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  1. Actually, you want to keep those shorter bumpstops, they're the ones you should fit. The standard BMW "motorsport" ones are too long, dangerously so some (including me) would say. I'm not sure of the fit of the shorter ones you have but most people recommend the BMW Performance versions if going for OE parts (and guaranteed fit). Sorry to tell you after you've installed them!
  2. M3AN

    Quick rant thread.

    Agreed. A hook pick and a selection of stainless worm-drive clamps is the way.
  3. Make her pay the difference... then she'll start to appreciate the real value of a dad-mechanic!
  4. And the Chinese market, which is apparently what BMW is pitching to. When you add the USA+Chinese markets the numbers simply eclipse every other global market... combined! So yes, BMW have sold their engineering soul to the sales and marketing departments. They did forewarn us though with the (relatively) terrible S52 USA E36 M3... engineering can only win for so long when it's presented with the challenge of margins. But I watched this today, perhaps we just need to wait until the next generation (hopeful optimism)?
  5. M3AN

    Elias' 135i project

    Since it apparently happens so quickly, wouldn't you be best advised to keep the tools? And perhaps hire them out from time-to-time to recoup the cost?
  6. M3AN

    Quick rant thread.

    Aramex... again. Amazon package 'attempted delivery failed, unable to locate premises" on Friday. Delivery location... Auckland Museum, Auckland Domain, Parnell 1010, Auckland, New Zealand. And they have delivered there many times. 🙄 Yes, that's the correct address. And it's a pretty big building, in a pretty big park. Any courier driver that can't find that shouldn't be in the "profession". So I called them and confirmed the address. Now, tracking update Monday "Held in Problem Freight", called them again, new tracking update Tuesday "Held in Problem Freight", called them again, new tracking update Wednesday "Held in Problem Freight"... ffs. Their offshore call centre can't transfer me to "Problem Freight" (despite tracking updates imploring me to talk directly to "Problem Freight" because even they can not call this department, they can only message them. So Customer Service can do nothing except regurgitate what is available on the public tracking site. smh.
  7. M3AN

    Quick rant thread.

    Hope that works out for you... M&T wouldn't sell me longer bolts, even though they were on display behind the counter. They said they "can't enable illegal modifications"... smh.
  8. M3AN

    Quick rant thread.

    Least we forget... The moderation of this site was proven to be inadequate in 2020 during the heights of the whole Trump/Covid/Conspiracy thing and BS almost imploded. Many of the protagonists seem to have fallen by the wayside but it's probably territory we should avoid in the interests of harmony.
  9. Also Get Electronic in Christchurch, fixed my S50 ECU.
  10. My fuel "economy" is essentially terrible, well over 10l/100km in urban/commute situations, I'm lucky to get 320kms from a tank. Mine is tuned, so not a perfect baseline. I eeked it down to 7.2l/100kms on a run to Pauanui and back some years back using a very light right foot and much cruise control, that wasn't much fun to drive though. At the end of the day I only fill it up once a month or less (98) so economy is less of a concern to me than fun. In "sport" mode, with both a flashed ECU and trans, I can see the fuel gauge moving down to empty when driving with spirit. Not much point in owning a straight six lump if you're looking for economy I suppose.
  11. Invercargill, PFL, panel damage, high miles? Yep. Still a good pickup but I think it's priced about right for what it is, maybe $8k max?
  12. M3AN

    The Barbara Chronicles

    lol - my bad, I failed to properly read the bit about 4 pax sorry... a situation tbh I never find myself in. I can say that my F1 Eagle Asyms in 255 are squarer and carry more shoulder than my RE003's with the same dimensions, rubbing much more in borderline situations.
  13. FWIW, try and hold out for the M3 ones, or see if you can source some TWR equivalents. Unless it's an urgent replacement you'll kick yourself if you buy stock ones then find M3 ones. I forget what they're called but the front upper arms are same length and material E8/9x = M3 with the exception of the bush which you can get poly replacements for easily enough, and then you actually end up with a better outcome than the M3 version.
  14. M3AN

    The Barbara Chronicles

    Spring pads squish pretty quickly into their "nominal state" so that rear end will drop by a few mm's soon enough.
  15. M3AN

    Quick rant thread.

    That's ^ actually better than gold. Thank you.
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