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Brake Service Reset

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Hi Guys,

This might be a basic one to resolve, I'm a new E70 X5 owner so I wasn't schooled up on resetting all the service modules through the cluster.

Anyway, I changed the front brake pads and rotors and about 500kms later the front brake service mileage triggered. I've tried resetting through the cluster but it won't allow me (the reset prompt just disappears and reappears but doesn't reset) I've scrolled through many forums with the results saying you have to do the reset process a few times to work to replace the sensors. I've read that if the system thinks the sensors are worn then you have to replace them, however my question is if I have recently changed the pads then there shouldn't be any opportunity for the sensors to wear any further, therefore they shouldn't need to be changed.

To resolve the problem other replacing the sensors do I need a OBD tool to clear the service trigger to reset it? Or can I disconnect and reconnect the same sensors to trick the system to think that I have installed new sensors? 

Some insight would be appreciated. Thanks

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You have to change the sensors. They are progressive wear sensors. They also have to be reset with an appropriate tool (scanner)

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