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  1. I saw it early but didn't act fast enough... basically fought my common sense for 8 hours, common sense lost.
  2. It just sold for asking to the first enquirer (not me). I would have given it a basic service, driven it for a month, swapped the intake to mine and flipped it. No great loss.
  3. I'm guessing a strut brace won't fit if the camber pins are knocked out, unless the brace has slots of course but that would be a poorly designed brace.
  4. Someone is looking at it tonight, if they don't buy it I've offered the seller asking price.
  5. Video bump, see how easy it is... Although I'd shave the tab off rather than cutting the groove.
  6. I fitted the 3mm slip on, hub centric spacers and longer wheel bolts this morning and I'm satisfied. The centre bore is perfect, the spacers tap on around the hub flange and then don't move, the mate is perfect and heaps of flange left for the wheel to centre on. Took her for a spin across the (legal ish) speed range and no wobbles or balance issues, happy with that. I'll tackle the brakes on one of the upcoming long weekends assuming nothing more important pops up. I went for Torq spacers and bolts from TM sold by 360link who was actually very helpful (and saved me some money in the process).
  7. Bubbles are poor execution on plain glass although you will get some where any of those dots are around the edges of some windows (I don't know what they're for). They certainly should have washed the windows before application. Things might settle over a couple of days but it might pay to give them a call and ask. Otherwise I'd take it back in.
  8. Meh, even that doesn't convince me. I've never see a genuine Schnitzer without some interior fettling and a numbered plaque. For a while in the 90's you could option the Schnitzer non-mechanical catalogue onto a new car directly from the BMW dealer, that's all these examples are, stock cars with expensive (at the time) options.
  9. lol, seller has his head buried in the sand.
  10. M3AN

    Stress. Anxiety.

    I've been exposed to similar situations as this Graham. If the company feels it's in their (or mutual) best interests to end the relationship they may be willing to provide a written positive reference to expedite that. It's worth asking - 'hey guys, this clearly isn't working out and it's not in our best interests to keep trying, I'm happy to start looking for other opportunities if you're willing to help with a good reference for me' - and, depending on how much you can tolerate, you could even negotiate to stay on whilst you're looking for a new job, perhaps in a reduced capacity if required or desired. Best wishes mate, these situations are sh*t.
  11. https://www.bimmergeeks.net/downloads Standard tools.
  12. Yeah, ~$70 from Ali. But to answer your question Brian, both should do the trick.
  13. Welcome Chris and nice work on the DIY repair! Get yourself to a PC and upload some pics. 😁
  14. I was thinking that, I need a few $10 gaskets. But then I imagined how easy it would be to service low value orders then fleece somebody on something of high value later on. I hope the admins reached out to the OP rather than just killing the thread, an invite to "please read the rules and engage with the community to help us understand" would help Bimmersporters much more than just shutting it down. To be honest, it looks like a one man band (or at least very few people) who have (trade?) accounts with various German suppliers which might allow for some sharp pricing. I think the cost of shipping will be the biggest factor because the only thing that can influence that is volume.
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