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  1. Nope. Those rims simply do not fit an E21.
  2. It is generally unknown that BMW began their electric journey in 1972 with the 1602e, or BMW 1602 Elektro-Antrieb. It had a 32kW electric motor giving it a reportedly 100 km/h top speed. It remains (currently) unique by being a front engine (motor), rear wheel drive car. Since then, there have been a string of bleeding-edge cars from BMW, with many models having a (research, at least) electric or hydrogen version.
  3. That's the revised and 'improved' version!
  4. Bonus points for "a lot" and not "alot".
  5. gjm

    Pressure washers

    In an effort to take less than 4 years to make up my mind (!) I'm hopefully picking up a DeWalt DXPW3294 today or tomorrow. It's used - sort of - but looks like new in the pics I've seen. 3200psi, 9.4L/min, uses a Kohler SH265 196cc engine. Not an ultimate spec by any means, but more than adequate and the price is right.
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