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Assorted Tools

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Most of the sockets and spanners are SAE. The purchaser has to take all. There are some special items here but I don't have time to list everything itemized. I also have quite a few special tools BMW repairers might like as well.

Lets start off at $500 ono and go from thereTools1.thumb.jpg.b743a512d31e28d1fa23d2c75e82e338.jpgTools2.jpg.02aed7eb8a21cccbf9ecaebb55a4d88c.jpgTools3.jpg.58bef18dc9af6ccf353e907a3563faf4.jpgTools3.jpg.58bef18dc9af6ccf353e907a3563faf4.jpgTools4.jpg.6e4c83e5502168b21c77866a649c7cfb.jpgTools5.jpg.5bca3529bb59de230760732da05946f7.jpg 

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