type activities which meant fewer sites were available. Perhaps that has continued?
  2. gjm

    Quick rant thread.

    Looking to buy something that is readily available in the US, but not in NZ. No worries. eBay! $135 Shipping...? Depending on who, it's USD100-200 ! Buy price of USD135; shipping is nearly as much.
  3. Nice-looking example, presenting very well in the photos. someone has gone to a lot of effort. Was a 320, still registered as a 320. Imported from somewhere, and the VIN doesn't readily decode (in the short time I've tried.)
  4. If in or near Hamilton, Greg Hantz is very good.
  5. I'm going to dig out the genuine, original BMW 15x7 02-series rims that I have stored away...
  6. Gorgeous. There's a yellow one that has just sold from north of Auckland - dereg, resto started. I hope the new owner does as much as you have.
  7. gjm

    M88 auto !

    LHD in Japan was seen as a kudos thing. No self-respecting gangsta would get out of a car in the middle of the road and walk around it to get to the pavement.
  8. Doesn't this give the game away when popping out for a snooze under the guise of 'working on the car'?
  9. I'm looking into this. First thing - the concrete will cost more than you think, and (wit prep) possibly as much as the rest of the build. Second - no-one ever said "my shed is too big." (Actually not quite true, but the person I know who said that had $zillions and just bought a second set of tools to go at the 'other' end.) Will you be using this throughout the year? If so, insulation (underfloor and elsewhere) is going to be important. Are you living rurally? If so, you may be able to get this through as a rural building, with the slight relaxation in rules that goes with that. There are many possible sources for a commercially supplied shed. Fieldays in Hamilton is just around the corner and there will be deals to be had there.
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