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  1. Mine's also 11-12 around town but it can climb rapidly if I'm using sport mode because my trans flash holds to redline if I'm putting the foot in it in that mode. Best I got, working really hard on it, on a trip from Auckland to Pauanui was 6.9 to Kopu but then the trip over the hill, with no traffic, to Hikuai killed that. 😂
  2. Correct (I use Castrol myself in my M3). But what it illustrates is that it's the viscosity that's important, not any minor differences between formulations (e.g. TWS). The differences between Shell and Castrol 10w60's will be vastly greater than between (for example) Castrol 10w60 and Castrol 10w60 TWS. The answer to the OP's question is "any quality** 10w60 oil", there's no need to make it more complicated than that. Edit: **fully synthetic
  3. It worth knowing that for years now, if you take any car to BMW for oil servicing, including the E46 M3, they will put Shell oil in it (10w60 for the M3) and not Castrol. That says an awful lot about the particulars of any (quality) oil beyond the viscosity.
  4. M3AN

    WOF and Rego extension

    Okay, I could have done the homework myself. Yes, you can currently register a car that has no warrant, just done it...
  5. M3AN

    WOF and Rego extension

    Ahh, gotcha. 3 month minimum is the kicker here. Am I reading you correctly that you can now (temporarily) register a non WoF'd vehicle? I need to do that with my M3.
  6. M3AN

    WOF and Rego extension

    But you can suspend it right? Or are there unpalatable hoops to jump through (never done it myself)? Tower and AA gave rebates last year, not sure what the status is this year so far.
  7. M3AN

    Quick rant thread.

    So true, and it's crazy how much some companies pay to avoid such exposure! Regardless, you're 100% protected if there's any suggestion your data leaked this way, the card company indemnifies you. But that does require keeping an eye on your statements and not everyone does that. The person on the other end of the call should ask you to verify the data by providing it again, not by repeating it back to you! 😂
  8. If you genuinely believe anyone is threatening terrorist activity then you have a social obligation to advise the police, that's really important for all of our safety. I'm not aware of any of these off-site actions or accusations so can't speak to their veracity. What we do know is that personal attacks are against Bimmersport rules, that includes calling anyone a moron, or bringing bad blood that may exist in other realities to this forum. Rules can't be selectively applied if they're to have any claim to credibility.
  9. M3AN

    Quick Questions

    The previous discussions on #1 we've had here concluded that you can't mix runflats and non, so you'd need to buy runflats or replace all 4. #2, not sure I understand, you can run different rims but they need to be the same across axles and the total rolling circumference front to rear needs to be similar. *exceptions apply when using a spare.
  10. Yes, and no difference noticed. Having said that my car has a relatively loud exhaust, I wouldn't expect to hear any change in intake noise, and a very high-strung tune so I wouldn't likely feel the extra 0.0003hp.
  11. Yes, sorry when I said "side" I meant the slider leaver on the side of the seat base, which I wasn't explicit about. Anything on the side of the seat back, within reach of the rear passenger should be fine. Also accepted is the additional 300m requirement even with (c), I didn't click through on your link - the rules are obviously happy to sacrifice fat people! 😂
  12. Why? This "moron" successfully designed and produced SC's for multiple successful boosted M5x engines. A bunch of BS righteous pricks gave him a hard time for no good reason and he politely persisted and proved said righteous pricks wrong, I'm not sure if you were one of them. I'm not saying the maths above are right or wrong, most of it is above my simple scan but Hyde has proven his SC's work when many said he couldn't do it, you can't dispute the evidence. Edit: and ffs, it simply looks like he's trying to help here, isn't that what forums are for? If you don't agree with his advice that's fine, just don't say it's wrong without providing the necessary adjustments or corrections.
  13. The 300mm requirement doesn't apply if the seats tilt sufficiently (as per CSL), see (c) in the regulations you quote, that makes (b) redundant (or inapplicable). And yes, a side leaver for slide isn't considered sufficiently accessible from the rear to count. I don't recall but I suspect the CSL tilt leaver also unlocks the slide mechanism? Adding a mechanism to the rear that unlocks the slider for a front seat, especially the driver's seat, would probably fall foul of some other regulation for obvious reasons. Edit: Mark (@sweetm3) didn't you retrofit a rear seat exit mechanism for your JCW Recaros in your M3 coupé?
  14. I think you'll find they mean an absolute minimum, i.e. the 300mm threshold can't ever be less an 300mm using all available adjustments. If you can move the front seat into a position where there isn't a 300mm "aisle" my understanding is that you'll fall foul of the regulation. That's how it was explained to me when I was researching putting Recaros into my M3. Essentially, in a coupé, if you want to keep the rear seats at least one of the front seats need to fold forward and importantly, the fold leaver/switch must be easily accessible by a rear seat passenger (effectively must be on the backrest or rear hinge/base). Best to make a quick stop via a LVVC though, certainly don't take my word for it! It was a number of years ago that I was researching this, YMMV.
  15. M3AN

    PS4S E36 Fitment

    I certainly wouldn't downsize just to fit a tyre that's arguably no better than the alternatives. That's regardless of tyre brand subjectivity.
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