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E46 abs lights, 5DF5 code

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Hi all

Having the infamous trifecta lights coming up

First time came up a year ago and went away till recently. Now the lights stay on

Scanning the module I get 5DF5 internal failure. I took the abs module out and resolderred all the points that I could, made no difference 

I have heard a wheel sensor could also throw this fault, when I scan and read the data, they seem ok and I get individual wheel speed, as well as the steering angle reading 


Also, sometimes the lights come on after few hundreds meters of driving in which case the abs actually works when I slam on the brakes, 

Could this be anything other than the module? Also if going down the path of a new module, does it have to be exact same part number?  There are a lot of Ate units on ebay but they all have different numbers. Mine is a Ate asc unit, 6759075 on the controller and 6759073 on the pump. I know I have to program the Vin number but not sure if the part numbers have to be exact match or not

Any help will be appreciated 




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I have the same failt code with my Mini Cooper. 

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Yes the part numbers need to be the same and the new unit needs to be coded to the car.  The coding is not too difficult as long as you have NSCexpert and the correct cable.

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