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  1. Those last three motorsport pics are epic.
  2. I *believe* so, and I would suggest you assume so unless somebody with a pre-LCI can confirm otherwise.
  3. Bumpity bump. Surely one of you PRE-LCI owners are pining for the full set. And somebody with an LCI must need the lens only set to tint.
  4. You can do them in situ but you need to remove the airbox to do the LHS. It's much easier to remove the headlamps though (still have to remove the airbox).
  5. I had a fist fight with the 130 whilst retrofitting cruise control today. I won, barely. https://bimmersport.co.nz/topic/62890-my-fun-130i-e87-lci-motorsport-auto/page/13/?tab=comments#comment-683270
  6. Much to my surprise, considering everything that could be an obstacle, was indeed an obstacle, I retrofitted cruise control today. I went in thinking I'd just double the 1 hour suggested time ... I ended up getting very little else done today! What could have gone wrong: Communications errors with modules Airbag took ~40 mins to unclip (the most retarded solution BMW could have imagined) All reinstalled and I'd failed to centre the slip ring, very lucky I was careful turning the wheel before I realised Take it all back off again to centre slip ring Coding instructions I had didn't match the software I had Unable to code to DSC module But in the end, after fighting with NCSExpert (mostly in German) and basically spamming every option I could find I brute-forced my way through. You need to code the vehicle option to the CAS module and then update the DCS module. The CAS completed successfully multiple times, the DSC not at all, Christmas tree dash (and 26 stored errors 🤣). Fortunately the calibration of the steering wheel angle sensor in ISTA was straight forward (I needed to do it twice, seems common) but still Christmas tree dash. After calibration I cleared the errors and only one left which was "DSC Module Coding Required" which I sort-of knew but the kick in that direction was motivating because I'd had so many failed updates to random modules earlier I assumed I'd royally screwed up a whole bunch of things. Back into NCSExpert and I just winged it really, selected DSC wherever I could and spammed CODIEREN on every screen possible. Once I'd exhausted my options I cleared the codes and started the car (with my eyes closed). Tada! Normal dash. I was still completely unconvinced it was working but took it for a drive and how about that, cruise control and no errors/codes/lights. It even comes up as an official retrofit in ISTA. It's a novelty for me really but it's done now (sorry @Driftit - but I did think of your request multiple times today when I was about to give up in despair).
  7. M3AN


    Are they free? 😇
  8. I had the only NZ new Evo IV and a completely unmolested Tommi Makinen that I suspect would both be worth more now than when I got rid of them. But that's not necessarily a reason to keep them, or regret moving them on. What about the one you didn't get? I paid more for my M3 than I could have picked up an E30 M3 for at the time. Welp.
  9. I don't have any sorry. The problem with buying one is colour temp matching. If you can wait a week or so I'd get these (twin pack): https://www.amazon.com/OSRAM-Xenarc-Night-Breaker-Headlight/dp/B07FYP6QJV/ Brightest on the market that I'm aware of.
  10. This is a great looking project on 18's with honest pics. And "Crisp White", even better. Currently at $4k... https://www.trademe.co.nz/a/motors/cars/bmw/listing/2831887151
  11. Yep, same story here, no way I would have paid for mine!
  12. I had an 89 Galant VR-4, the "Evo 0" and it also had a lot of trick kit for the time. Cool car actually.
  13. Very interesting design... and expensive! https://laptorr.com/collections/exhaust-1/products/exhaust-system-e876na?variant=19885991690336
  14. Noted, you have first option if I CBA.
  15. M3AN

    E46 M3

    I've never seen the redline in mine. Apparently it's electronically limited to ~250km/h, can not confirm. Promise. 😉
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