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  1. Is that 140 for a stock or limited slip diff? Factory spec for the stock slippery diff is 75w90 GL-5 (BMW branded of course 🙄). I don't know what to put in mine, I don't know what type of LSD it has.
  2. I've still got my used ones put aside for you (no obligation) if you want them.
  3. For the stock diff synthetic 75w90 GL-5.
  4. A few with more rational pricing are popping up including this double facelift auto with moderate miles for 8k (edit: ONO, so you could probably drive it away for 7.5). https://www.trademe.co.nz/a/motors/cars/bmw/130i/listing/3146714682
  5. Can you even drive those things with the 'doors' down?
  6. That's awesome, didn't realise it was relatively straightforward. Probably quite easy to find a cluster with lower miles than yours so that's one problem taken care of! The oil PID's problem exists with the LCI too. 😬
  7. Nice work. Is that new cluster, new sensor and some coding? Or something else altogether?
  8. And I've had success with Mr Positive (for a Bosch), might pay to give them a call too. But yeah, AGM batteries are expensive.
  9. Same... yes @Driftit, 235/40 is a less than ideal combo with the 255 rears but it's not miles off.
  10. Naa, just keeping an eye on the market. I'm also thinking I missed a trick on one a while back that had some nice bits on it, I reckon I could have brought the car, exchanged bits, then sold it on closer to stock for similar money. But that's always a risk, I don't really need a 3rd BMW sitting around doing very little!
  11. Yeah, I spied that one too... the only thing that really concerns me is the excessive wear and tear on the interior, it looks a little abused to me. I think you'd need to see it in person to determine whether a quick spruce-up would do the trick.
  12. M3AN

    08 E60 M5

    FUNFIV? 😂
  13. M3AN

    08 E60 M5

    Loving the interior colour, nice acquisition, welcome to the forum. 😊
  14. That's an awful lot of car for 21k, surely you could pay that, drive it for a couple of years, and then get your money back?
  15. Put some wheels that actually look good on your current car and be done with it, it will feel like a new car every time you walk up to it, it's amazing what nice wheels will do to a car. And N52, enough said. Keep the $25k+ change and be smug.
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