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  1. Ordered replacement glass from Ali on 30 Jan... it arrived today. 😮. Pre-COVID stuff was taking 10 days... Anyway, I got L+R heated glass for $15 including shipping and, believe it or not, it's actually good quality (or so it seems). No distortion in the reflection and proper wide-angle extremities. Not sure on the heating elements but they only kick in at 3*C so irrelevant for Auckland.
  2. Frequently. Whenever I want or need more aggressive shifting, rev hold to redline or manual mode that doesn't automatically revert to Drive. The standard mode on the box does none of those things. My trans has been flashed though and is very aggressive in Sport mode, your experience may be different.
  3. M3AN


    What happened to the post from Autoport themselves? It seemed genuine and helpful.
  4. If it's going to be inside and not blown around you can also use some polystyrene wrapped in terrycloth or microfibre as standoffs on the horizontal surfaces to allow for a little breathability which is good for humidity control and moisture release. A lot of indoor covers aren't breathable.
  5. Sam can talk to the experts at Autolign about my advice, that's where I got it from after all, and it's proven to be spot on. Those exact (not random) settings work fine on an E36 and an E87 with different geometries, if they're not suitable for an E46 then the guys at Autolign will point that out. If you know better then do your theoretical calculations and throw down some numbers, otherwise you're not really helping to progress the discussion. FWIW @Sammo I had 3 different alignments on my M3, OEM settings (toe in F/R), 0 toe F/R, and then finally toe out (F) and toe in (R) and the differences were appreciable. I also have perfectly normal tyre wear with the suggestion I made above.
  6. A small amount of toe out at the front for turn-in, stability compensation provided by a comparable (50%-100%) amount of toe-in at the rear. We're talking tiny margins here, ~0.6mm front and ~0.4mm rear. Edit: this will result in a marginal increase of on-the-limit mid-corner understeer, hardly a problem in most circumstances.
  7. M3AN

    Ubiquiti UniFi

    Remember to change your passwords and enable 2FA if you had a Ubiquity account pre-Jan 11 this year. https://krebsonsecurity.com/tag/ubiquiti-breach/
  8. M3AN

    M3 sedan

    Okay, so you want aftermarket M3 front guards for a non-M3 e46 sedan?
  9. No, that's just silly. Bimmersport is that "club", we're all in it already, there's nothing to hide. Let's be honest, the news will get out anyway. Just as pointless as "call me for a price" responses to WTB posts, it's just wasting everyone's time.
  10. As a matter of interest (rather than doubt), why so thick?
  11. Any reason for the secrecy?
  12. I have no idea but I'm interested to find out! My guess, if it's in good condition is "a fair few pennies"! Any rust? Have you been in behind the arch liners and sills? How is the engine bay looking, interior wear? Need pics.
  13. M3AN

    M3 sedan

    E36, E90 or Fxx?
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