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Sedan to Coupe swap (2.8 manual)

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Planning to take the 2.8 and manual ZF trans out of an E36 sedan and drop it into a E36 coupe. The question I have is does the pedal box, clutch master cylinder, clutch lines, shifter etc from the sedan bolt straight into the coupe shell?

FYI I have two coupes I can use, one is a 328 auto, the other is a 318 auto. not sure if it makes a difference when doing a swap like this?

Appreciate any help.


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Haven't done a conversion in an E36 but i would say those parts would be interchangable between shells  - as they are in the E30, Main structures tend to be pretty generic in BMW's.

Pedal box may be as in E30 where you can simply swap the pedals & longer pivot bolt into the existing box.

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