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e46 steering wheel to e36 retrofit

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Okay so i impulse bought this :


Then realised it wont fit my e36 steering wheel (same 3 spoke design less buttons).

So im just wondering if this shape wheel can be retrofitted into the e36 without much issue?  Eg do the airbag plugs match...  Im not worried about stereo controls, ill probably rig them up to do something else / try make them work with an aftermarket headunit.

I have seen people do the e39 button steering wheel retrofit to e36 so im assuming itl work...

Anyway if so i want to buy one! if anyone has one spare please lemme know 😏  And if it cant be retrofitted to e36, does anyone with this steering wheel wanna buy a cheap cover? (black stitching).

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I suspect you'll have trouble with the airbag.

Instead, can you take the buttons from an e46 wheel and install them into yours? They won't do anything of course but the cover might fit.

This is what they do for the e39 -> e36 setup, they carry over the buttons, not the whole wheel.


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i see someone pointed out on another forum the e46 runs a 2 stage airbag so definately incompatable... just wondering if the e36 can be fitted inside the e46 wheel, it looks identical

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