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  1. gjm

    Quick rant thread.

    In the same theme, but more of a disappointment than a rant... Selection of items from the Rockauto site. So much - massively - cheaper than anywhere in NZ. Until shipping is added. Note to self: Rockauto source from multiple locations and shipping is paid on each location. Now checking if MyUS will change the situation from my perspective.
  2. Well, yeah... But in a world where a M40-engined manual car can be listed at $25k and more, this still represents (comparatively) good value. I do agree - the seats are a little much.
  3. Nice-looking early car, sensible start price. https://www.trademe.co.nz/a/motors/cars/bmw/listing/4581818456
  4. I fell into renting space at one point. It was so good to have somewhere to put everything! But.... $$$. Exhibiting self-control I didn't know I had, I now keep everything at home. And if there isn't space, then something has to go. (Until I can build a bigger shed...)
  5. Repco have a Penrite sale. But local shops don't have the pack sizes I want!
  6. The HiFlys are the oddest tyres I've driven on in a long time. They manage to feel hard, squidgy, unfeeling and yet blocky, all at the same time. Checked tyre pressures, checked alignment... No change in character. If I were at all attempting any sort of <ahem> enthusiastic driving they'd need to be changed. As it is, so long as they keep rolling in a circle they should be fine.
  7. gjm

    BBS wheel bolts

    I have a full set of titanium bolts, with nuts. I can check exactly how many that is, but I think it is 100 or so.
  8. Rego didn't 'expire' this month - it's cancelled.
  9. Well... A deal has been struck and I have been driving a bright(ish) blue 2004 CLK320 to work and back for a few days. It's much brighter than the pic suggests. It'd been for sale for a few months, mainly because the rear bumper had been 'tapped' at some point, and poorly repaired. That can be sorted. It also has a number of small dents and similar around the body. Near new tyres, albeit shockingly poor ones (HiFly and cheap Nankang), rebuilt rear brakes (I'll being doing all the brakes), and a lot of history. Interior is generally tidy although a previous owner has made a mess of the centre arm rest - like many, it opens to a cubby space, but the lid also opens for small storage. Or should. It looks like it is glued shut. Rides well, drives well, comfortable, quick when pressed, has a very good 5m 'look' to it. At about 25% of the price of any even vaguely decent 6-cylinder BMW coupe it was a deal that proved impossible to say no to. Mega service time.
  10. gjm

    Quick rant thread.

    The insurance companies have never stopped their backdoor campaigns to have motor insurance made compulsory. With rate hikes like these, more and more people will simply not bother. The rate hikes being seen now are in part due to Cyclone Gabrielle. Company underwriting in most cases happened a couple of months after Gabrielle blew through, right in the middle of some of the most expensive (to the insurance companies ) period of claims in their history. Underwriting costs went through the roof, and the companies are looking to recoup their costs by raising premiums across the board.
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